Hyukjae’s Cyworld Photo Entries 2009.07.20
July 21, 2009, 10:54 pm
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Eunhyuk’s Cyworld Photo Entries 2009.07.20


이혁재 2009.07.21 17:46


No matter if it’s Super Junior or E.L.F, we have become stronger…

A concert letting us become one.

A concert letting us progress a step further.

Our members who spent nights practicing,

Our manager hyungs who listened to our requests and agonized the nights with us,

Our GoKong stylists who prepared 100 sets of clothes for us,

SM family who have been helping us at places that couldn’t be seen,

All the staff who have rendered help to let this concert be more handsome,

And our beloved ELF who left no seat empty…

I sincerely thank everyone…I love you..

It’s now the start of the Asia tour^^

We will work hard and go forward!!!

We are Super Juni~or!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


이혁재 2009.07.21 17:32

I’m Red

It’s scary…

But…It’s okay..I can run away^^
Credits; SJBluecn


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aaah.. I hope I could see the concert..
but I can’t..
I ❤ Super Junior !!

Comment by iezu

nice red hair…

Comment by aisYah

Omg wtf is with his hair and makeup?! @_@

Comment by KishiFishy


more info at

lastly i saw suju losing in 2nd place
pliss make them in 1st place
2009 is super junior’s years.

Comment by hanyippoh

that was so cute! i love what hyukjae oppa wrote!

always and forever E.L.F!^^

Comment by ahn

Eun ah… u’re always that kind n thoughtful…! E.L.F is the best! ^_______^
Be strong and happy SUper Junior + E.L.F
[ i still keep my wish joining E.L.F in Thailand]

Comment by Boorin

ROFL @ it’s scary
he looks so cute with that color though.

Comment by 심성아

Eunhyukkie oppa still looks awesome with the bright red hair, and shiny eyeliner :]

Comment by Lilithe

h.o.t = HOT!!!! hehe =D Hwaiting!!

Comment by UriSuju

Gosh his hair is HOT.

Comment by Jessie

ok.. just don’t run too far hyukkie!! we need you ^_^

Comment by krystal_tearz

itz so sweet hyukjae oppa!
I’ll always be an ELf with no regret!
I swear^^

itz red!Itz fire!
And itz so hot~

Comment by Haerie

haha, run away, cutee

Comment by anestheticsforana

Haizz~!!!Sapphire blue….And theơngưon’t come to Vietnam~!!Haizz~!!!

Comment by zujulovesuju97

sorry~!!!”And they won’t come to Viet Nam”

Comment by zujulovesuju97

Now I’m crying.
Happy tears of course.
I don’t have a chance to attend at the show and i never ever think that SJ will come to vietnam.
But , when i read eunhyuk’s diary entries, i thoungt i was there, sitting in the stadium and watching Sj.
Sj, they r not only normal humen, they r more than that. They r wonderful angles from the sky and they have made our world more colorful.
Their smiles, their voice… r the thing that we can’t never live without.
E.L.F luv Sj 4ever.

Comment by trym

kyaaa i wish i was one of those ELFs who sat there.. we ELFs will look forward for the upcoming concerts^^ i know you guys will do great! super junior GO GO GO~

Comment by sujulover


Comment by Anonymous

hahaha~hyukkie is not scary~!!i like his hair!! yes!!! Asia Tour!!! ELF! LET’S BECOME ONE!

Comment by Kay

Ah, I really want to see Super Junior perform now. >_< *sigh*
The hair colour reminds me of Heechul's old one~
Ahaha, so much makeup.

Comment by Aste/Sen

at the second picture his eyes looks like Gdragon.
Eunhyuk your adorable in any ways! ❤

Comment by HeechulLoVE

mukyaaa .. XD
i love hyukjae oppa very much ..
i love suju oppa~deul very much ..
i hope i can come to sushow , but they won’t go to indonesia ..hiks ..
can i see them in malaysia ??hmm , i hope so ..


ELF loves Super Junior ..
ELF with Super Junior forever .. ^^~♥

*i’m very happy , because i have oppas like you all ..^^hehee ..*
gbu X)

Comment by hyukness

hyukie looks totally in his new style~~~

Comment by Umeko Michelle

super junior,love you! please come to singapore to have concert!

Comment by vanessa

If you run away, I will catch you oppa~ 😀
Hahhas, I love your hair! XD
But, eyeliner doesn’t fit you. :3
You look better with that kind of eyeliner ❤ (:
And you're not scary oppa! <3333

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

waaaa… i wish i got the chance to be at the concert… suju.. plz come to malaysia.. n i’ll make sure i’ll buy the ticket… the most expensive one.. lol.. i hope they can come to malaysia before i fly to US…

Comment by ida

i noticed hyukie’s eyes are perfectly almond-shaped… ^__^

Comment by Umeko Michelle

its okay yer still cute eunhyukkie ;D

Comment by patty

hahahaha i love the “i’m red”

HYYUKKKIIIEEE!!! what happened?! i really don’t like the hair…and the makeup

he really looks like jang woohyuk now


Comment by Catherine ^^

Omo! It’s not scary! It’s actually looks cool but I miss your old hair from Super Junior Full House,

Comment by iLavSujuu

hi brother Eunhyuk how are you?
i like brother’s group
u reply me********

Comment by ngelay

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