Eeteuk’s Cyworld Updates 2009.08.04
August 4, 2009, 11:24 am
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.08.04
In the ‘..Jung Soo..’ folder..

..This futile loneliness is making me feel even more lonely..

..This futile gloominess is making me feel even more gloomy..

..This futile longing for is making me submerge myself further into my thoughts..

..It’ll be good if (we) didn’t have emotions..

..Missing a lot..Very lonely..Gloomy..


..I want to rely on someone too..

..But I………   Seem more stronger than I was before…

Jungsoo’s Diary Entry 2009.08.04

2009.08.03 월(2009.08.04 05:43)

..My head hurts..

..Just that my mood isn’t too good…Sigh..

..Why am I like that…

Credits; SJBluecn


[edit] I think he’s probably feeling a little down cos of Jaehee’s passing.. Our leader gave her happiness when she was facing her darkest moments 🙂 He’s really an angel, and now God has brought her to heaven as an angel. Rest in peace, Jaehee ♥♥♥ [/edit]


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Teukie oppa is emo again.Emo+depressed+gloomy?Oppa,you have us(ELFs)and Super Junior!You’ll never be alone(:

Comment by y.y.

It seems like Teukie really misses his family or he longs for someone to rely on, a partner..

Poor Teukie, I hate seeing you depressed like this but just know that the rest of the members are behind you no matter what. I’m glad you’ve become stronger but I hope you will pull yourself together and make it through all right. I also wish for you to have some rest! ;__;

Comment by rhombic

oppa… crying?

be strong n everything wil be ok

be haapy oppa

love you more everyday

Comment by bi1987


Comment by Bunny Ana

I’m worry about you teuki…

Comment by Bunny Ana

Noooooooo! EmoTeuk…
Please be happy. I hate to see him or any SJ member this way…
I wish love from E.L.F. and the members would be what he needs. He has our love and he knows it… Maybe he needs family. Or something more. ;-; Poor Teukie T~T

Comment by allyssa.

teuk teuk oppa… Uljima…dont cry…you have us the ELF behind you.. And all of your member will always by your side… If you’re tired..take a rest…ok…

Comment by Key

Oppa , be strong (:
Everything will be alright .
After a while, missing a lot , loneliness & gloominess will gone :]
Hwaiting !

Comment by hjsrh13

it hurts me when i see teukie cry. eeteuk-sshi, find dat special someone whom you’re looking for, in a long time. it’s not bad to love.ü if it’s in your contract not to love, so what?? 🙂 go find that special one, or if u miss your family visit your family.ü ↲park jungsoo hwaiting! don’t be emo anymore, mkay? always keep the faith!

Comment by jamy

yes!! i agree…
he needs someone..a wife maybe..>>>suju

Comment by cinta

I’m sad read his cyworld update..
he really misses his family..
or maybe he needs someone to loved? =(

Comment by iezu

So sad seeing him like this. What happened? I wonder how SM treat their artists? I mean Milk club, DBSK thing… Give them a break!!! Teukie fighting ❤

Comment by Mjbabe

I know!! I really hope he gets better soon… I miss the Teukie that would always smile and laugh with his members… SM should give them all some time off to relax! It’s not like us normal people work 24/7 and don’t get any breaks T.T Aah this really makes me feel very sad when the suju members are unhappy!

P.S do you know what the DBSK thing was about? I heard many people talking about it…

Comment by Anonymous

EmoTeuk level two?! D:
Don’t jump over the rails. T_T

Comment by KishiFishy

he must get married!!!

Comment by kim

agree with ya!! Look at Heechul cyworld… They need to find somesone

Comment by Mjbabe

according to other reports on this that i’ve read, he’s down because a little girl that he’s close to from star king just passed away recently. it’s rather sad about it, and i guess he was really affected by this.
it’s okay teukie oppa! life is just like this, so forget about those negative thoughts soon okay!

Comment by lene

No wonder he looks so gloomy/no mood during yesterday’s Kiss the Radio..

It is so sad that such a well known celebrity like him can feel that he has no one to turn to when he is adore by ppl all over the world…ironic isnt it…

Comment by Zarina Salleh

who is jaehee…plz answer me…

Comment by agi


I know sometimes life is so hard.
But I believe you can do it.
You can rely on others.
You can share your problems with them.
But you must walk strongly.

Don’t cry oppa.
You will make me cry too.


