Eeteuk’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.05
July 5, 2009, 11:27 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.05 06:41

2009.07.05 Sunday 06:41

..It has ended..It has been long since I slept 5 hours and above..ㅋㅋ ..Great~!…………

..Ah dizzy..Need sleep…Keep feeling that my sleeping time is very little..ㅋㅋㅋ

Credits; OnlySJ13


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good night oppa♥♥♥

Comment by celinegomez

deep sleeping will be good for you !!!

Comment by Annie

Im glad ur feeling a little better oppa! Sweet dreams!

Comment by Melissa

Go back to sleep. *throws shoe at*

Comment by Aste/Sen

Sweet dreams oppa ❤

Comment by -xHJ

aww, you should sleep more oppa! Take care of your health! (:

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

Yay I’m so happy for you leadersshi! 😀

Comment by yinghui

sleep well-


Comment by diechulie

Have a nice sleep Jungsoo oppa (:
Sweetdream !

* Thanks for translating (:

Comment by hjsrh13

Sleep more oppa!
We look forward to seeing u … not sleep on stage on super show the 2nd! 😀

Comment by trym

yes! sleep! you need energy oppa!

Comment by OMGWTFBBQ

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