Park In Young’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.01

Park In Young’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.07.01



And previously, he left a message

Park Jungsoo : Noona! I’ll go with my members~ (2009.06.28 15:45)

Heejin’s message on In Young’s cy:

Happy Birthday to Teukie ~♡ (Suju nu-nim Kim Heejin)

[edit] According to Gaia (thanks bb ♥) The replies weren’t left by Jungsoo, instead by a fan, but the messages by Heejin and In Young are real ^^ [/edit]

Original Source; 박인영  미니홈피
Would prefer not to be taken out 🙂



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their brother-sister relationship is so adorable.

hehe. happy belated birthday, teukie~~

Comment by NJ

park in young who’s that?

Comment by hyun gi 현가

Teukie’s older sis xD

Comment by ViVi^^,

Woah noonas’ fave haha xD

Comment by yinghui

eeteuk oppa really really close with her sisiter
in young unnie so kind..

wow..heejin unnie say happy b’day to teukie oppa!!!

Comment by stalker-san

Haha bb I came here to check something and
just saying it’s not Jungsoo,
it’s a comment from a fan ^^

Comment by Gaia

@ Gaia:
Huh? Oh T_T

Comment by ilovejr

=^^=, muakzzzzzz

Comment by Annie

eteuk oppa… sarang hae

Comment by kibum_Na

Super Junior

Comment by Jo Gyuhyeon

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