Kibum’s Message on Wawa Girl Magazine July Issue 2009
July 1, 2009, 1:35 am
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I found this originally on Kibum’s Baidu.. It wasn’t accompanied by any scans of the message, but hopefully it’s true. ^-^ Thank you Lain for the image!
I’m guessing it was written before he suffered his leg injury, hence the last few lines.. T_T


Please do not take out!!
Credits; sjbluecn/BLG

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yeah, we miss u sooooo much kibummie..
we really miss u, not only ur hyungs in Super Junior but also us, ELFs..
when i read this message i felt like crying..
i hope u’ll be better soon..
and make a great comeback with the others, together again ^^
we’ll wait till that time comes..

Comment by aqee.

I miss him!
We will look forward to it Kibum!
You don’t know how much your fans miss you on stage.
take care always

Comment by min-ji

omggg.. kibum we really miss you!!
we’re waiting for your come back! 😀

Comment by sitha

Please please dont ever leave SJ, it sounds like he wants out to pursue acting alone. :((

Comment by jadelerie

OMG Kibum. T__T *cries*
I know you want to do this but seriously I miss seeing you onstage performing.

I hope he’s recuperating fine. Fans definitely want to see him on SSII shows.

Comment by starxsea

miss him so much

reallhope he could be with the others 12 soon ;__;

thanks a lot for sharing <3, i am putting this in spanish

Comment by ALI

I miss KiBummie so much! But I support his acting and I am very happy to know he still cares deeply about the SJ members and his fans! ^^

It makes me really happy to hear from him with him gone so much. ^^ I really like his new look though… It fits him well. I wish he’d blog more…

Comment by allyssa.

I’ve stopped caring about kibum now
if he comes back he comes back, if he suddenly leaves suju to focus on his ‘acting’ then so be it. It’s nt like we havent got used to not seeing him around.

Comment by ViVi^^,

Lol… Cut him some slack…. Hes worked hard for a longgg time… they all have. They should get a little bit of time to themselves.. and if acting is what Kibum wants to do, we should respect that (=

Comment by Cindy

im crying so hard right now, i really miss him T_T

Comment by taylurk

That makes his injury even more depressing. OTL.

Comment by Aste/Sen

i honestly don’t understand why everyone is being so mean to him,
real fans would not bash him like i’ve seen some ELF do.

I miss Kibum soo much.

Comment by Ana

Oh Kibum… why must you make me debate whether to like you or not!? T^T Instincts tell me to just love him like how I do (cause for some reason he just catches my attention than the other members despite the others being more interactive, cute and girlie… hence my type). I missed him terribly since he is missing from SuJu actitivies for so long. I’ll be very glad once he’s back on stage with his hyungs. I just hope the injury (when did that happen BTW? o.O) will get better soon. I miss the shy innocent Kibum that was surrounded by all the other older members who just loved to tease the cute way he laughs.

Kibum hyung, Hwaiting!!

Comment by amasakireyoko

Miss you sooo much!

Comment by Catherine ^^

where’d you go? i miss you so.. seems like it’s been forever.. that you’ve been gone..
fort minor’s song really into me rite now..
please get well soon bummie oppa..
come back to your hyungs
we missed you
kibum oppa saranghae~~~

Comment by tarie_cintasuju

@ tarie_cintasuju:
Random but.. That song’s really meaningful xD

Comment by ilovejr

random??? hell yeah!!! xD
the only song i remember if i thinking about kibum..LOL xD

Comment by tarie_cintasuju

ya!!really reallt miss you!
i’m feel like to cry when i read this!
love suju!

Comment by liani

we missed u so much!!
if he didn’t forget his hyungs,
it’s good…
for me, kibum is always SJ members…
we will look forward it..

Comment by voodoo_

damn, boy we miss you so much
i hope you arent leading us on kibummie
we really DO MISS YOU…BADLY!!!!
but we’ll wait for your comeback…
soon it’ll be 13 again okk oppa ~~

Comment by endless.moment

I really miss him. I hope he shows up soon. XD

Comment by Anonymous

I really hope I could more of him with the other 12 members together.. it’s always been 13.. + the ELF ofcourse.

