Eeteuk’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.09
July 9, 2009, 1:35 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.09 04:07

2009.07.09 Thursday 04:07

..Big hit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!…………..

Original Source; Jungsoo’s CY


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What’s a bit hit, Teukie? O:

Comment by bibi

Same idea!
I don’t understand what Teukie is talking about.
Maybe it’s the 2nd super show.

Comment by trym

oh teukie, I hope you feel much better.. 🙂

Comment by OMGWTFBBQ

I wanna know what’s a big hit with our favorite Teukie Teukie!

Comment by Tam

hmm?i’m it the ticket sale?

Comment by dybreed

ya.what is it??

Comment by liani

wht does big hit mean oppa~?

Comment by gingerwoman

what’s big hit, teukie?? ^o^

Comment by Emily

Big hit?hurm..what is it??haaha

Comment by purplediveheart

for what oppa??? O_o

Comment by stalker-san

what’s big hit ??

Comment by sj4eva

what is the big hit???

Comment by aisYah

hi tEukiE wE loVe you hErE in thE pHilippines

Comment by Anonymous

hi tEukiE wE loVe you hErE in thE pHilippines

by krizzle ann

Comment by Anonymous

BIg hit??? where?? in SS2?!

Comment by Boorin

What big hit!? 😀
oppa tell us~ xD
you sound happy!
yayyy! <333(:
oppa hwaiting!! <333

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

big hit ???
LOL ..what is it ??

Comment by i'mELF

have a good shot in a 2nd super show!!have fun there.don’t push up. get healthy. Don’t be sick.your my angle teuki..hahaha love from malaysia, safi

Comment by safi

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