Eeteuk’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.06.19
June 19, 2009, 10:52 am
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.06.19 03:13

현재일(작성일) : 2009.06.19 금 Friday 03:13

The past 2 nights..Sleeping time..2 and a half hours..

But..It’s okay…hahahahahahaha..

Credits; OnlySJ13
Apparently, there was another one at 03:14 but I can’t seem to find it. D: It says “..Don’t write your novels (anymore)..”


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I’m taking this for my blog..may I???

Comment by superjunior13sujulurve

@ superjunior13sujulurve:
Yes you may, but please remember to credit and link back ^-^

Comment by ilovejr

you are good looking man…
keep on being a good leader

Comment by kim jue hee

woah oppa..
2 and a half hour of sleeping time..
is not enough..
i can see that oppa in getting better now..

Comment by Kerri

eh…should take advantage of breaks.
I hope they’re still doing well though.
Miss Teuk’s posts,,

Comment by min-ji

Poor Jungsoo-oppa!
They must have been very busy preparing for their Asia tour!
Hwaiting oppa!We appreciate your hardwork!

Comment by Hiragiizawa


Comment by Ryuryu

First to comment believe it or not >< ahaha i hope you get more sleep eetukie =D around…1 hour 15 min sleep a day =O dont wear yourself out~ remember to keep Smiling =D ❤

Comment by Smile =D

OOh..pOor tEukkie…

Comment by jorie

Hey! I would like to know whats leetuekie cyworld url, mind to email to me? thx!

Comment by Ariel

That’s the time I slept last night too, roflsauce.

Comment by Aste/Sen

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