Eeteuk’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.06.29 (III)
June 29, 2009, 2:07 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.06.29 04:59
In the ‘…Special…’ folder..

..사랑해요 고마워요 기억할께요♥.. /..I love you Thank you I will remember you ♥..

박정수 2009.06.29 04:59

..I love you…

..Thank you….

..I will remember you…♥

..It’s just this small small present and it made you all so happy, it made me felt very blessed…

..E.L.F representing our country and all around the world, thank you…

..Remembering things that you can’t see..and things that you can’t feel..

..Let us walk down together in the future…

..Don’t run..

..You’ll feel tired easily…It’s better to grow slowly…Don’t rush it…


..I believe… When my heat beats, it’s all of sincerity…

..Everyone’s is like that too?…

..I love you..Thank you…I’ll remember you..♥

..I will give you even more love in the future…Even bigger happiness…Leaving behind even better memories…

..thanks…쎼쎼(Xie xie-thank you in Mandarin)…아리가또 고자미아스(Arigatou Gozaimatsu-thank you in Japanese)..콘큰캅(Khop khun krab- [think he spelt it wrong] thank you in Thai)…쓰바씨바(Spasiba-thank you in Russian)..고마워요(thank you in Korean)..!*

N.B* Left this line in it’s original form 🙂

Credits; Naris@SJF
Please do not take out~


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After all, Teukie seems to get rid of the stress, get rid of the emo-Teuk and comes back as “Super Junior leader”…
This makes me feel relieved…It’s so stressful to be a leader…You have to remain calm in every situation, have to hide all your tiredness and everything…You have done too well, Teukie ah! Super Junior has a Super Leader!!!
Hope you will never back to emo-Teuk…Park Jung Soo hwaiting!!!

Comment by rosalyn wu

Receiving a thank you from you is more than enough for us to keep on anticipating and loving.
Thank you…I love you…and I will remember you. forever.

Comment by Min-ji

that’s cutee.

Comment by Ana

i’ve just become a suju fan not too long ago, and this message made me teary-eyed. TT___TT
so much love to you, suju. this thank you makes me so happy, and the banner is extremely thoughtful ❤

suju hwaiting~

Comment by danielle

after having oppa’s [xiexie]
i was touched
omg all the fans will always love you
and love super junior forever
this is our promise
so u must also love ur fans forever^^
saranghaeyo teukie

Comment by starstar95


Comment by aina

So emo >_>

Comment by KishiFishy

Ha… even in the original Korean, he spelt “Gozaimasu” wrong… he spelt it “goj(z)amiasu”… Aha, Teukie oppa, we still love you.

Comment by Ally

Sometimes i wonder…

seeing all the posts that Eeteuk wrote about his tiredness and stress, how does he make time for his cyworld?

Isnt it wierd..? If he has time apart from his busy schedules then he would definitely spend it on resting and sleeping, but it seems like every single day his cyworld is updated…

Is it true that the posts are written by himself..? or some other person who manages his cyworld?

I hope all the words in the posts comes straight from him…but seriously Teukie oppa u need to rest well…i feel so sad reading some of your older posts…

You’re such a strong and dedicated person..i love you Leeteuk!!

Comment by Eva

maybe it’s because he loves us ( his fans ) ?

Comment by silvia

You’re welcome. ;DD

Comment by Aste/Sen


Comment by khalillah

To Super Junior…
and by the way…it’s the 1st of July today… Happy Birthday to eeteuk

Comment by Michelle

I love you too Teukie!
사랑해 특이!!!

They’re all so tired…

Comment by Olivia ^^

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