Eeteuk’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.06.22
June 22, 2009, 1:23 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.06.22 05:43

2009.06.22 월 Monday 05:43


..Drank some wine..

..After getting hold of the ambience with Kyuhyun, even Donghae Ryeowook and Eunhyuk…

..It seems like it has been a long time since we talked this long…

..Until the day the name ‘Super Junior’ disappears..

..Hyung will be the leader and sacrifice…I love you…

Credits; OnlySJ13
T_T Leader, don’t break our hearts.. D:


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god bless to suju
hope you could come here to new york

Comment by Juvy

teukie being emo again????

oppa, dont be like that~~~~~~

stay happy coz you have us ELFs here… ^_^

Comment by Umeko Michelle

is this like the one hyuk was talking about how teuk is such an attention-getter? xDD

but can’t help it… teuk has been posting a lot of these lately. wonder what’s really wrong with him?? =?

Comment by haru

ooooowww…. teukie oppa.. you’re so sweet..

Comment by raisa

I told you they will drink..a lot..Kyuhyun also seems to join the drinker
hope they have fun!!xD

Comment by kyushiragiizawa

His words sound so bittersweet T_T
Especially the 2 last sentences T_T
It makes me feel both afraid and proud
Guilty me, my mind now is full of bad imagination about what he said T_T
He has been emo like this for more than 2 weeks T_T
I’ve never seen him so depressed as long as this time
There must be something really terrible has happened (or maybe it is going to happen? @_@)

Comment by linh

Super junior will never disappear^-^
oppas should take care
it’s still a long way..
glad they had time to talk

Comment by min-ji

they’re all sounding depressed!! =( first Hyukkie, then Teukkie, and even Chullie said he spent a day crying ='( why so sad?

Comment by krystal_tearz

What is wrong with youuuuu T_T

Comment by KishiFishy

It’s because they have tired themselves just so they can please us…

Comment by Anonymous

is this the effect of the emoness of its you…don’t be depressed leeteuk….

Comment by kyuhyun04

hello. !! Does anyone know how to leave a comment in their cyworld? Oh and why is eunhyuk’s cyworld diary entry always so messy? Got all those cartoons covering the hangul words.

Comment by jadelerie

imo Out of Leeteuk’s recent posts, this one is the most cheerful. o.o
Haha, Teuk is typing this whilst drunk…? XD

Comment by Aste/Sen

Woha ..
I don’t have anything to say that /:

Comment by Kati

Dun make us sad..
Dun emo again..
All suju member love you
elf love you
everybody love you oppa
dun be sad!
Hwaiiting suju and elf..

Comment by Stalker-san

is there something wrong oppa? ELF is here so you don’t be sad okie? :[

Comment by RyeoRin

dont be sad oppa ! we (ELF) love you ! and we love you super junior,,so much !!!


Comment by myg

Awwwww, Teukie T_____T
you are a great leader, dont be sad twt

thanks ^^

Comment by EveLyn~Su

i agree, my dear teukie is a great leader.. pls always be happy… we are always dear for darling.. we love you! mwahhh ♥

Comment by vannie

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