Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.06.21
June 21, 2009, 11:58 pm
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Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.06.21

And minihompy title:

Ryeowook-ah, Happy Birthday! I love you~~^^

Credits; OnlySJ13



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ha i think ryeowook oppa must be vry happy
because you all
such a good member
love super junior

Comment by superjuniorfans

Donghae oppa is so sweet! ^^
Just saw their goodbye stage and i feel a bit blue T_T
But hope they will rest and have a break after the 2nd super show! They deserve it ^^
생일을 축하해요 Ryewookie oppa!!^^

Comment by yashiyosh

can i ask whether how you enter their cyworld?cause i tried to enter but it’s not working.

Comment by Stephanie

donghae love wook so much. And so do i

Comment by smile

Awwwwwww~Donghae usually only posted a birthday greeting
Donghae hates his birthday but he admits that Ryeowook will never forget his or the other memebr birthdays!Hope Wookie have a blast in his 22 (if i am not mistaken) birthday!!

Comment by kyushiragiizawa

Must be really hard for them to be done with promotions as well.

Good luck with the next projects boys!

Comment by twistedhalo04

사랑해요, 동해오빠~

I hope Super Show 2 will come out on DVD once it’s over. 😦

Comment by allyssa.

동해 오빠.. 사랑해요.
은혁 오빠도 사랑해요.

아!! 려욱 씨 생일 추가해!!


Comment by bi1987

Happy Birthday Wookie! 🙂

Comment by Apple

aw…that was sweet…If I remember correctly….ryeowook is donghae’s fav dongsaeng…

Comment by kyuhyun04

Dong hae’s such a sweet friend n hyung…Ryewook must be very happy 2 know bout Dong hae’s love..Hehe..

Comment by gONZ_sARANGHEYO91

0ppa Dong hae is s0 sweet 😡 happy birthday to Ryew00k 0ppa 😡 i h0pe every body usually happy , have fun time ^^ . Em yêu các anh Super junior

Comment by Ngoc anh - Hanoi City - Vietnam

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