Eeteuk’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.06.25
June 25, 2009, 1:23 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.06.25 02:29

현재일(작성일) : 2009.06.25 목 Thursday 02:29

..Why is it like that…Ah….Hyu………………………………………………………

Credits; OnlySJ13


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hyuuu???is that a sound or person’s name??ANgel, what’s wrong with u?!!*pengen k korea buat cheer him up*..TT

Comment by sisca hyuk

It’s a sound. Something like when you sigh, maybe?

Comment by KishiFishy

awwwww, teukkie’s cyworld entries lately seem so depressing and sad.. i hope he feels better and be the happy angel teukkie ❤

Comment by OMGWTFBBQ

ya!me too!!
really dont understand why!

Comment by liani

Oh shit whats wrong with him?

I hate it when he does this,
keeping his emotions to himself trying so hard to be a perfect hyung and leader.

Comment by passerby

hope u feel better soon..

love u


Comment by bi

=/ someone needs to investigate!
lol ok i sounded too excited >.>

Comment by Samantha Michelle


Comment by JANE

That is IT. What is wrong with him?! D>

Comment by KishiFishy

yo,who dont gt stressd out when they r having hard time..? plus,the world always look n care bout ’em.. suju,u dont need to be one’s perfect.. no one’s good enough..

Comment by aina

he’s making me laugh. he just post whatever thing pass through his mind.
But I guess he really have hard time. poor him…

Comment by L.R

ahhhh. why is he like thaaaaat….
im getting more worried ! hope it doesnt mean anything bad 😮

Comment by jadelerie

Weird… for all his other emo posts, I’ve been calm, but this one– which doesn’t even say much text-wise– makes me feel like I want to cry…
Please don’t try so hard, Leader. You’re already doing a perfect job so please try to take a break… get well rested for the show. :/

Comment by Aste/Sen

i srsly think people who dont have nothing nice to say should just shut, he only has his blog to express himself, please stop saying he is fake and stuff, he is only human

Comment by C

Do you think it has something to do with Kibum? I have a feeling it does….. haiz whatever it is I really hope he would cheer up. ❤

Comment by Jannah

hyu…it almost sounds like he stops in the middle of saying ‘Hyukkie’ lulz

Comment by

teukie no matter what things happen
don’t be so sad
because there are many fans will support and company with you
isn’t it?
so be happy^^

Comment by starstar95 and your habit of making everyone worry…
take care!!!
Why is what like that?

Comment by min-ji

he said that he’s skin without soul… poor Teukie…
Hope you get better on your birthday…
I love you…

Comment by Yoo Mi

humm .. nae teuk , wad happen with him … 😥

I kno obviously he really stressed w/ the news or some protest towards to SJ …

Comment by hyo-ree

Hi! My name is Nok Ni . I live in Cambodia . And

Comment by Anonymous

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