Heechul’s Fancafe Message 2009.07.10
July 10, 2009, 2:29 am
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Heechul’s Fancafe Message 2009.07.10

By: Nice~ (>_< )=b

Title: 생일 축하합니다 (Happy Birthday)

My birthday 3 years ago was spent on the plane to Malaysia

My birthday 2 years ago was spent in the rain with Hankyung, watching Black House (?)

My birthday 1 year ago was spent in Japan drinking alcohol

Today too….ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

No matter what, thank you everyone^_^

Original Source; 김희철 팬카페 『KIseKI』
Credits; OnlyHeechul
Please do not take out~


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Happy Birthday Hee Chul oppa!!!
saranghae~~ ^^

Comment by angeline_heart

Happy Birthday!

Ooh… I like his birthday plans from two years ago!

Comment by Tam

LOL. That’s what I was thinking when I read that.

Comment by Taffy

Happy Birthday and best wishes to you, Heechul ❤

Comment by rho

It’s not your birthday here yet, but happy birthday, Heechul! ^o^~ ❤

Comment by Aste/Sen

Happy Birthday Hee Chul
You’re such a wonderful person.The world would be a nicer place if more people were like you, you just simply brightens my day..Wishing you all the best..

Comment by monalisa


Comment by heechul-lover

once again,
please dont be sad! (:

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

do what ever you wanna do but dont drink!!
be happy on your special day!!!

Comment by jemmie

heechul oppa..
happy birthday to u..!!!
hope u will always in a good mood and success in your life..

Comment by khalillah


Comment by min-ji

Hmm. Once more… You open the door… Joking..
Happy Birthday.

Seriously… Was your birthday 2 years ago enjoyable? Oh… WOW. I love it.

Comment by wow

happy birthday oppa 🙂
saranghae 🙂

Comment by cloud

happy birthday!!!

hope u better than before

die sayang ichulie apaadnyaa,

heechul ya heechul!

Comment by diechulie

Happy birthday Heechul! 😀

Comment by Sunny Ichigo

Your 26th birthday today will be spent will SJ and E.L.Fs. We r always love u oppa.
Happy birthday oppa! Stay healthy and be lucky!
Find yourself a lover before it’s too late…
Anyway, U r the person who I love most in SJ! 😀

Comment by trym

i like your birthday from three years ago..

happy birthday Heechul oppa!!!

Comment by Nur Ameera


Comment by kim

Saengil chukae hamnida
Saengil chukae hamnida
Saengil chukae hamnida
Saengil chukae hamnida

Hope ull be the best and get the best
We allways wait for the super show 2 …

It will be great …

Kim Heechul …
Im proud to be ur ever lasting friend

Heenim Hwaiting !!

Comment by nisa

생일 축하합니다 Heechul oppa *__* Saranghaeyoo

Comment by Izu

heechul oppa, i really want to wish you a happy birthday though it a little late..saranghae

Comment by ikahh

happy birthday oppa!!!saranghae…

Comment by leedonghaelover

happy birthday heechul-shii ! =D

Comment by zoey lee


Comment by Anonymous

here again!!
end up the day with a warm smile and ice cold strawberry shake!!!no connection!!
just want you to know that i did celebrate your birthday!!!crazy me huh?!
its ok but that’s because of you!!heecul oppa!!
so thanks for making me a happier and crazier girl!!crazy in the good way way of course!!!
just want to share!!
take care be healthy be happy always and forever!!
thank you!!!XD

Comment by jemmie

happy birthday Heechul oppa!!!!!!!!!!
SARANGHAEYO,,,,oh mona!!!i love u so much..may u be happy always,,,send my regards to hankyung oppa and leeteuk oppa…

Comment by mira

hppy birthday heenimmmmm!!!!

Comment by UriSuju

happy birthday!come to malaysia this year!clbrate your birthday!

Comment by liani

I can’t believe dat heechul spent his b’day on the plane to Malaysia last 3 years!
I’m so happy to know dat coz i’m a Malaysian! =)

Comment by yuna

happy birthday !!! kiss u ^^

Comment by Annie

HAPPY BIRTHDAY HEECHUL OPPA!!!!! may God be with u!!!

Comment by Sahar

happy birthday heechul oppa.
heechul saranghae….
may god bless u…..

Comment by safina

happy belated birthday…
kim hee chul
hope u always happy
n appreciated ur life
n have a nice day….
ur fan from malaysia
semoga berjaya….aja aja fighting

Comment by ety

Haha! Birthday 2 years ago so cute!

Comment by sallyteukie

happy belated birthday sweetheart…. don’t be sad actually the whole world celebrated your birthday

Comment by princess scha

happy birthday!!!

Comment by meluvheechul

hope next time can celebrate at malaysia too
heechul oppa hwating
happy bithday
sorry for late

Comment by starstar95

though it is quite late
i would still like to wish heechul a happy happy birthday
all the best wishes to you

Comment by gem_amethyst

yeah~~~!! i like ur birthday plane 3 years agO..cOs im malaysia..come here and celebrate with us

Comment by xinxin

drinking?…with Hankyung? LOL

Comment by ngannie

죽지마~ 날기다라다!!나만!

Comment by 소희

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