Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.08.06
August 6, 2009, 3:40 pm
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Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.08.06

Japanese E.LF, everyone, thank you very very much!!^^
Left me a really good memory, time, and remembrance!!^^
We will work even harder so as to show you a better performance next time^^

I love you all…He!!^^

Credits; SJBluecn


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good saying oppa


Comment by bi1987

with his mouth open in the pic again xD he’s so cute !

Comment by Mara...

OMG~!!!He’s so cute~!!!

Comment by lovesuju1997

hope they will come to Malaysia soon~<33

Comment by Kay

Cute Donghae oppa!!!
He looks so good there~ I ‘m glad he is keeping his mind on the happy things^^
Unlike others… ToT

Comment by allyssa.

Huaa oppa!!
I wanna ask where sushow 2 destination??
Please answer me!!

Comment by Ajengd.hae

looks so innocent & ur charisma and cuteness at the same time & u love members, fans, ur family . like ur origin. good luck forever. hope u guys are at the top forever.
Oppa Fighting

Comment by Sung Hoon

donghaeya. i just want you to know that you have a lot of fans in Brunei including me ! ^.^ =D and anniosayo. (=

Comment by Seung ki

i mean “annyeonghaseoyo”. HAHAHAHAHA. =D

Comment by Seung ki

hope to see you one day. (:

Comment by seung ki

I always want to be with you. Fighting! E.L.F from Viet Nam

Comment by bin

E.L.F always be with you………..
All of Super Junior members are our inspiration to live any longer………….
From E.L.F Indonesian…….

Comment by Rista

Hi Donghae opar naw mo sar dar nge yo!♥♥♥♥♥ nicole love donghae ♥♥♥♥♥ I was unconditionally and irrevocably in love with Donghae.I waitingfor your comment every day every second.

Comment by nicole

Donghae all the way! ^_^

Comment by Donghae/Suju Lover

donghae oppa

Comment by joojoo

donghae oppa
cute cute cute

Comment by joojoo

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