Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.06.30

Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.06.30


And minihompy title:

Eeteuk hyungnim Happy Birthday!!27 years old!ㅋㅋ


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Dong Hae, i agreed with you , cheered your hyung , wish him healty and all the best

Comment by kaikai

Donghae so sweet happy birthday teukie!! ^^

Comment by Peiwen

happy birthday oppa!

Comment by liani

Happy birthday leeteuk….that was so sweet

Comment by Anonymous

saengilchukahae tEukkie

Comment by Anonymous

he’s so damn adorable with teukie..
love that fact~!

Comment by miljnte

haha,, donghae,,
he wrote the age clearly..
27.. he’s getting older… oppa.. saranghae..

Comment by raisa

happy bday leader leeteuk!

Comment by leeteuklover

Ahhh Donghae is such a sweetie~
He’s so cute!!

Happy Birthday Teukie-Angel♥♥♥

Comment by Su-Yeon

awww! How sweet! Happy b-day oppa!

Comment by Jeehee

teukie oppa..
happy birthday 2 u..!!!
hope that u will keep smiling and make the day brighter than ever..

Comment by khalillah

u are so shows how u love teukie oppa so much..u are such a great dongsaeng..wish bth of you success always..

Comment by khalillah

Happy birthday my lover :X :X :X

Comment by Annie

^^ Donghae always leaves a happy birthday for his hyung’s~ ahaha such a kind person =D HAPPY BIRTHDAY SJ LEADER LEETEUK!!! ^^

Comment by Smile =D

Op, Donghae’s on a roll with the birthday notifications. P: I think it’s cute how he doesn’t come on that much but he still will to wish his members a happy birthday.
Happy birthday, Teukie!~ I hope that he can celebrate it this year. He really deserves a break, even if it’s just a nap. ^^;;

Comment by Aste/Sen

that is always so sweet

Comment by min-ji

Hae’s so sweet!

Comment by skylight

happy birthday teuki oppa……

Comment by leedonghaelover

aja aja fighting…stay healthy…dat’s the most importent thing in life……….27?? looks like our angel already bcme old..hehehe..just kidding

Comment by aina


Comment by Voa


Comment by star

awww… Happy Bday Leeteuk… i loove you so much!! <33 I wish you the best in everything!!
SuJu Fighting!!! ohh… & First!

Comment by babyfoot21

OH !! Donghae you r so sweet ^.^v

이특 오빠 생일 춯가해요!


Comment by bi

ahhh, really like it when the dongsaengs love their leader teukie especially donghae!

Comment by treisha_13

tnx for posting by the way!

Comment by treisha_13

i hope donghae is much better person then kibum…kibum is so cold….its hard to love celebs when we dont even knw their real heart….when u think they have nice heart…u might be so wrong…no offense to elf….

Comment by yang

oppaaaa…. so sweet!!! like usually….. take care ur hyung. n make him cheer up again.

luv u always!!! ^^

Comment by kimHAE

Dong Hae aH? Aren’t u always like this? Oh my god, u r such a sweet guy!^^

Comment by trym

Happy birtday to the best leader in the world….Leeteuk of Super Junior…May this year be a succesful year for you and also your beoved group…Yayyyy!!!

Comment by izz17

awwwww, donghae oppa’s message is so sweet! ❤
May god bless our angel leader(eeteuk oppa) with many good things. Leeteuk oppa hwaiting!!<3
and Donghae Oppa hwaiting<333

Comment by SUJUHwaiting!


my friend , Lamia , is really” love u …
hhai ..

Comment by nana

TeukHae is ❤ [:
love their brotherly love XD

Comment by eeenax3

wait i thought he was 26.. he was born in 1983 right?

Comment by Anonymous

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