Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.07.22
July 22, 2009, 11:02 pm
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Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.07.22

(We) Received a lot of love during the past 3 days, I feel very very blessed with the happy times spent with everyone^^ Thank you very much!! Don’t have a change of heart!!^^
I love you E.L.F!!^^

Credits; SJBluecn


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we LOVE you too Super Junior!! Saranghae~~ ❤

Comment by iezu

I love you too donghae

Comment by Bunny Ana

I love you too donghae…

Comment by Bunny Ana

Donghae ❤

Comment by UriSuju

i wish dong hae would read this..
i’m a fan.. and i could be a friend..
i really hope so… although i know that it’s very impossible.. i just wish you’ll always be happy and healthy as well..oh! by the way i’m clarizzel of Philippines. thanks for your time if you’ve got to read this..thank you so much!

Comment by Clarizzel

donghae oppa
i love you too


Comment by bi

love you too oppa!!!^__^

Comment by liani

we luv u, too.
We miss u very much Suju.
god bless u guys Sj.

Comment by trym


No, kidding.

Comment by KishiFishy

Love you…Lee Dong Hae….

Comment by zujulovesuju97

sweet hae,we love you too..and your solo was awesome

Comment by dybreed

i love your so much!!

Comment by amanda

It’s obvious that we all love you too, Donghae 🙂

Comment by Christina

We love you tooo!! <333 (:
And everyone else in Suju, of course! ❤
Donghae oppa hwaiting! (:

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

can anyone traslate donghae solo song beautiful to english….cant understand korean…just few lines would be great…what its about?thnks

Comment by p

i luv u all of u super junior…
luv u too oppa..:)

Comment by anna

never came to the concert cos i didnt have a chance to…
but can u pls not change into a totally different person like that?
can u be who u are…
or is it just that i’m the one who’s changing?

Comment by iloveqinghui

never came to the concert cos i didnt have a chance to…
but can u pls not change into a totally different person like that?
can u be who u are…
or is it just that i’m the one who’s changing?

Comment by Anonymous

step forward…
go suju…

Comment by nadia ara

We Love you too,
Forever never change
thanks you thanks so much!!!
you made me always happy

Comment by ELF VietNam

I love you too Hae Oppa.
God Bless You

Comment by hanraena17

sarang hae dong hae oppa~~

Comment by aqiss

Nice 2 know ya .
Ohh , haii !
Hope to see u and be ur good friend .

From : rindu

Comment by Rindu nona donghae

Hello, Dong Hae..
My name is Desty, I’m your fan from Indonesia..
I really want to meet you and give you support..
Eventhough your dad is not with you anymore, I believe you can fullfil your father’s wish..
Just believe in yourself and haveurage to face anything ahead..
I can only support you with prayer..
Fighting!! U can do it!
If you have free time, since you are bussy, please reply this message..
Thank you…

Fighting!! ;>

Comment by stephany desty wulania

One more thing..
Stay healthy, OK?
Drink vitamins if needed..
Just wanna say that..


Comment by stephany desty wulania

Be healthy,take care yourself
I am waiting for your concert in thailand

Comment by Kan

동해 오빠 사랑해요!

Comment by Donghae/Suju Lover

oh yea i loooooooooooooooooooooooooooo ect. ve donghae!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg omg! hi Donghae im sumer fox! just sayin tht i love u for ever and always!!! stay healthy and live strong!!!! love u fishie!!!!

Comment by Sumer

i juz wanna wish happy birthday to hae oppa..
saranghae oppa

Comment by haeandme

i’m not good in this thing but one thing i want to know is that how can we know that our oppa receive our message

Comment by tingtin87

hi i love you

Comment by nano

you are the best
go on

Comment by nano

we are love you here in Arab country
you are so cute , lovly and handsome

Comment by nano

jeongmal Saranghaeyo donghae oppa…

i love you so much…

Comment by JiHoon Fishy

Dear Fishy, I know you wrote this more than a year ago, but I had to write this because I’ve been looking for someway to find a cyworld even though it like stopped in the us in march of 2010. Yesterday was your bday and I got every body but 13 people in my whole school to wear blue, so, happy bday, I love you soooo much!! I found out about Kpop 4 months ago and I am probably one of your biggest fans, in fact , a football player told me that cheerleaders don’t like asians, and then I grabbed his helmet and some how threw him to the ground!!!!!! Ok I was wondering if you like any of the snsd members, I’m planning to go to Korea in 2 years and I REALLY want to date you!!! I’m not just saying this, we have a lot in common, and I was wondering if you could have a concert in Chicago sometime!’ k, bye! Love you!! 🙂 <333

Comment by Emily

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