Comment by Ara

Whtever anyoNe say to u. .make u d0wn. ELf always oN ur sidE. Plz come back s0on.h0pe u getting btter s0oN

Comment by Alfi

Whtever anyoNe say to u. .make u d0wn. ELf always oN ur sidE. Plz come back s0on.h0pe u getting btter s0oN. .we really miss u. I blieve ur arRiving wilL be great pResent 4 leE teuk and heEchu as the unfgtble gift birthday

Comment by Alfi

Whtever anyoNe say to u. .make u d0wn. ELf always oN ur sidE. Plz come back s0on.h0pe u getting btter s0oN. .we really miss u. I blieve ur arRiving wilL be great pResent 4 leE teuk and heEchul as the unfgtble gift birthday

Comment by Alfi

ELFs really missed you kibummie! please get well soon..we all and we still love you~

Comment by lavendergirl54

yeah….. we miss singer kim kibum a lot!!!!…
can’t wait for him to make his comeback!!!!..

Comment by tqa

Bummie…i think i feel better now ( after reading this)
Kim Ki Bum – we love you as much as we love Super Junior! take care of urself then back to us soon…….!

Comment by Boorin

waaaah. i felt like cring too… I was touched even though it was soooooo sad not seeing him with hte members… huhuhuhuhu. I am anticipating on seeing oppa with the group. hwaiting!!! ❤

Comment by foreverlove

gyahh.. eeteuk is always a great leader..

reading his message to kibum mad me cry..


Comment by raisa


we miss you tooo

come back soon

Comment by everlastingfreinds

Yes I miss bumbum so much.
ples coom back soon.

Comment by Anonymous

i miss u too…..
we always wait for you……
and, i’ll always support what you wanna do…… ^^

Comment by hellen

Come back now, oppa!
SS II is waiting for u!
Needn’t dance, just appeared, please!
We always want to 13 together.

Comment by hangchul

aww thats so sad.. the last few lines is very touching n now he is unable to fulfill his wish to perform bcoz of his injured leg..

Comment by aini

awwww cute

Comment by Calo

Recently i found out abt kibum myspace….when u go to this link…..i dont knw if he is the real kibum…but i believe so…i added him n he didnt even accept my request …i thought he was a nice person…but guess i was wrong…still im not sure if he is the real anyone knw any info abt that….will u share ur opinion…i feel like he only like christian …but i might be wrong…hope ppl will share …its so hard to knw who is fake n who is the real one…still i believe its him… how can he be so cold?if anyone have any info…hope to hear

Comment by yang

Heehee, i really doubt that it’s him… even if it was him.. SuJu’s schedule is filled… so its would be really hard for them to check they’re myspace daily (x

Comment by Cindy

I take that back (X
I think thats himm (x

Comment by Cindy

Or maybe its’ like a close friend thingy… so I don’t think he accepts fans. Just like.. close friends. Yuhh – know ?

Comment by Cindy

He wants privacy, he rejected my request too. *Saddd. Lmao, jkay, i could get why he would want privacy .

Comment by Cindy

thnks cindy…for da reply..i guess he wants privacy…still not sho if its really him….

Comment by yang

did u really add him in myspace…cindy?

Comment by yang

kyaaaaa Kibum, I miss u so much~~~ of course I won’t bash you like other ELF. ok, I’m ready to see our new Kibum!!!

Comment by putri

here a scan of the message …
^ ^ found in Baidu

Comment by Lain

@ Lain:
Thank you so much ♥ !

Comment by ilovejr

awwwwww, Kibummie TOT!
we miss you so much t_t
im really hope you can be with the other members twt

thanks for the translate n__n
ne….can i translate this to spanish *-*? please~

Comment by EveLyn~Su

yeah, i really missing you. and i felt like crying too after read your message. promise that you will be back soon. i will always support you whatever you do because i trust that you will do your best.

Comment by dian albertina

Kibum Oppa… I(we) missed you ! So come back soon mmkay? ^_^

Comment by Cindy

OMG,i feel like crying too kibum,i know you want to go your own way,but how can you leave those guys who treats you not just a friend but a brother….maybe its not yet the time….wish you a speedy recovery,we love you!!!!!

Comment by Anika

When I read kibum’s letter, I cried, a lot. I really miss him. He is very talent and handsome. I know some E.L.F don’t like him but with me, Ki Bum is always one of the bests in Sj. I do hope that ki Bum will appear in the second super show anh the show will come to Vietnam.

