Eeteuk’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.23
July 23, 2009, 8:49 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.23 14:27

2009.07.22 수(2009.07.23 14:27)

..Finally decided on our little group..

..Everyone, everyone come congratulate us…Milk Club…

..Group of depressed souls…

..Members are Eeteuk..Yoona..Taeyeon…..

…Currently recruiting..ㅋㅋㅋ..

..More details will be announced this week..

and column update

..Not End..But..And..


!!!The Birth of Milk Club!!!

Credits; SJBluecn


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EmoTeuk is back…

Comment by KishiFishy

-_-;; just when we thought we got rid of him.
pahahaa. (:

Comment by Heather

milk club …Cute!!!

Comment by adeline

teuk is back!!!
always be happy oppa!!! 😀
smiling angle ee teuk fighting!!!

Comment by trym

hhmm milk club ? nooo

Comment by Tata

who is yoona and taeyeon?

Comment by kk

Yoona and Taeyon are the members of Girl’s Generation.

Comment by Ichigo

Aish… Teukie…

Comment by Tam

What’s going on with him recently? It’s making me really depressed when I see him like this.
Milk Club XD That’s an awesome name though.


Comment by Christina

i thought there is only chocoball is milk club..hehehhehe.. our leader is getting back to normal.. =p

Comment by kohana


Comment by kgkkgk

is he back to emo? oh noooo
but why he’s the only guy?
Yoona and Taeyon are depressed too?
OMG whats wrong with them…

Comment by sitha

I’ll join you Teukie, I’m pretty depressed from boredom this summer.


Comment by rhombic

oh my god, oppa~ XD

what did you think ? XD hahaha.

Can i join TOO ? LOL

Comment by dha chu bennington

AHhahas, at least oppa doesnt sound that depressing!(:
Only if there's leeteuk oppa in it! XD
SORRY~ I'm not a SNSD fan.. D;

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

LOL. I’m sorry, I know this is depresing and stuff but it’s also very cute and funny. “Milk club” and “Currently recruiting” XD Why are Yoona && Taeyeon in it? O__O wtf. Are they depressed, too?
Oh, well. I don’t like EmoTeuk. WHO DOES?
Cheer up, Teukie. We all love you ♥

Comment by kyuwooklove

I would like to join the milk club..hehe.(Juz saying..)Teukie oppa,pls don’t get too emo..Emo not good for health.Same goes to Yoona and TaeYeon.

Comment by y.y.

Congratulations for the new club oppa. really cute. but it make sense if heechul oppa join too.. he’s milky skin kim hee chul right? hehe. btw, why milk club? (^.^)

Comment by ameng

@ ameng :You’re right… Heenim is depressed too since he said he gained weight — look at those chubby cheeks, LOL — It’ll be a full group of milk…

Comment by Yoo Mi

Yoo Mi => hehehe. You’re totally right. Heenim oppa is gaining his weight. mysteriously not his stomach, but his face is a little bit chubby than before xp Teukie oppa, don’t tell him okay? Hehehe (^.^,)

Comment by ameng

Milk Club??? Remembered me about Milky White Skin Kim Hee Chul…. Hihihi… ^^

Comment by Ichigo

I’ll join you Teukie, I’m pretty depressed from boredom this summer.

Comment by conglac2009

i thought there is only chocoball is milk club..hehehhehe.. our leader is getting back to normal.. =

Michael Jackson

Comment by conglac2009

Please sign this petition if you want SUPER JUNIOR to come to SINGAPORE: This petition will be addressed to DATZENTERTAINMENT who successfully bought FT ISLAND to singapore. thanks (:

Comment by Clara

Don’t get too depress oppa. stay cute and handsome. Express your feelings to us. we always here to listen and support you. Aja aja hwaiting!! Mind if I join the club too? (^.’,)

Comment by ameng

Agh~ No more EmoTeuk!!
It’s so depressing….

I shall join this Milk Club and be the clown to cheer all of the souls up!! Okay~

Comment by allyssa.


i have a feeling that this is due to love?? – its like they want to have someone but they can’t coz’ they’re idols…and (some) fans won’t allow it…tsk tsk…poor them..

Comment by kyusneezes

Hey.. being emo is cool sometimes. be happy oppa. don’t cry just like when you did in super show 1. you make me cry too. ='( hehehe. i miss you so much. waiting for new update. xp

Comment by ameng

Oh Eeteuk ♥ 😦 Chin up, leader!
It’s really sad to hear him like this. Yoona and Taeyeon too. I really like Yoona.

(Thanks for translating! :))

Comment by spazzes

Congratulations, Milk Club. 8)

Comment by Aste/Sen

oowww… is go0d.. nice to eeTeuK OPPA.. can other pe0ple j0in with MILK CLUB???

Comment by zai

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