Eeteuk’s Cyworld Photo Entries 2009.07.04
July 5, 2009, 12:37 am
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.07.04 22:59
In the ‘…Special…’ folder..

..돌아가기../..Going back..

박정수 2009.07.04 22:59


..Hair, quickly grow…

..Dimples, must also quickly become deep..

..Skin, must become fairer again…

..This period of time, I lost myself..

..During broadcast, not only smiling..Just..I wanted to find back the way of laughing naturally..


..But I’ll still live on like an idiot..

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.07.04 23:16
In the ‘..Jungsoo..’ folder..

..생일 축하합니다!!../..Happy Birthday!!..

박정수 2009.07.04 23:16


..Your cameras can take really well..

..Who said..One must care about his expression for 24 hours..

..Feels like I’m at a press conference..ㅋㅋ

..Although I have my privacy rights..But since you all took it, I hope you can upload the nice photos..ㅋ

..Thank you all who gave me their wishes…

..I know about it all..ㅋㅋㅋMy shoulders are more relaxed..ㅋㅋㅋ

Credits; OnlySJ13


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I’m glad Teukie leader is cheering up a bit. ^^
I really don’t like to read his sad entries… :/

Comment by allyssa

thanks for translating!
I hope Teukie oppa will better soon and come back to our Angel always smile.
Happy Birthday oppa
and Good night
Have a sweet dream!

Comment by ivy

keke he’s alredy v fair…

Comment by hyun gi 현가


Comment by Kati


Comment by Kati

So Leeteuk was stalking himself for the pictures that other people took of him? xD
The bags under his eyes were getting way too intense.
I’m glad that he seems to be returning to his usual self.

Comment by Aste/Sen

Teukie ah, u r not an idiot. ( but sometime u really R. OOp! Sorry sorry.)
I see that our Teukie r getting better day by day. His hai is growing fast and we all hope to see our prince again…with a long and beautiful hair of course.
Ha! Ha! Ha! Welcome back smiling angle Ee Teuk! 🙂

Comment by trym

O.O i dont see his dimples in the first picture. like he said, IT MUST COME BACK QUICKLY! then we’ll all get to see the cute leader-sshi that we love so much ^^
and why does he seem so depressed lately… his posts are all written in such a depressing mood… *sighs*

Comment by lene

wanted to find back the way of laughing naturally..

u can do it..

Comment by aina

coming back!!

Comment by min-ji

i hope he’s feeling better! i want the teukie who smiles naturally too! =)

Comment by sakura

oohhh…please do go back to happy side…

and don’t stress to you oppa!!

ajaja hwaiting..

paparazzi are annoying…really anoyying…

Comment by yehsungrin

so kute, I luv your skin =^^=

Comment by Annie

i know y ur dimples becomes not so deep as last time…
is not because u fat or wat
but is because u did something to ur teeth
which cause u to lose them…
however, just rmb to smile more,

teukie-ssi fighting!!!!!

Comment by min

Please, no idiot T.T

Comment by yinghui

opaaaa…. hwaiting!!!

pleaseeee, don’t be sad again…

Comment by raisa

uuwahh~ Why is oppa so sad? D:
Whenever oppa is sad me is going to be sad too.
TT ^ TT.
Oppa please cheer up!
Teukie oppa hwaiting!!<333

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

sorry to say this..
u look pretty..huhu

Comment by aina

you is an angel …. light up my life with your simple smile… you not need to show your deepest dimple just a movement at your lips and i will be melted

Comment by princess scha

This is so sweet (:
Leeteuk oppa , you won’t lost yourself
Because we are always here with you (:
Don’t force yourself to be happy .
We would not like to see you suffer , my angel .

* thanks for translating ^^

Comment by hjsrh13

I hope Teukie is feeling better these days; he seems so stressed out.

He’s totally right about not having to care about his expression and appearance 24/7, he should be able to be himself and go back to being happy. ;_;

Those extreme fangirls and their cameras are irritating, huh?

Teukie fighting!

Comment by rho

teukie ah~~~!!! u must knOw that we love u sO much!! ur nOt idiOt k..we are here with u..please smile always…glad that u r ohkie nOw..saranghe~~~~~~

Comment by xinxin

I love you so much.. I just love everything about you, your smile, your dimples, the way you make other people smile.. You’re very important to me.. When you are smiling, I smile also but when you’re sad, I feel sad also.. I am always praying that you find your way back to the same old teukie who always smiles and jokes around.. There might be some people who’ll try to put you down, but at the end of the day, what matters is that, you are happy and you stay that way.. I love you so much.. I am planning to go to Korea just for you.. Hwaiting..! SuperShow2, Hwaiting..!

Comment by Rosette Ann

After reading all of his entries here, i came to realize that being a TEUKIE is a really tough job. Somehow I feel what he is feeling right now. So sad to see him sad. He even brought me to tears when he cries and makes me happy when he is happy. Teukie dear, please be strong and smile even when everything rest on your shoulder. We are still here for you.

Comment by pinayreese

AH!TEUKIE! ❤ saranghaeyo ❤

sangil chukha hapnida!

hope he gets even happier…and he's really cute in the second pic ^^

Comment by Catherine ^^

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