Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entries 2009.06.15
June 15, 2009, 1:38 pm
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Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2009.06.15 03:42
In the ‘ 보금자리。’ folder..

세 남자/3 men

조규현 2009.06.15 03:42

In the heat of hot Thailand…

3 men… Were bored..






photo by . Ryeowook

Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2009.06.15 03:53
In the ‘ K。Story’ folder..


조규현 2009.06.15 03:53

Up till now, I can’t escape ..^^

Credits; OnlySJ13


Lol at mosaic-ing Hae’s eyes xD

A break before my next paper! Until then~ *-*


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why. must. kyu. be. so. adorable???!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by lovingkyu

Hahahaha Ryeowook’s funny too xD

Comment by yinghui

LOL. So cute. But why was Donghae’s eyes blocked in two of the pics? 3 men bored? They don’t look bored. Ahaha.

Comment by Taffy

it’s probably because Dongahe’s eyes didn’t look good…

i heard they usually do that when it doesn’t look good…^^

Comment by kiixiah

Hi, I’m Chi- One of Super Junior’s fan in Vietnam. I know my dream will not become true but… I really want to talk with Ki Bum. It’s the dream in my life. I don’t know why I like him. Maybe because his charater like me.When I was sad, I missed him, I cried and I think I must try to better, because I belived in some day, Ki Bum’ll understand and like me ,too! This is my nick chat yahoo : shmily_kiu_u. Please tell Ki Bum I’m waitting for him!

Comment by Linh Chi

I know you’re very busy but I can’t stop thinking, stop dreaming, stop missing him. Please…..Just only one, let I chat with him!!!

Comment by Linh Chi

Crazy obsession much ? o.O

Comment by Acha

cant agree more…
this girl is really insane >”<

Comment by asMINnt

sorry to say this..but that’s too freak….

Comment by nomad


Comment by Jenny

kyu oppa saranghaeyo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fighting 4 da best………..

Comment by suju"lover

kyu oppa saranghaeyo!!!!!!!!!you look amazingly cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!fighting 4 succession…….

Comment by cherryapple_republic

kyuhyun’s cyworld entries are really interesting!!!

Comment by kyuhyun04

aigoo..kyuhyun oppa so cute..^^
they don’t look bored..^^
they look happy…^^
kyuhyun cyworld entires but photo is by ryeowook cute..^^

Comment by Kerri

Thanks for the updateeeeee!!!
Hahaha looking for cute he took the picture for his dorky brothers..boredom attack..xD

Comment by Hiragiizawa

The 3 men made their own version of pepsi cf ^^
Kyu is adorable <333
THanks for the translation

Comment by yourin

why u bored oppa???

Comment by chidorihyunoppa

LOL… Kyu…
He chose only pictures in which he looks good in… ^^
Very cute…
Wondering how Dong Hae looks before the mosaics… ^^
Wookie is a good photographer, he caught the best side of Kyu…^^

Comment by Yoo Mi

i SERIOUSLY wonder why Hae’s eyes were turned mosaic. 😀
but their own version of the Pepsi CF

Comment by yin

lol..what wrong with donghae eyes???why it’s getting blur???
3 of them are too cute and adorable…..can’t wait 4 their 2nd asian tour….
hope they came to malaysia…
saranghaeyo oppa…..

Comment by leedonghaelover

That’s some intense Pepsi. o_O wafflecarpet.

Comment by Aste/Sen

i love donghae smile!!!

Comment by kim

kyuhyun oppa….saranghae….
three men make me crazy hahha

Comment by nadhun

My first time on here =D ahaha love the pictures _<

keep smiling~

Comment by Smiley =D

haha kyuhyun oppa is soooo cute…… haha……. love him

Comment by alwayssuju

they were all
but still hyukie’s the best!!

i luv suju ever!!!

Comment by Anonymous

i luv suju ever!!

Comment by Anonymous

LOL @ Hae’s mosiac eyes! XD!

Comment by 13in

Kyu is amazing! His faces no matter how kind of scary always make me melt! ❤ ❤ ❤

Comment by jEnN@

Kyuhyun oppa, I know you always try to do your job. Sometime, you feel tired, right? Be healthy! 🙂 Super Show 2 will be succeed! Believe! 😀 Sarangheyo (4ever) 😡
To Leader LeeTeuk: E.L.F in Vietnam are worried about you 😐 Be healthy! 🙂

Comment by mimi_SJfanvietnam

OMG. haha. 3 men were bored. LOL.i think they are more like kids(in a very cute and good way). HAHA. i love donghae and ryeowook 😀


Comment by rachel_love

Singapore fans love Kyuhyun!!!!Keep on shininng!!!!
i love u 4eva!!!!<3

Comment by Sally

Kyuhyun~ahh~ stay healthy and happy =D Australia fans LOVE you! hopefully you will reply to me =[ but even if you dont it i’ll still be your fan forever >__<v and i hope you can smile forever like in these pictures ~~ ahaha^^

Comment by Smiley =D

why cover donghae eyes???

