Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.17
July 17, 2009, 11:57 pm
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Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.17 05:29

2009.07.17 05:29[맑음]
지금은 설렘




To those who are coming for Super Show 2, I’d like to say






It’s really very hot, please come with mental preparation


First, I’d like to recommend that… Ice packs?


Portable ice packs? Just like those rectangular-shaped heating packs


With the fluid inside? Whatever it is, the one that you’ll feel cooling when you smash it!


That I think you have to buy 5, or 10 would be good too !



When you buy it, don’t use it when you just feel like it


Really…. When you’re really hot… When you’re hot till you almost go crazy, until you’re about to die of heat


When you’re about to hit the person beside you, then use it.



And also prepare bottles filled with ice cubes about 2~3 of those


Preparing a towel would be good too, don’t disturb the people beside you because you’re hot!


See you later ^^

Credits; OnlySJ13


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Gahhh kyuhyunnie is so funny xD Love his sense of humour. Sad that I’m not in Korea right now ):

Comment by ZY

thanks for the advice kyunnie 🙂 haha

Comment by Tata

wow… by just looking at them i do feel their hotness!!! how i wish they’d come here to the phils and perform!!

Comment by anna_q8

LOL…he’s very witty

Comment by kyuhyun04

kyute! maknae is such a dork! LOL.

oh sure, i’ll prepare those ice packs! c: kyu.

Comment by ahn

are they coming to malaysia?
i hope they are…i really want to see
them perform live…huhu

Comment by aisYah

“When you’re about to hit the person beside you, then use it.” Hahaha! Great advice Kyuhyun oppa! hes so cute! ^^

Comment by Hollie=D

He’s so cute, very care about the audience

Comment by yourin

“When you’re about to hit the person beside you, then use it.”


Comment by KishiFishy

It sounds like a shopping list a little xD
But still Kyuhyun cares for his fans ! ❤ I'm sure Super Show 2 will be awesome

Comment by Mara...

It sounds like a shopping list a little xD
But still Kyuhyun cares for his fans <33 I'm sure Super Show 2 will be awesome !

Comment by Mara...

“When you’re about to hit the person beside you, then use it.”

bwahahaha!!! kyu!! you’re too funny and cute!! <3<3

ELF will definitely support your Super Show II!!

Comment by saranghyuk

Oppa u’re so kind to give us some info about that. Hahah
kyu oppa! I want to go to your concert but i cant !
Just come to Indonesia oppa! ! We’ll waiting for u. . .
Super Junior hwaiting ! Su-show 2 hwaiting !

Comment by Myg

^^ Kyu~
Very cute and helpful!
I wish I could be there… I would bear any amount of heat just to see them ToT

Comment by allyssa

Aw how cute.. giving ELF advice haha ^^

Comment by bibi

Hahhas, Kyuhyun oppa is so funny! XDD
“When you’re about to hit the person beside you, then use it.”
Hahhahash. :3
Goodluck with the Super Show 2!
I wish I can go there.. TT ^ TT

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

… he ended it with such a happy tone;
Kyuhyun is so cruel.
But still love. ❤

Comment by Aste/Sen

i wish i could go! but anyway suju hwaitingg!!!
super show 2 hwaiting!!!

Comment by UriSuju

“When you’re about to hit the person beside you, use it.”

I’m guessing it was hawt? ahah.
Kyuhyun = love.

Comment by Anonymous

ohh man! its like that they’re training hard … cant wait till their concert!

Comment by babyfoot21

Wow…I really want to see it….*_*

Comment by zujulovesuju97

Hahaha… Are they going to come to Singapore for their Asian tour???

Comment by Chiaru2403

You are so considerable… hehehehe… Super Show 2 fighting!!! Super Junior fighting!!! Kyuhyun fighthing!!!

Comment by Bunny Ana

oh my god
sarang hae yo oppaa

Comment by Meutia

Oh Kyuhyun’s just too adorable. ^____^ Damn, now I REAAAAAAAAAAAAAALY wanna go for their Super Show 2… T^T

Comment by amasakireyoko

Are they going to come to Vietnam for their Asian tour?????
Does anyone know??

Comment by zujulovesuju97

luv ya

Comment by nuni

hahhahah it’s very funny

Comment by nadh

LOOOL. Goooo Kyuhyunnie! You might need one, too. ^^ I WANT TO WAAATCH. But Im in the Philippines. Hope u do Super Show II here. LOTS OF ELF WAITING FOR ALL OF YOU~ saranghaeyo!

Comment by joanne

ahh kyuhyun is so caring ❤

Comment by bleep.

kyuhyun,love u

Comment by safina

love u,kyuhyun..always!

Comment by kim yoja

Hahah !
Kyu oppa is too adorable!
When I go (if that will happen) I would take ice packs with me ^^

Comment by Miniini

very funny magnae…that’s make me sure that u really is a DORK..!!!
love u kyu…hahahha…dorkyu

Comment by gema cute..he do care for his fans..really cute caring..cant stop giggling

Comment by Yehsungrin

aww..kyukyu is so funny..i love hm>

im so sad

Comment by niNa

am i right??

Comment by niNa




Comment by kyu_khae


Comment by JOLLIBBEE

please come to Vancouver Canada, maybe have a concert here 🙂 i’m wishfully thinking here.

Comment by yoshi

kyu hyun!can’t i make ur friend?i wan to talk with u because i love u,love u so much,saranghae,it’u!MY LOVE

Comment by lovekyu4ever

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