Donghae’s Cyworld Board Entry 2009.06.25
July 26, 2009, 1:22 pm
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Donghae’s Cyworld Board Entry 2009.06.25 22:59

여 기 좀 봐 주 세 요 ^^/ Please look over here ^^


2009.07.25 22:59

동해번쩍서해번쩍 (East sea flashing, west sea flashing)

Vitamin DH

건방진물고기 (Cheeky Fish)

나이스동해 (Nice Donghae)

이동해닷컴 (Lee

이동해스타일 (Lee Donghae style)


동해의 비밀 (Donghae’s Secret)


I really want to see everyone’s videos and photos..ㅜ

But I don’t have an ID to use ~~Unless…

Does anyone have an ID where I can conveniently see the contents of the websites above ??^^

I’m not very good with computers ㅠ.ㅜ ^^;;

For an ID and password, everyone please help ^^

Please tell me^^~~!!



Credits; SJBluecn
Please do not take out!


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howw cutee.
i wonder if he’ll find photos on my websites.

Comment by anestheticsforana

omona donghae oppa so cute!!

Comment by me

He knows all his fansite??
he really care bout fans ^^

Comment by mei an

password is lovedonghae


동해야 .. 너무 괴여워!!

Comment by bi

he’s so cutee and innocent, our donghae-oppa (:
hahah, how can you not love him??
(L) 😀

Comment by applesmoothie12

he missed out (:

Comment by applesmoothie12

So he’s like asking people to give them their ID and password? Omg. How cute. ❤
God, I hate fangirling but SUJU members make me do it!

Comment by Mia

i agree xD me and my few friends from other country, they also are same, i hate fangirling T^T but it is hard to resist with suju! XD

Comment by moroboshist

동해 파이팅!!

Comment by bi1987

why is he always sooo CUTE like thiz??? let me teach u how to use computer! come to MAMA…!!! hihi….

Comment by sarang♥HAE

why is he so innocent ><

Comment by Val

Wow..He actually go check out the websites created for him.So cool.

Comment by y.y.

hahaha…silly dong hae..

Comment by aina

i visited those website but i can’t understand, its in korean…

Comment by kyuhyuneach

wow…that’s why we love him right????XD

Comment by luffy891

LOL! donghae is so adorable!!!! Hopefully the fans will give him a username & password so he could go on it! hehe..& he admitted that he isn’t so great with computers! LMAO! donghae really loves his fans! 😀

Comment by smiling

Wow… that is… undeniably adorable. o__o

Comment by Aste/Sen

i wish i could read korean….but its all in korean…cant even register….n omg donghae…if ure like dat…i would actually fall in love wid u…save me…pls dont be so cute like dat….did he actually wrote dat?im so head over heels…

Comment by yang

lol…so funny this guy.

Comment by hea jung

Hopefully he doesn’t end up breaking another computer. Haha.

Comment by sxlx

True that. XD

Comment by Christina

hahaha..hope so..

Comment by aina

haha..!! he SUPER DUPER CUTE!!!
he just making me more crazy about him..
not good at computer?? gee.I can teach u!!
I”m ICT student..I want to teach him many things about!!

Comment by miraie_19

what is the site then?
is it that one marryyou5107?
or dhsea?
cuz i dont witch one

Comment by cindy

aish. too kyoot, this fishie ^^

Comment by che

lOl.DongHae I lOvE U.

Comment by _NANA_

any one knows how to contact donghae oppa plz not cyworld coz i dont understand korean at all does he have like an email id or something im like dieing to no it plzzzz sumonee help meeeeeee!!

Comment by urooj

I’m sorry but the boys hardly know English so they don’t have twitter or anything of that sort.. and they wouldn’t give their emails to fans ❤

Comment by ilovejr

donghae oppa make an english site for ppl like me to contact you coz all the other sites are korean n i dont even no how to reply you back when i see your messages ! *cries*

❤ u donghae oppa

Comment by urooj

thank you i guess tht waz expected =D

Comment by urooj

Donghae oppa. i love you. ^^ your so cute and funny. PLease make a site for us fan girls that can’t read korean too well… numu saranghae. Oppa!! HWAITING!!!

Comment by JIhye

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