Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2009.07.02

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2009.07.02 03:01

2009.07.02 03:01

..Today..Now..I too really am really hurt..Really hurt..

..In Korea, working as an artiste to survive..

..I felt how hard it is..

..Am upset..Very upset…Very upset…

..Living on, these kind of things will happen again..

..I’m not liking living in Korea…

..It’s supposed to be my birthday….

Credits; Naris @SJF




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why teuki?
u r now a success entertainer..
go on with it…
dont care wat people say..
just do your best!!!!
happy birthday to you!!
love from me-hakimazhukha

Comment by kim

What happened to make him so upset? Poor Teukie. I want to cry just reading this.

Comment by olebade

oppa fighting!!

Comment by liani

you will get your happiness oppa! you’ve work so hard! trust me!

Comment by silvia

Awwh! Opppa!<3
Happy Birthday… I love you! And cheer up okay?… You'll always have our support!

Comment by Cindy

y?? u neva stisfied wit wat u have…u shudnot be like this…
stay stroong..!!

Comment by aina


Comment by Jannah

what’s wrong with Teukie,,??
upset,,?? Hates to live in Korea,,??

Comment by zalera13

woah! what happened??

Comment by seoul

I think during sukira “birthday celebration” he seems to be very disappointed.Perhaps hoping for a surprise? 😦

Comment by hyun gi 현가

Teukie oppa, why are you sad like that? Don’t make me cry anymore :(( it’s all over, super show II and we are waiting for you, hwaiting!! :’)

Comment by Anonymous

It’s supposed to be your birthday

Comment by Min-ji

whoaaaa…now i really really really hope he’s okay…he’s so depressed…OMG!AYO KUATKAN DIRIMU teuki teuki….T____________T

Comment by sisca hyuk

What happened? D: I’m confused.
I don’t want Teuk to be hurt.

Comment by Ang


Comment by yinghui

why is he being like this again? T_T

Comment by c-reena

I had the feeling that he was talking about Military Service? Because after three years, he and heechul will be entering military. And I hate it too!!

Comment by TeukiChonsa

really?but thats after three years tho,,,

Comment by Angel

What!!!Entering military!!!Why???Why???Why does al the koreans artist has to go to th e military when they turn 30???Who made that rules???

Comment by izz17

Really? Military? But…
Ya! How can they do that with our angles? It’s so suck!!!
Ok! I’m very angry. I hate it!!!!!!!!!!
But, when Teukie and Chul go to the military, will SJ break up?

Comment by trym


Comment by kyuhyun04

what do u mean? 😦
Our angles R going to leave us…
Oh, I think I;m gonna cry.
Hik! Hik! Hik! 😦

Comment by trym

oppa hwaiting~~~!!!!

Comment by c-reena


Comment by HL

so sad… he supposed to celebrate his birthday, not working on his birthday
he deserve a day off!

Comment by sitha

what happened?
i’m so worried to hear u like this…
i want u to know that there are a lots o people who really loves u..that will always support u in whatever u’ll do..u also have 12 members who cares about u..
don’t be sad..

i love u..!!

Comment by khalillah

why he is very upset?
its his birthday..teukie u are making 13 million elf crying..

Comment by donghai-syah

what’s the matter with teukkie? he sounds very upset..

Comment by misspolite94

oppa….what are u talking about??
why r u upset???
please dun be like that!

Comment by stalker-san

y is he like tat?
is he really so sad
this make me so sad too
i can’t do anything
but to support his decision and encourage him
is this enough
btw he also not going to see this
so i will just say
teukie oppa hwaiting!!!!!^-^

Comment by min

oppa..what’s wrong..?

Comment by kohana

wat’s wrong wit him?

Comment by aina

why? why? so sad.. keep fighting!

Comment by Anonymous

He makes us all so worried. ;A;

But it’s true, there’s alot of pressure being and artiste (especially an idol) in Korea. >:

Why such a sad message on your birthday! T^T Please be okay, Jungsu-yah~

Comment by Nao

i wonder what’s wrong with him now? he’s making everyone worried.

Comment by skylight

Leeteuk oppa, what’s wrong? don’t worry, we love you veeery much and your SuJu members. Saranghae! FIGHTING!

Comment by joanne

I feel sorry for him ._.
Wanna give him a biig birthdaycake and hugs D:

Comment by Haku

If it’s about his antis, they’re dead. ~_~

Comment by KishiFishy

Teukkie ah.. its ur b-day.. i saw ur b-day celebration in Kiss the radio yesterday… u looked not happy at all…. gloomy face 😦
Teukkie ah… uri leader’s totally tired.. n it hurts E.L.F to see him this way… he used to be a always-so-bright Eeteuk….!
omg…. i think that Mr.God shouldnt do this to uri angel.

Comment by Boorin

What is he talking about?
What happened? D:

Comment by Zukki

come to my country, everything will be ok, you’ll feel better, I’m sure about that ^^ luv u

Comment by Annie

..i wonder what’s wrong with him..? so depressing..

Comment by ennairacm

Teukie-ah…please be well, and take it easy…
Take it easy, and take it easy…

Comment by green*opium

:((( He worries me so much with these entries of his.

Comment by twistedhalo04

teukie oppa!!! what’s wrong???

Comment by eunhae


Comment by melody

why are you emo-ing AGAIN~~???
cheer up..!! happy bday, angel oppa~~

Comment by Umeko Michelle

Poor Teukie.
EMOTEUK is never gone T_T

Comment by B

i wonder what is going on with leeteuk 😦 almost all of his recent entries are sad 😐 teukkie, be strong! don’t be sad, we are always here for you 🙂

Comment by ilovekyu

maybe he should go vacation
in the US, like many of the other artist are -_-
it’s a shame he had a bad birthday.

