Eeteuk’s Cyworld Updates 2009.07.26
July 26, 2009, 1:01 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.26

2009.07.25 토 Saturday (2009.07.26 04:12)

..I like quiet places..

..I like places without people..

..Thinking it this way, indeed I’m in the Milk Club..ㅋㅋ


Jungsoo’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.07.26 04:05

..Milk Club..

박정수 2009.07.26 04:05

..Milk Club..

..A gathering of depressed souls…

..Lots of depressed feelings..

..It feels like I’m starting to enjoy the depression period..

..Always struggling in loneliness…

..There have been lots of tears..

..Hope everyone can understand that loneliness..

..I thought I had a good ability to hide this loneliness..

..For the sake of hiding my depression, I joked around more..

..Like to act fine..But that was definitely not fine..

..We decided to call each other court ladies..

..Court Lady Teuk..Court Lady Taeng..Court Lady Yoong..

..Although there have been many applications..

..3 members(Taeyeon,Yoona) must agree together then others can register..

..Now Yoochun and Onew have come onto the list..

..In the future, this club, will live better in order to overcome depression..

..Thinking of giving each other mutual support…

..Sorrow..Escaping from pain..Happiness..We’re anticipating to share it among all of us..

..In the future, Milk Club (Gathering of depressed souls)

..Hope the meaning will be ‘milk.. made in lovely kin..’*..

..The organization..

..President: Eeteuk (Park Jungsoo)..Court Lady Teuk

..Vice-president: Yoona (Im Yoona)..Court Lady Yoong

..Manager: Taeyeon (Kim Taeyeon)..Court Lady Taeng

N.B* Milk – Made in lovely kin; was written by himself.

Credits; OnlySJ13



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I just imagined Teuk, Yoong, Taeng, Mickey, and Onew gathered around a table with storm clouds over their heads and a glass of milk in each sad person’s hands as they sigh in unicen.

The next time I feel depressed, I will think of this Cyworld entry.

Comment by Aste/Sen

LOL hai thar, Senni. XD

Comment by KishiFishy

i imagined the same thing o_o

Comment by min

AHAHAA such a cute name for a club for depressed people ><

Comment by Smile =D

오빠 괜잖아요?

섬섬하는 것같아요.

오빠 파이팅 !!!!!!



Comment by bi

😥 Not Onew!!! 😥

Comment by tangerie61

Life all depends on what you make of it. Being depressed all the time doesn’t help that sadness go away, but comes to haunt you, why life a life with sorrow and pain when you can change it by living each day to the fullest? Why waste a beautiful day of living and making it into a day with rain and darkness? Life is in your own hands. Make the best of it.

Comment by Prince

Agree with ya! Love Teukie and Onew though. Fighting :x:*

Comment by MjbabeVN

i’d love to join the milk club.
we could gather all together and talk about our sorrows… while drinking milk.

glad jungsoo has others to talk with. soon he’ll be better.

and oh, ONEW?
it isn’t obvious that he’s part of the milk club. always smiling, that kid.

Comment by gelatin

Gosh! the photo makes me cry. i can feel their loneliness and sorrow. i totally understand. i hope, all of the milk club member will get rid of the loneliness. i also like quiet places just like oppa. but one thing that i noticed is that it makes us feel even more lonely. so, don’t let the loneliness overcomes you oppa. get busy and you won’t feel the loneliness. you know that we love you oppa. be happy (^.^,)

Comment by ameng

it’s so cute. they drink milk.
heehee. unlike heechul who drinks alcohol with the others. lol

i love the sm love

Comment by sunkissedcandy

hmm~ now i’m drinking milk and it reminds me of milk club. (n.n)

Comment by ameng

I am getting more alarmed.
How can we send letters to Lee Teuk.
Please help me, guys, I am really dead worried about him.
His depression these days is sky-rocketting. And I hate the fact that I am away.

Comment by Rosette Ann


Comment by musikq1

I’m surprised and not surprised with Onew. I did notice that he’s been all smiles and not one thing with his true face. But yet, I’m thinking, how can such a bundle of sunshine become depressed?

I hope them well, and to get through this ! Support each other always and don’t hide it. Gosh, I thought Leeteuk had gotten better. ;____;

Taeyeon, Yoona, Yoochun, Teukie and Dubu ~

Comment by nana

milk club fighting! I hope they will overcome their depression! I will pray for them!!!

Comment by smiling

poor people, i hope they can help each other with their depression, i feel for onew, depressed at such a young age.

Comment by sureyya

Aigoo, this is too bad. Even the young Onew joined ? :O

Comment by Miniini

yaa…why onew too now? but i can understand maybe i guess, he’s had such hard time lately, but i hope teuk oppa is feeling better soon. i really know his feeling, i’m the ‘Teuk’ in a lot of places…leader, example, always happy and joking one…he has hard job but he does it so well 🙂 feeling better soon Teukie! hwaiting > <

Comment by moroboshist

teukie..gosh! wat a CUTE post..haha! poor them, they’re all in DEPRESSED mode..POOR darls!! wat happen to YOOCHUN??

Comment by tikus

count me in too…….like he could hear me…lost n depressed:(but i guess everything happens for a reason

Comment by yang

Then can i enter milk club too??
I feel lonely too most of the times.. hehehe..

Comment by Chiaru2403

Hope they will get better soon, I feel sorry for all of them.

Comment by Neko

so sad..i’m crying here!!!

Comment by hea jung

emo teuk mode: on 😦

Comment by Tata

don not sad! i know how it feel,i pass. you must not do that for us. this is your life, not my life his life……….you can ,no must live by yourself even though you are a singer or not.nobody can know when they will died so they make their life better even though it is hard for some body. smile !!!!!!!

Comment by kim

listen this song, may be you will feel better “”
Hope you have strength to be your self

Comment by kim linh

listen this song, may be you will feel better
Hope you have strength to be your self

Comment by kim anh

oh teukie 🙂
ure cute. hehehe!

Comment by eemah

can anyone tell me what teukie oppa’s minihompy website is? i’m dying he

Comment by ameng

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Comment by Susan

I can’t believe micky yoochun is one of the milk club members. It makes me really sad. I love Leeteuk and Micky! how come their both depressed?! People around you loves you. Please be happy again :((

Comment by teukie-love

Keep strugling!

Comment by Tine

sooooooooooooo painful to have my yoochun and onew and teukkie in milk club D:
if ming gets recruited, i’ll have to join as well D:
…hehe 😛

Comment by che

yoona ad taeyeon;(
she is realy close to her oppas.

Comment by Stephanie Grace

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