Eunhyuk’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.07.20
July 20, 2009, 10:22 pm
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Hyukjae’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.07.20 18:33


이혁재 2009.07.20 18:33

Appearing handsomely~~~~!!!!!!!

And then……



Anchovy  -0-

Original Source; Hyukjae’s Minihompy


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Comment by Anonymous


Comment by jorie

euhyukie!!! how i wish i was able to see you in person!

Comment by Anonymous

eunhyukie!!! how i wish i was able to see you in person!

Comment by Anonymous

my hyuk jae,so cute…

Comment by saphie

Oppa so cute
so manly
you are so gorgeous!!!!!!!!!!
~~~~ 죄송합니다 , saranghae

Comment by ELF VietNam

Nice hair~!!!
But~!!!EunHyuk as , not Fish….Haizz~!!

Comment by zujulovesuju97

은혁이 has really gotten more handsome.
i think he’ll age well >.<

Comment by 심성아

Ahahaha, well that is definitely the most handsome anchovy I’ve ever seen. ^^

Comment by Aste/Sen

Anchovy hat. <33

Comment by Anonymous

Lol, Eunhyukie~ Love your Anchovy-ness :]
Glad you had fun!

Comment by Lilithe

i personally like the second picture better. it suits u well. hahahaha but either way u look very cute!!!!!!!

Comment by Sahar

And then..??hahaha.You look absolutely fine.More than that actually…its AWWWEEEEESOME.:)

Comment by y.y.

eunhyuk oppa !!
look so cute with that fish thingy …

Comment by i'mELF

hahahhaha…. he’s so cute…..

“Asia -meyolchi- anchovy” hahhahah he’s so cute

i wish sungmin wore the danhobak hat…but ..oh well

they looked so cute in those animal hats

Comment by Anonymous

hwaaa~ EUNHYUK with the anchovy hat is like a mix of cute and sexy~~ love his eyes~ thanks for translating and uploading ^^

Comment by Anonymous

Eunhyukkie, that anchovy is too big!! haha!!^^

Love the first pic, he is so handsome^^

Comment by HyujkjaeHolic

cute anchovy…

Comment by aisYah

Eun Hyukie!!!
U look so kul!
I love the fish hat. It’s really nice and it looks super duper creative. 😀
Your hat remind me of lady gaga!!!
very unque!!! 😀

Comment by trym

HYUKIE~ LOL! I still think u’re hot even with that anchovy hat(?)^^

Comment by sujulover

anchovy eunhyuk^^
look so cute..

Comment by kim

yes- you did appear handsomely-

Comment by dorkygeng

Hahaha. I have to admire him for his ‘creativity’. ^_______^ Though I’m still wondering WHY he’s called Anchovy… =3=

Comment by amasakireyoko

Maybe ’cause he smells so bad? >3> I dunno~~

Comment by Aste/Sen

I think as i saw on the other website that heechul named him anchovy because he is the thinnest out of the suju members.
anchovies are thin.

Comment by cecilia

i want the hat TT TT

Comment by c.Le

은혁 오빠 너무 귀여워요 ^.^

오빠 사랑해요. ^^


Comment by bi

Hyukie… anchovy is as handsome, believe me ♥

Comment by Fuuyu

Asia’s Anchovy!!!!! (^^)

Comment by UriSuju

Eunhyuk Oppa is so hot and cute!
SuJu HWAITING! Saranghaeyo! x)

Comment by katherine42768

Hyukkie you’re funny^-^

Comment by min-ji

yes i know funney

Comment by Anonymous

y’s dat thing……


Comment by aina

Eunhyuk so cute!!!
Dye le hair even more shuai!
Bet Kyuhyun even cuter!

Comment by Sally

❤ anchovy aniwz ^^

Comment by ngannie

HAHHAS! <333333
Hyukjae oppa is so adorable!! <333
wahs~ I want to see it! TT ^ TT
The super show 2.
oh well! ❤

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

Kaka. On Star golden bell, Eunhyuk’s slogan “Anchovy of Asia”. So hot with red hair though. Suju hwaiting ❤

Comment by MjbabeVN

Hahahaha….. Very funny…. Oppa, so cute… ^^

Comment by Ichigo

lol.. anchovy.. its okey.. he still love handsome with that thing on his head…. funny.. n unique

Comment by ida

Ha ha meul chi… Anchovy… Asia’s anchovy… Ha ha!

Comment by SuperJuniorLover6666666666

Eunhyuk oppa vissible so cool and cute !! i love you eunhyuk

Comment by Novita

i love you hyukjae oppa

Comment by apple

i love U sO much!:X

Comment by heechan

Huykie…You look so cute…I’m your big fans(smile…smile)^^

Comment by linhhyuk86

Super Junior!!!!!!!!!!(Don’t Don)hihihi(smile)
I ♥♥♥ SJ 13

Comment by linhhyuk86

i LOLed XD

Comment by che

dep zai vodoi ko con j` de noi so cute

Comment by khj _coj

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