SJ Message on Official Website 2009.07.10
July 11, 2009, 1:21 pm
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Did this in a little hurry.. Might not be entirely accurate yet, but more or less right. 🙂
Will be checking it again soon.. Gotta rush out now! ^^




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u always the best!!
keep it on super junior!!
im ur elf..hehehe


Comment by aina

:0000 A fanmeet, perhaps?!

Comment by KishiFishy

I want to join the official fanclub, but the sign-up website is in Korean and I don’t understand it ):
would you be willing to translate or give directions on how to join the fanclub?

thanks so much for doing all these translations!! I check your site nearly every day for updates and really appreciate your thoughtfulness and generosity 😀

Comment by koalii

ah ok sorry I found out how to sign up ^^;
gah can you help me delete this?
I apologize for the trouble!

Comment by koalii

heyy can you help me where to sign up? please

Comment by endless.moment

HI, may i know how you sign up because i do not understand korean and do not know where to sign up (: .thanks!

Comment by girl.

I heard that the registration is only for Korean citizen, so, it’s kinda restricted. We have no chance to sign up… 😦

Comment by Yoo Mi

Is it? Oh how pity….

Comment by Ichigo

yay …!!!
super junior !!
ELF will be with oppa’s forever …
show them that together we are ONE !!!

Comment by i'mELF

Who is the admin?
I really want to meet her.
Because of her now we all know what our oppas r talking about.
She brings E.L.Fs from around the wordl together.
Thank u so much!!!

SJ fighting!!! 😀

Comment by trym

Yay Super Junior ❤ ! ♥

Comment by kyuwooklove

WHat is the website…?

i’m a new elfphil member…SO i don’t anything ‘much’…aja suju hwaiting!

thanks to whom that will tell me the site…

Comment by yehsungrin

that’s so cool! xDD
ahahas, sorry but i dont know the official club. D:
can someone tell me the link?
kamsamhamida. :3
oppas hwaiting! (:

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

I heard that if you’re going to sign up, you have to pay. I’m not sure about that because I haven’t tried it yet.
And I believe this is the website:
I hope that helps a little bit.

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!


Comment by Sahar

ELF ~ Super Junior……We are the one….
Thank you for bring us to a real music^^
Thank you so much^^

Comment by lovesuju1997 too…i also tried to sign-up..but unfortunately it is in korean..can you guys help me to join the fanclub…huhu

Comment by purplediveheart

I’m from Brunei and I really wanna join it but sadly,it’s restricted for Koreans only 😥 I hope SMTown would open up for global fans.

Comment by Feenazz07

Even though I’m not part of the E.L.Fs, I will still love and support Super Junior. ^^ Hwaiting!

Comment by Aste/Sen

i want to watch their fan meet in Tokyo , aigo~~ $$$ problem

Comment by Tata

i want to join the official fanclub but i dont know the website..
can someone help me..

Comment by

can i know who is the admin??
please help me..
to join the official website of suju..
go suju!!
go ELF!!

Comment by

Hey! Could anyone tell me if I would to join elf 2,others that paying
A sum of arnd 42USD, wat other benefits would I get? Can’t possible
Be just paying the money like tat yeah?

Comment by bernice wong

suju hwaiting!..i’m indonesian ELF is always waiting superjunior to come to indonesia..^^

Comment by cieL from chicago,IL

you guys are amazing!

the truth is that i really dont understand your songs cause i dont speak korean at all! but even though i cant understand, it really did touched me!..i dunoe why..

Marry U is what i like the most

you guys got lots of fans here in the states!

Sungmin(mutli-talented and a cutie),Kyuhyun(amazing voice),Donghae(such a hotty),Leeteuk(continue to be a good leader), EunHyuk nd Hankyung(great dancers and also a cutie), KiBum(good rapper, and the silent one!hehe), Heechul, Kangin and Shindong(you guys are so funny! and adorable=)), Ryeowook(nice vocals), Yesung(nice voice!), Shiwon(hotty body baybeh!)

Each and everyone of you is special,each of you has contributed for the group if there is one member who is missing then there will be no super junior.

Be healthy!

Sarang Hae Yo! =)

Comment by Katrina

maybe i’m a bit late to love super junior in just 4 months ago.. but i think now i’m addicted to super junior as i watched them, or hearing their songs or even watching their jokes at each other when doing interview in youtube in english of course because i don’t speak korean ahahahaha… love SuJu, keep fighting and keep the hard work, we as your fans will always support you guys 🙂 saranghae super junior (each of you are special)

Comment by Jun Ling

o0o0h aren’t they the beast i had never see someone care about e.l.f like them wish them the beast and happines.

saudi fan sara

Comment by sara

i have something to said about hangeng this guys havent a good memory seriously in his own journal on youtube when he goes to china he promises to suju a gift but when the time arrives for shoping for the right gift he completely forgot what he promises to the member hahahahahaha hangeng was a realy cute guys i love him very much and i was realy sad when i know he quit sj i wish he can return with the guys love ya eagle oppa hahahaha:D

Comment by heidi

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