Eeteuk’s Cyworld Updates 2009.07.21
July 21, 2009, 11:13 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.21 19:51

2009.07.20 월(2009.07.21 19:51)

..slrk sjan rmfldnj…

(니가 너무 그리워)
->”I miss you”

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.07.21

..Not End..But..And..





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miss u too…

Comment by aisYah

i like when he types the english key press
equivalent of the korean >.>
it’s so cute.

Comment by 심성아

“..slrk sjan rmfldnj…” What does this mean?

Comment by zujulovesuju97

what do you mean oppa? I don’t get it. hahah.. I miss you a lot.. (^^,)

Comment by ameng


no stressed out please!!

Comment by aina

uhm, what r u talking about oppa?
I’m a little bit misunderstood.
but i totally miss u oppa.
hope that super show 2nd will come to hanoi, vietnam. 😀

Comment by trym

i Love you teuki .!!!


Comment by lara

Is that his official catch phrase now? ;o “Not end but and”~

Comment by Aste/Sen

i understand what he talk about

Comment by dania

I miss you too oppa~
I hope you’re doing okay! (:

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

Aaa~now i understand. hehehe. (‘.’,) is he reading our comment? hmm~ i keep wondering about that (‘;’) ekekekeke. oppa, slrk sjan rmfldnj too. xp

Comment by ameng

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