Heechul’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.05
July 5, 2009, 11:55 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.07.05 02:03
In the ‘尊’ folder..

순 규 야 생 일 축 하 해 / Sunkyu-ya happy birthday //

김희철 2009.07.05 02:03

(Although it has passed for quite some time..)

But as the art of a professional craftsman, intricately designing what is to be a branded shoe, why aren’t you wearing it

On your next peformance of Tell me your wish I will confirm if you wear itㄱㄱ

Words on the shoes:

  • Left top: Sun (Sunkyu is SNSD’s Sunny’s Korean name)
  • Left side: Chanel (not sure what’s behind that)
  • Right top: Kyu
  • Right side: Shortie, Cutie, I applause you

Plus, his title of the photo “호빗이” which means Hobbit. LOL XD

Credits; LoveChul

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so kute !!!

Comment by Annie

wow, Chanel and Mashimaro?!
hahaha, special combination. xD

Comment by angeline_heart

maybe the Chanel logo refer to this word “…to be a branded shoe..”. so heechul made it as a branded shoes with putting the Chanel logo. hehe.
Sunny happy birthday! i also wanted a heechul’s handmade shoes..

Comment by nc

Aha, Heechul’s shoes are unloved; Sunny’s birthday was ages ago. O_O

Comment by Aste/Sen

awwh, how adorable x)

Comment by -xHJ

chanel like that brand chanel 😀

Comment by Anonymous

Very cute~
Hee is nicer than he pretend to be. ^^

Comment by lovedisease09

LOL. Cute. I wonder if we’ll get to see Sunny wearing it.

Comment by ozayu

awww lol, I’m hoping to see Sunny wearing those too!!

Comment by Sunny Ichigo


Comment by liani

whaaa ? he made it for sunny ?

Comment by raanchul

Awww so sweet of Heechul

Comment by yinghui

awww so COOL =D

Comment by Smiley =D

Why wouldn’t Eeteuk wear those? They’re so cuuuuute! T_T

Comment by KishiFishy

@ KishiFishy:
That’s not for Eeteuk ^_^ it’s for SNSD’s Sunny 🙂

Comment by ilovejr

nice mashimaro shoes…

Comment by aisYah

cute shoes~!!!

Comment by ycha

cute heechul.. Cute channel shoes too.. x)

Comment by snowcold

soooo cuttteeeeeeeee….

heechul made it for sunny? she must be soo happy^^

saengil chukkae, sunny!!!

Comment by kimHAE

uuuaahhh!!! i want it!! soo cuuttee!!

Comment by diechulie

cute and artistic…
well she’s lucky to receive something form him

Comment by gem_amethyst

mm,, in his cw, he said happy b’day to sunny, but not to eeteuk???

Comment by raisa

Oh! such nice shoes.
Hee Chul oppa, can u give it to me!
By the way, Friday is your birthday, I wish u a happy birthday! 😀

Comment by trym

@ ilovejr : found this on twitter : . IS IT REALY his Twitter??? Cause it’s written in English. Can you confirm it? Thanks for your answer ilovejr.

Comment by Yoo Mi

@ Yoo Mi:
Hey~ I think the only real stuff Heechul posts on the cyber world are of his cyworld entries and those on his fancafes ^^

Comment by ilovejr

you’re so funny~ I wish i could see sunny wear these during TMYW perf. XD

Comment by chobin

so nice, ive never knwn anyone that would give that as a gift. unique, she’ll luv it!!!!

Comment by Sahar

so nice and cute!!! but why for sunny????

Comment by jemmie

For Sunny~SNSD^^
That’s so cute……

Comment by lovesuju1997

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