Comment by 심성아

teuk! what happened?? sigh…

Comment by Nicole Tan

what happened?? D: who made you sad again oppa??

Comment by nopem

omona.. what happened to you on your bday teuk-ah?… T T

Comment by Rin Hae

oh teukie… i wish you were here in australia.. we’d have a really fun birthday celebration for you.. you could relax and have fun.. instead of working so hard on your special day

Comment by krystal_tearz

hi, just want to ask do u know how to post to teukie’s cyworld?

Comment by celinegomez

Hey I just happen to read this and I don’t even know how to look at their cyworld 😦 I wana leave a comment

Comment by Carls

oppa, im Celine from the Philippines, it’s my first time to write here, i don’t know if u can read this but i just want to tell you that I’m here for you, just pray and everything will be alright.. I’ll pray for you!! I’m just here no matter what happens.. and you’re not alone, suju is there, your family also.. there’s a lot behind you so don’t be afraid to turn back to them.. we will always be behind you.. Always..

Comment by celinegomez

Oh no…what happened??All E.L.F.s are worried sick.No matter what,all E.L.F.s will stand by you,supporting you!Be brave Teukie!I know you can overcome this!!!!Gambateh!!!

Comment by y.y.

wah…this sound serious…well teukie….there’s always up and down in life….this is d colour of life..but then..whatever happens now, i’m suggesting u to take on vacation…or diving under the sea..u can gain lots of fun…plz enjoy ur life..forget ur problems for a while..hehe

Comment by purplediveheart

Oppa…. What’s wrong… ?

Why did he say that he doesn’t like live in korea ?

Comment by Nasuka

These emo entries need to be less broad. @_@;;

Comment by Aste/Sen

Hope you happy soon.

Oppa, Fighting!!(^^,)

Comment by -amena-

dont be like this my angel…dont u kno ppl get hurt jus readin this?get better whatever it is…

Comment by Angel

awwwwww teukie oppa ):
what is wrong?
it’s so sad to see you like this ):

Comment by OMGWTFBBQ

I agree with you
In Korea, working in entertainment is very hard.
So try your best but
Please, take care yourself.
Search small happiness in your life
you are going to be happy
happy birthday
I Love SuJu

Comment by tieu_thu_buong_binh_181

if you have been chose artist as your work
you have the resposibility to accept this work
of cause tired and hard is the step you must to face
but don’t forget
behind of you
there were many n many fans
don’t felt fans will be your burden
as a good fans we will support you no matter what happen
if fans because of something bad happen
they don’t trust you
that kind of fans no need to preserve anymore
so teukie don’t felt tired
you must be hardy
happy birthday to you
sorry for my late wishes
love you forever
fighting oppa

from ma’sia fans^

Comment by starstar95

Gah! Again with these entries!
If you don’t like living in Korea, move to America. xD
Cheer up and stay strong.
E.L.F believes in you!

Comment by Taffy

Oh! Teukie leader! I don’t like it when he’s like this. 😦 And not being there to make him feel better… 😦 I hate it.

I wonder if this is about the rumor about the new Korean laws. It’s supposed to really restrict any illegal media of Korean music, TV shows, and so on outside of Korea… That being the reason would make sense…

Comment by lovedisease09

About my post… You can find out about the laws best by joining I’m sure you can just search it, but that site has had the most info so far. :/

Comment by lovedisease09

i truly understand leeteuk.. it must be very tiring for him, having so many projects as mc, dj, and singer… i think what leeteuk want is to have a rest a day or two.. and i think he really want to celebrate his birthday but there is no chance because of his work…

i know it is impossible to say this because of their hectic schedule but leeteuk need a rest/vacation, not only leeteuk also the 12 member as well…

i know leeteuk can surpass this because of the love and support he got from his family,members of suju,friend and from all of suju fans….
belated happy birthday leeteuk…
leeteuk hwaiting….
suju hwaiting….

Comment by kyuhyuneach

leeteuk oppa,so you don’t like living in korea? if thats the case then your free to visit Philippines, we have a lot of beautiful places that can help you to relax, just say so….


Comment by yechulmin

If Teuk choose to leave his career~
I’ll support him..
I’ld rather support him
than seeing him this way..

that’s a true E.L.F. must do..

Comment by Ree

oh no, emo teuk syndrome, here we go again hufff

Comment by Tata

Never give up oppa..I love you

Comment by gigi

Omoo.. TT ^ TT
Oppa, don’t give up!
Even if they don’t remember it’s your birthday, we still do. And I do. TT ^ TT
Oppa, please cheer up!
Please be strong. ❤
Seeing your sad entry like this always make my heart break. </3
Please cheer up oppa.
I know that oppa have a strong heart.
Please cheer up oppa.. saranghae<3
Oppa hwaiting!!

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!

look like you smile a lot but you too cry a lot.. may be i can’t understand how hard to live as a public figure but as a human being i understand how hard to be perfect in front tha others

Comment by princess scha

teukie oppa!when do you must to make military service? i’m really worrying about this. in 2013, i hope i could meet you in han river. i’m a fan number one of you (may be just i think). Please remember, I always support and always watch the each step of your foot. i love sapphire blue because it’s symbolic for super junior and i love white color because teukie oppa like it.fighting!!!i’m a ELF from vietnam!!!!saranghae!my english isn’t good so i hope you will sympathetic about it !!!>_<!!!fighting!!!

Comment by jen

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