Comment by trym

Ki Bummie~oppa! Sarang heoo>.<
bogoshipunde~ LOL

Comment by ren_he

yep!kibum oppa we are missing u so much……..TT TT
please comeback!!!TT TT
i’ll love u forever
i don’t care u r a singer or u r an actor,ok

Comment by melody

kibum-ah!! we are waiting for you!!! comeback quickly..!! we love you n misses you VERY much!! Wish we can see you dancing with your hyungs. Onjena hwaiting!!

Comment by RanSung

kibum oppa. miss him!
really feel like crying!
do he really will make a comeback??
together with the hyungs??

omg! cant wait!!

Comment by hannaa

i miss u kim ki bum
plese comeback!!!!
suju only 13 forever

Comment by christina liem

If acting is what he really wants to do , we can’t do anything except to support him…I’m pretty sure that the other members also give him their support…But , Kibum won’t ever leave his hyungs and one little brother…I hope not…Anyway , let we all pray for their success in every thing that the do…And don’t forget to pray for the success of the coming Super Show 2…

Comment by izz17

ah..kibum sshi..
just come back to your hyungs..that’s the best gift ever…
maybe more than all the awards they achieved..
hwaiting kibum..!!
we miss you..

Comment by gema

bummie.! we miss u.. we’ll be waiting for u to step on stage with them.. ^^

Comment by nomad07

I just want him to get well soon before reappearing.
Of course we all miss him, so get well soon, Mr. Killer Smile.
He loves SJ and E.L.F, can’t everyone see that?
I hope this will clear up everyone’ doubts.
Thanks for sharing.

Comment by Devy

oppa, we (ELF) would all LOVE to c u again, no matter how little we see you we shall always remember you as Kim Kibum greatest actor and member of the great SUPER JUNIOR!!!! i pray 4 u to stay healthy, may God help you pursue your dream as an actor!!!!

Comment by Sahar

bummie, we (ELF) really miss U…
I always pray for your health…
doesn’t really matter U want to shown as a singer, dancer, model, actor or anything else…
we’ll always give U lot of support…

we miss you Bummie…

Comment by dA_bOeM_miE

we miss you so much bummie. . .
we’ll be waiting 4 your come back with the other members. . .
and i love to see that again. . .

Comment by sj4eva

WE REALLY MISS YOU KIM KIBUM I WISH YOU ALL THE HEALTH and support. We’re waiting patiently and anticipating for what you have in store for us fans. I hope for the best for you. AS ALWAYS Super Junior, hwaiting!!

Comment by BOFfan

ki bum i really miss u……

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by JEVELYN

I miss u kibum oppa

saranghaeo ! ! ! ! !

Comment by galuh

Miss… Hope u’ll comeback soon. Super show 2 is awsome, but it will be more awsome if u were there. I remember teukie said that on music bank, so touching… Your b’day is coming (08/21), so… HAPPY B’DAY. Sanranghaeo ❤ Suju fighting…

Comment by Mjbabe

I Love You Kim Kibum forever
from ELF Thailand

Comment by YangyGirls


nice to miss you

from thaiiand

Comment by nookza_za


my name is nook

nice to miss you

from thailand

Comment by nookza_za

happy bday kim kibum…
i hope u always happy whatever the happen..
saranghae oppa.. i hope can see u with u member. I know u can do it. be u yourself n belive in your god. amen.
from iban girl,malaysia.

Comment by leziana

i really miss you..
please come back and make your performance

Comment by nady

that made me feel better

Comment by LIng LIng

i feel like crying…
i really miss you kibum..
we love you soo much..
we will wait for you… no matter what..

ilove you soo much!!


Comment by Chinne Marris

omg, i almost cry!
did he wrote that in korean and you translated it?

Comment by anonymous

plz come back kibummie!!

Comment by syima

I Trust to Kibummie Jagiya~~!!
We will see him on Sushow 2 in Taiwan…
just anticipated it…

Comment by Michelle

reading the words just make my tears falling down .. really miss kibum oppa with his hyungs .. OMG ! i just can’t stop crying .. !!! if one of them were no longer suju’s member, i’ll definitely crying all night long ! super junior, fighting !!!

Comment by mrsSUJU

we’ll be waiting,, Come back really Soon,, 😀

Comment by Josh

Kibum Oppa….. I Miss You 😦 . I Wish you can comeback to super Junior Soon 🙂

Comment by Pratiwi Maharani

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