Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.29
July 30, 2009, 11:05 pm
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Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.29

2009.07.29 수 Wednesday 21:54[맑음]
지금은 짜증 (Ill humoured)


Usually when I see stuff online concerning me

I would laugh thinking that that was how they expressed their care

I felt that all that nonsense that was created were made for jokes..

After ignoring it numerous times..

This time I will only mention it once, and not speak about anything regarding this again.

Although my reaction is really embarrassing

With 1% of doubt and 99% of confidence, hitting the keyboard repeatedly

Letting me.. And others get hurt..

Is it just.. Looking at those articles

It really feels just like writing novels..


Ah.. Why is it this kind of content after updating in such a long time ㅡㅡ

Credits; SJBluecn


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i haven’t been really keeping up with news lately…what is kyuhyun referring to? 😦 he doesnt seem like the type who gets bothered by small things easily, so this seems like a big deal and i feel worried.

kyu bb hwaiting!!! ❤

Comment by minjee

what happened….?!?!anti’s again?!?!

Comment by kyuhyun04

ahh.. this one is more comprehensible than the one posted on another forum. thank you.

Ignore all those haters, Kyu!

Comment by DeadStar

I’m happy that Kyu is strong and doesn’t let the anti’s get to him easily like others might!
Stay strong, KyuHyun oppa!! Only your true (non-crazy) E.L.F. should matter to you~ They love you and care for you so much. ^^
Please embrace our love and let it block out the anti crap! 😀

KyuHyun Fighting~!

Comment by allyssa.

Just stay strong, Kyu.
There are much more people who love and cherish you who are then the opposite.
Think about those people (:

Comment by Christina

i really worried about heechul’s oppa depress mood so that i thought that others members might be in the same mood as heenim oppa.
but now, (in the midle of the night), when reading kyuhyun oppa’s entry, i think i shouldn’t worry much about sj.
kyuhyun has a strong mind he is really optimistic so… who care about all those anti-fans?
kyuhyun ah! Fighting!!! 😀
and kyuhyun oppa should pay a little attention on heenim oppa. heenim oppa has been very depress lately.

Comment by trym

ugh, idk how antis could find anything bad to write about kyu, but apparently they have. >_<

atleast you updated for us, kyu!
kyuhyun hwaiting. (:

Comment by danielle

oh what did the antis write about kyuhyun?? did u know??

its impossible to hate him, he is a cute magnae! >.<

Comment by syima

Araaa~~ Kyuhyun is strong.
(I hope I’m strong like him -_-“)
Fighting oppa!! ❤

Comment by iezu

Sometimes I just want to give the SJ boys a hug.

To the antis who spread rumors, GTFO.

Comment by ella

Haters, eh, Kyu?
I’m glad he doesn’t let them get to him.
Way to go~ 😀

Comment by HyeJo

I don’t understand the antis. What is there to be anti about? They’re prefect, all of them. Not only Kyu but Hee-nim, Hangeng and all the others. Don’t worry so much. Everyone has their own opinion but the ones that matter are those who care for you, not those who have too much time in their day wasting time saying horrid stuff about someone they probably never even met face-to-face yet.

Kyuhyun! Hwaiting!! ^_______^

Comment by amasakireyoko

kyuhyun oppa !!

i just can say “hwaiting”

no matter what anti say or ….

but,, you must be yourself !!

okay ….

Comment by kyu_khae

Keep strong !!!!!!!!!!! Do you know your life is a novel?????????

Comment by kis

i love you more kyuhyun for being strong!!! don’t mind those anti fans, those anti fans are bunch of stupid….

just be strong..

Comment by kyuhyuneach

Really now. T_e
Kyuhyun handles the situation very well imo. Very mature. Why anyone would dislike him, I have no clue. o.o Honestly, Kyu is such a well-rounded person; he doesn’t have… “flaws that should irk people”… hm, oh well. Kyuhyunhwaiting~

Comment by Aste/Sen

kyuhyun oppa..don’t worry about the rumors….kyuhyun is strong..ELF LOVE U SO MUCH…

Comment by safina

may i ask??/
are you member of the ELF..??

hyunnie hir..^^…

Comment by gamekyuhyunnie07

Don’t you guys notice sumthin’? First, Donghae with his entries telling us to type our IDs so he could see his profiles, pictures or video in various fansites. Then, Heenim, with almost the same entry, opening his fansites and antis, then, Kyu… still the same story… I was wondering, what’s up with our boys…?

Comment by Yoo Mi

kyu oppa fighting i’ll always support you no matter what?????????????? saranghaeyo

Comment by cherrykyu

Becoming a teen idol is obviously tedious. They’re human. They feel pressure, embarrassment, and fatigue. After a while, I guess it gets to them. They need all the support that everybody can give.

Comment by Lexie

just ignore the bad comments or rumors n stuff..
u should think bout things that matter d most, which is love from d people around u..
Suju fighting!!!

Comment by tasha

You Are You…

Live in the willingness of God not for the world…


Comment by Eru Margaretha

I think many people are bored for make this type of rumors -______- don’t care about that it’s ridicoulous …
Hwaiting Kyuhyun sshi! take care!
E.L.F always with you!! I’m forever a kyuhyun addict sarang hae yo!♥

Comment by Ae Chan

I do not know how to say. But I hope that any of super junior’s fans can pray that the disaster in Taiwan will cease soon.

Comment by Iris @ Taiwan

@ Iris:
Hi Iris, I’m so sorry to hear about Typhoon Morakot T__T
I sincerely pray that more survivors will be found soon. ♥

Comment by ilovejr

aw… Q fighting! 😀
…i wish teukkie were as strong as their maknae ^^’

Comment by che

antis, i think are just jealous….
kyuhyunnie HWAITING!!!!!
so proud of you…
you’re haters are just 0.1% of your lovers…
saranghaeyo kyuhyun oppa..!!!^^

Comment by gamekyuhyunnie07

Omg who would hate that amazing man??

Comment by Anonymous

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