Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.06.23
June 23, 2009, 7:01 pm
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Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.06.23 02:40

2009.06.23 화 Tuesday 02:40
Now 황홀 (in a trance)

Today…. I tried ROGGIO DEL FILARE ’04…………

Within the 1 minute after drinking it, there’s still the after-taste in your nose ……

I don’t really know much about wine, although I really want to get recommendations from others..

Letting (my) Body have good memories of VINO…^^

Credits; OnlySJ13


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He’s going to get hungover soon… >>

Comment by KishiFishy

there´s a winekyu?

Comment by loo


Well Kyu is supposedly the third heaviest drinker of Super Junior. o:

Comment by Aste/Sen

haha, is everyone drinking wine now!? take care of yourself!

Comment by jhugug

golly! lovin’ kyu so much. ^^

Comment by iloveKYU!

aaw. drink with me.. lol!

Comment by ~

the super cute magnae.

Comment by Samantha Michelle

Wow, Kyu has an even weirder way of expressing himself than… well, anyone, even Heechul… But he always gets it so right 😀
And I like to think he said VINO in Bulgarian (my native language) and I feel greeted 😀 Because, well, vino IS wine in Bulgarian… Kaa, my inner Emoteuk is doing strange stuff..

Comment by Polina

Actually, wine is also “vino” in Italian, Spanish and many other slavic languages (which includes Bulgarian). 🙂

Comment by Viv

i recommend u to watch kami no shizuku starred by kamenashi kazuya…
full story of wine here and there…
you should watch…

Comment by hannah

LOL in ur nose?
Hmmm heres wondering if Kyuhyun’s a total lightweight xD

Comment by ViVi^^,

AHAHA kyuhyun sure loves his wine =D but remember not to drink TOO MUCH!! ^^

Comment by Smiley =D

LOL Kyu so cuteee~
I read in that sungmin has the same exact entry at the same time 0_0
this is so cute ^^

Comment by deeeeee

Oppa,think twice,
save our health,please~
dont even tries wine!

Comment by Haerie


Comment by Anonymous

kyu is so funny..i thought that he is shy but intimate note,he is so naughty…kyu..hwaiting..!!1

Comment by khalillah

I love him so much..

he’s should come to Barzil…

I have hope, he’s comes!

Comment by Camila

stop drinking kyuhyun!!! o:

Comment by jEnN@

kyuhyun i love you baby. take care your self.

Comment by jennifer

ROGGIO DEL FILARE ‘04 is a simple table wine. Poor Kyu. If he wants to experiment with wine-tasting, he should try the easier California whites before his Italian reds. White wine is great with chicken & fish. The red he’s drinking is not from a good year, I’m afraid. Try ’06 when drinking FRENCH REDS…sweeter in flavor.

Comment by Lexie

me tooo… I feel so tired

Comment by octa

kyuhyun! dun work too hard.. i hope u dun drink too much wine… it is bad for ur health…

Comment by s'porevivien

kyuhyun saranghaeyo !!!! ❤

Comment by indah


Comment by indah

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