Eeteuk’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.06.24
June 24, 2009, 11:42 pm
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No idea what this means.. @_@

Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.06.24 20:37

Original Source; Teukie’s Minihompy


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But what does it mean?

Comment by L.R

looks like he just pressed random keys. you know, like “oahfuijrtnlajkgnrbvikaj”

but “으아~!!!!!!!!” is translated “ahhhh~!!!!!!”

Comment by aejung

he’s just simply typing ? :/
sigh . its worrying . T_T

Comment by yin

will you translate this??
If yes, I’ll wait patiently^^
(I don’t even know korean)
thanks for sharing

Comment by ayay

@ ayay:
Apparently it’s a random slur of typing.. Just like how we go skjdksjdkjskdjksjdkjsd when we’re spazzing.. T_T

Comment by ilovejr

is he so very stressed ? come SUJU !! have fun !!

Comment by jadelerie

this is so worrying D:
what’s happening? D:

Comment by iheartmeowing

ohh teukiee T^T but with the smilies it looks cute xD

Comment by Jennie

Wonder what’s wrong with him? D:

Check out his new entry btw

Comment by Jannah

are u very tired? or depressed with all of these things? are u get bored?
if u really tired just come to sungmin and asks him to give u a massage, kekeke
hope u’ll be better soon ^.^
i miss ur smile, miss u so much oppa..
don’t be so stressed or depressed, that’s not good for ur skin , kkk
if u get bored,, just keep smiling:)
saranghaeyo oppa

Comment by cheonsaeeteuk

if he doesn’t get rest soon
he’s gonna end up fainting.
he’s way too stressed.

Comment by Samantha Michelle

teukie, u ok???

i think he’s waay stressed up now….. T_T

Comment by Umeko Michelle

Whatz wrong with our angel?
Do u depressed or something,oppa?
Please dont be like dat~
someone please safe him~

Comment by Haerie

He is writing a coded message. He is omitting all the consonants and only revealing vowels and numericals. Decipher it.

Comment by anne

@ anne:
Hi~ I don’t think my Korean is good enough to decipher it T_T

Comment by ilovejr

it’s not a coded message, really. i’m korean and i know that it’s just random keys.

Comment by aejung

@ aejung:
Thank you for telling! ♥ ^-^

Comment by ilovejr

I hate to see these entries from Teukie…
He makes me worry these days. 😦

Comment by allyssa.

Easily said , he is spamming like us fans.
I think?

Comment by sallyteukie

I think he’s happy. He sounds excited.

Comment by Misun


Comment by amanda

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