Heechul’s Kiseki Music Fancafe Message 2009.06.20
June 20, 2009, 11:58 pm
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Heechul’s Kiseki Fancafe Message 2009.06.19 23:56
In the ‘# ━─·‥ 希 DJ 추천곡’ folder

Title: 엡티 아일랜드 : 마중 (F.T. Island – Meeting)

Ka~ This song is really good
But the others don’t seem to like it alot ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

The other members are getting jealous of our Hongki, who is able to sing and make people feel as sad

The lyrics aren’t too bad either, this is really..

Is it still like that, towards the road I’m walking?
If I count just a few more days, will you come?

This is my recent mobile ringtone
I put it on my minihompy as well..
Go in and listen, I bet you’ll shed tears(-┏)

Credits; LoveChul
I don’t have access to the original copy.. So hopefully it’s right 🙂 Here is the link to the song ^^


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Last time when Heenim talked about FT Island “Don’t love me” I also search that song and it’s really good ^^ I should listen to FT Island’s album once again

Comment by shinnie148

do you remember where you saw that cyworld entry? xD

Comment by KK

i love it when Heechul talks about F.T Island! 😀
i miss good daddy a lot 😦
and he is so right about Hongki being able to make people sad…his voice is so amazing!!

thanks for translating =D

Comment by redandrosy

i like it too!
haha.. heechul is a primadonna too?..hahaha.
suju fighting!

Comment by margx

마중 is one of my favorite songs by FT Island

Comment by Ana

I didn’t shed tears, but I never physically cry from songs so… yeah. It’s a very beautiful song though; I love it! (My first impression of FTI, hehe.) Thanks, Heechully~ ^-^

Comment by Aste/Sen

This is my absolutely favorite F.T Island song (and one of my favorite songs EVER in any language) <3333. I love when Heechul talks about F.T Island, fandoms collide :DDDD!

Thank you for translating ^__^!

Comment by spazzes

Haha Heechul ah I’m seeing your Hongki in a week’s time!

Comment by yinghui

i like it very much
n also like hongki very very much
he is a good singer n also have a nice voice
no matter what song he can sing well
last year he got came to malaysia
n i hav listen his voice at the spot
oh my god really like he vry much

n heechul oppa
i also like you vry much
you’re so adorable

Comment by superjuniorfans

Hee chul,U must care of your health.In Asia or wherever,we have been seroiusly attack by A/H1N1.You have to concentrate that problem.Kim Hoon Jung,in SS501 singer was also attack by it as a foremost person .He was in janpan promotion their album .I`m worrying about you but I hope that ypu are well in back injury and nose surgery.I wish for SuJu show celebrate successfully in H.K without mistake.Sorry for that I`m not coming to your show
18/9/2009 we have 2nd semster englis exam in University,Yangon in Myan mar.I want to come but the exam situation was quite out of control.We have to answer four major three minor .All of them 7.I`m already sick of it .PS.All of you would pray for that person who was suffering in A H1N1.With lots of love,Set Yin Htet

Comment by Set Yin Htet

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