Eunhyuk’s Cyworld Updates 2009.07.10
July 10, 2009, 1:50 pm
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Hyukjae’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.10 03:16

2009.07.10 금 Friday 03:16

If there’s in fact no time, why are we even rehearsing dance steps?ㅜ

There’s so much to do…It seems like even a use of sleeping time is a waste of time…

It really has been longㅜ

My head really hurts………

Hyukjae’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.07.10 03:26
In the ‘1’ folder..


이혁재 2009.07.10 03:26



Now only 1 week is left.

Super Show 2….

What will be like of the stage this time?

What will be after One Love?

Will there be many fans? Will they like it?


Will I be satisfied?

But…….What I’m curious about….

Where am I in the picture above-0-?


Credits; OnlySJ13

Lol Hyuk I think you’re the one doing the heart sign? 🙂


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oh it’s him with the heart? kekeke

Comment by natngnear

i hope u guys will give an excellent performance in this show..i really want to see u guys perform but some how i can’t…but what is more important is i hope kibumnie will be there and perform with u guys..after all.i luv super junior..hwaiting!!!aja2 fighting

Comment by nabiel

of course the fan will like it…

Super Junior is amazing!!!

Comment by Nur Ameera

he was so exited bout supershow..
do your best hyujae!!

Comment by kim

Sj has been practicing a lot for the 2nd show. It is going to be the biggest show ever. I really want to see it but i think i won’t have a chance.
Everybody know that Sj will never ever come to Vietnam and it’s nearly time for school, so… I just think that i may not have a chace to see u guys on stage. So sad!!! :((
But Sj ah! Fighting, do your best! We will always be behind u!!!

Comment by trym

yes, hyukkie.. there will be many fans..
yes, they will DEFINITELY like it..
and yes they will ABSOLUTELY be satisfied…
we’ll probably go insane over u guys!!!

super junior.. hwaiting!!

Comment by tinytina


Kencana …!!!
Im sure,, really sure it will be a great show …

Just do ur best ,,,

Hwaithing hyukie …
hwaiting suju !!!

Comment by nisa

the fans will love you even that you make mistake on the stage! ^^

Comment by silvia

no one will like it..

that’s the truth..

even the super show not start yet…

they already fall in love wit it..
hehehe..that’s the truth…

so lean ur body n have a nice day…

Comment by aina

dnt think too much oppa^^
everything wil be fine.
the super show wil be awesome n great..

u always do good
and u look awesome when u r on the stage.

i believe in u. __<!!

i wanna meet u eunhyukie oppa ^^


비 ^^

Comment by bi


Comment by aqee.

goodluck eunhyuk oppa..hwaiting!

Comment by mao

drinking medicine, it’ll help your head get better.
:X :X :X

Comment by Annie

Hyuk~ XDD
Ugh, I know how you feel; my peeps are so busy right now too. =A=
Super Junior hwaiting!

Comment by Aste/Sen

Yes i think there will be a lot of fans oppa,
and we will be cheering on you guys!
so sad that i cant take a part of it!
but i will be cheering on oppa!
and the whole group too, of course!

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

aw oppa, remember ur fans and ur headache will be better. its only 4 the time being, after a while from ur comeback i suggest spending a full day at the sauna, hehehe, but ELF is here 2 catch u if u make a fall, so is ur family, always remember that!!!!!!

Comment by Sahar

oppa flightingggggggggggg

u look awesome, cute, smart, and handsome ^^

i love youuuuuuuuuuuuu

Comment by bi

ahnyoung haseyo..
choneun ciya imnida..
jeorang gyeoronae juseyo oppa??
urin cheonsaengyeon buniya..!!haha

sangsini joayo oppa..!!

Comment by ciyahluphyukie

LOL! worries..Super Junior has tons of ELFs!No matter what ELF will support Super Junior!

Comment by y.y.

OPPA !!!
don’t think too much ..
i think it is one of the reason your head hurts.
take a good nap …heck …will be okay .. i guess

Comment by i'mELF

Awesome site. Keep up the great work!

Comment by Little Michelle

hope your super show will success. Just have fun o.k. pray for you here..Malaysia

Comment by safi

Don’t worry, Hyukkie~
Of course the fans will like it ♥
They will love it.
Aaaw, you have a headache T__T

Comment by kyuwooklove

hihi….Dancing….I know……..
Super Show 2…..It will succeed…
Trust me!~~~~!

Comment by lovesuju1997

HYUKKIE! we are more excited to see you and the members ^^. JUST HAVE A GOOD TIME ON STAGE AND WE’LL BE VERY SATISFIED. Seeing SuJu happy makes us happy too! stay healthy hyukkie oppa~ let’s keep on praying that kibummie can perform with you guyss. SARANGHAEYO! 😀

Comment by joanne

good luck for the super show..
do your best and everyone will satisfied..
don’t worry too much because we will always support super junior..

Comment by khalillah

hi there…gud luck ya!

Comment by purplediveheart

LMFAO @ him not being able to find himself in that picture XD!

Awww, they must be working so hard <3. I know they'll put on a great stage. SJ fightinggggg!

(Thanks for translating ^____^!)

Comment by spazzes

Hahaha. He can’t even remember. ^_____^

Comment by amasakireyoko

oppa fighting!..i know your tired..we hope that you get a rest,,..

but ELFs are here!

Comment by lavendergirl54

will they(suju)read all these comments?
hope they will perform well in super show 2…
hyukie aja aja fighting!
love suju…

Comment by nadia ara

What’s next???
I like ”One love”…

Comment by zujulovesuju97

i think he is very worried and anxious.

Comment by sirae

Ann yeonghaseyo EunHyuk Oppa…
Super Show 2 will be succeed..
dont so worry ya…
support u hehehe…
oppa hwaiting….

Comment by E. Fong

oppa, don’t worry
that’s be oke
yourshow will be succeed

Comment by Lee_ya

I love when you show But you want to have time to relax. Take care of yourself so much. You are my life.

Comment by Honey

kkkk. i just love him!!!

Comment by HeechulLoVE

eunhyuk oppa!
its great your super show 2
even though i didnt watch it (bcoz im from philippnes,15yo), i saw your interview(w/ the other member) in SHowbiz extra. even though its only a cut from the songs i still love it!

im a big fan of super junior
im big fan of EUNHYUK OPPA!!!


Comment by justine mae


Comment by yasmin


Comment by ain

you are so cute when sing a song gee at super show2

Comment by yasmin92

i love you EUNHYUK oppa ^^ biggest fan of you , waaa xD just love you so much !

Comment by hyukki_rieka

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