Comment by tingtin87

i LOVE ‘its you’,, kyuhyunie looks especially handsome in that one >< hehe~ && i love kyu's laugh in the last picture ^^ ahaha he looks like hes having the best time in the world~ i hope he can always smile like this

Comment by Smile =D

OMG *explodes* that was tooooooooooooo cute!!!

Comment by redandrosy

you’re back <333333333333333333

these pictures are so cute omfg. especially the third one, siwon's eyebrows look like they're gonna walk off his face. these boys are so adorable ❤ ❤ ❤ thanks for translating!! 😀

Comment by spazzes

Kyuhyun TOTALLY takes my breath away! X3 He is such a looker! And oh MAN I’d die to get some KyuHae captions out of this! XD Hahahaha!

Comment by amasakireyoko

Haha. Ryeowook is so my favorite.
Just like me..taking pictures for
people 😉 & Kyuhyun is so adorable.

Comment by xsummer

hahaha..the pictures look good to me. they didnt seem like ” 3 man were bored..” at all. aja aja fighting super junior!! suju hepy together ^_^…#1!

Comment by aina

LOL they don’t look bored at all :))
My Wookie can become Pepsi photographer LOL. If Pepsi use these photos in their advertisement, they can sell millions of their products LOL
Wookie :x…
Kyu :x…

Comment by rosalyn wu

Ryeowook is really good in taking their pictures!Great angle!*drools*I am seriously obsessed!They are tooooooo CUTE!GOSH!KYU!HAE!WON!!OMG!!*chilling man*
3 men bored?nope.I dun think so.
They look ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!*I am drooling again*

Comment by y.y.

KYUHYUN Oppa!!!! ♥
U’re so gorgeous,Jiaoyou!
Support you 4eva!
U’ll be always de cutestt!!!!!
i♥Kyuhyun 😀

Comment by Sally

i watched a video few days ago (suju involved)
and kyu said that he is 22

he was born on 1988 right?
then, why 22?

btw, he is so adorable..
i love him!
suju hwaiting!

Comment by nadia ara

LOL…they don’t look bored???but that’s funny…hahaha

Comment by Michella

They must’ve been drunk or something. xD

Comment by KishiFishy

what kind of bored it is???!!!
it such fun..haha..
they try to make their own version of this cf perhaps..
(why pepsi don’t use these pic??? that would be funny and interesting i think..hehehe)

ahh..donghae eyes maybe rolled somewhere??
poor ryeowook they only let him to take those pic..without letting him become the model too..haha..cheeky hyung aren’t they??

kyuhaewon just simply the best…cute!!!

Comment by gema

Those were lovely pictures. I wonder what camera they used? Kyu was the cutest.:)

Comment by Lexie



Comment by kyu~rin


Comment by Lee Hye Sun

WOW!!! really intense pepsi CF XDDD

hehehe u couldnt escape the reality that u r hot?? except it kyuhyunnie, U R HOT! ❤


Comment by syima

you dont even look bored…
you three are hot..:))…hotter than the weather there in thai.;)

especially kyuhyunnie..:D…
certified addicted to you kyuhyun oppa!!!!
huggs and kisses..:D…

when you say translate??…what do you mean by that??…for the next comment poster..please reply.:D

Comment by gamekyuhyunnie07

im just going to clear my question about that translating thing…i see comment posters saying, “thanks for the translation” or ” please translate thanx” what does that mean??..
pls answer..
pls pls.:D

Comment by gamekyuhyunnie07

Hi I translate all the boys’ entries into English ^^

Comment by ilovejr

thank you for that. I’m American but since three years ago, I have been a big SUJU fan!!!

Comment by sekangel88

ohhh.. i see,could you do me a favor??please please!!!!..pretty please??
may i ask first?from what country are you??? you see, suju’s going to perform here in the philippines,hope you can also translate the things i want to say to them in korean..very bad at speaking and writing in korean.hehe..pls?? you can reply at my email :
pretty please??thanx for replying to my previous question.never expected anyone replying to it. kyuhyun caught my attention,is this what you call OBSESSION?o.0

Comment by gamkyuhyunnie07

hahaha…!!! so funny! like they are very happy!! love super junior!!! i,m from norway an i m very big fan of super junior ^^ and my friend is fan of super junior too she is a very fan of SJ and i hope you can came to Norway one day!!! hehe.. love SJ!! ^^ 🙂

Comment by Anonymous

Happy birthday Kyuhyun Oppa! You are twenty two today (23 Korean Age). Hope you have a good day today and for more days to come!!!!!

Comment by sekangel88

happy birthday oppa…
hope u will happy alwayz…
acha~acha fighting..

Comment by Mira Ervina

Haha) They looks cute.
Russian fans Love SuJu too!

Comment by Lu

Haha) They look so cute.
Russian fans Love SuJu too!

Comment by Lu

Haha) They are so cute.
Russian fans Saranghae SuJu too!

Comment by Lu

Mm, my comment was added 3 times! Sorry. I don’t know))

Comment by Lu

Because in Korea people account their age ever since a child was in a stomach of his mother.
I still learn English. Do you understand me?

Comment by Lu

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