Comment by Ae Rin

eeteuk hyung, just like heechul hyung, u should find a girlfriend (but not from snsd please) and please hang out more often with Boom rather than u’re so-called-milk-depressed-club ,because i find that u really laughed out when u were hang around with boom 🙂

Comment by ladywcat

teukie oppa eMo again?? haiz~~!!! please be strOng my dear… i knOw u suffer a lot..but patient!! WE ELF ALWAYS WITH U..hOpe can u see ur smile again..even withOut dimple..we dOnt mind my dear..i agree.. he needs sOmeone tO cOmpany him..i mean wife..he need wife!!

Comment by xinxin

I’m sorry but.. who’s Jaehee ?

Comment by Smiley

Don’t think about loneliness, angel
We love you.

Comment by Tine

i dont think its Elf and Suju he refers to of course he knows we support him but, he misses his family and i am sure as we all feel sometimes, he wants a partner. some girlfriend he can rely on and be happy with, he’s 27 now > < without partner he must feel lonely, we support you Teuk but, im sure you'll find good partner and see your family soon!

Jungsu Hwaiting 🙂

Comment by moro

hi but who is jaehee? is she a fan?

i feel really bad for eeteuk and even if he is emo like this i hope he has the love and support of his friends and members.

leadersshi hwaiting!!! ♥

Comment by minjee

I hope he finds someone soon.. a lot of guys his age are married, so he probably feels lonely. Even though he has super junior and elf, of course he still wants a partner.. I hope sm doesn’t stop him from getting married someday. But even if they didn’t, I’m afraid fans will go crazy.. It must be hard being an idol ]:
Please dont hurt too much.. Jungsoo hwaiting!

Comment by bibi

Lee Teuk sshi… I know it’s a real bad moment for you and I really understand your distress and your pain but you really have to be in a good mood again! it’s for your sake.I know it’s hard, but it’s the best you should do. I really know your felling and it’s really important to beat you against it. You’re not alone!!! You’ve many friends and fans who support you every days every minutes every time!!!! You’re not alone Lee teuk sshi!!! Hwaiting!!!! please..take care… I’m always with you! E.L.F are always with you! Super Junior and your friends and family are always with you! Lee Teuk sshi sarang hae yo! ♥
Forever with you! I’m forever an Eeteuk addict♥

Comment by Ae Chan

just as I thought he’s getting over with his emoness..

Comment by kyuhyun04

aww..teukie depressed again?? poor oppa~~

dont work yourself too hard…
cheer up..break ELFs’ hearts to see you so sad..

p/s who’s Jaehee btw??

Comment by Umeko Michelle

he needs sum1 to lean on…

park jungso oppa,gomawuh..and sorry sorry..^.^

Comment by cinta

Dear Angle I hope that you will find hapiness and a person who can understand ur felling and be by ur side all the time check that out maybe this is one of the reasons why our angle is sad !

Comment by Soso

teukie oppa dont hurts seeing you like this..

he has a very loving and kind heart..

and jaehee was a very brave and strong willed girl
she fought against her sickness till the very end..may she rest in peace..and my condolences to her loving family

Comment by janika

teukie oppa dont hurts seeing you like this..
he has a very loving and kind heart..
he did all he can do for the little girl

and jaehee was a very brave and strong willed girl
she fought against her sickness till the very end..may she rest in peace..and my condolences to her loving family

Comment by janika

That makes me want to cry, and I’m kind of feeling like Teukie oppa recently, but I don’t want to give up!
Keep strong oppa!
Love u! ❤

Comment by Amanda

I think it’d about Jaehee’s passing. It was so sad, her father’s post was even sadder. Leeteuk-oppa was so kind and close to her too, if that’s the reason, then it’s not surprising oppa would be sad ):
Saranghaeyo oppa, fighting~

Comment by Anonymous

leeteuk so sad.but leeteuk you can’t be sad because we all love you!!!!!!:)

Comment by dyna

actually im not willing if they had girlfriend..
but, if i realized that they are human too………. huff… 😦 it seems my love to our boys is bigger than my willingness…

Comment by summ

ooo, oppa..
dont cry!! i’ll be there 4 u if u need me..
please dont cry, it hurts so much when i see your tears *crying like a baby*

but, u still have kangin right? kangteuk.. hehehe

Comment by teuki'sgirlfriend

everytime i read cyworld updates, i feel so saddened by leeteukie! D:

Comment by che

oppa teuki ..
don’t b sad .. u have more people who love u very much ..
i and the ELF here with u .. foreverr ..

Comment by Felicia Yurike ELF

dont cry oppa
you now in my country u famous and my country it is egypt so its so far so be happy you are so famous to me
and you are so near to my heart

Comment by salma love

don’t cry oppa….if your sad i am sad too…here in my country i know there are so much people love you me too who always support you even though i can’t see you all im forever SUPER JUNIOR…..SARANGHEO!!!!!!!!

Comment by eliza

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