Eunhyuk’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.06.07
June 7, 2009, 6:36 pm
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Hyukjae’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.06.07 14:57
In the ‘한류스타 사생활’ folder..

2009.06.07 일 Sunday 14:57


What I wanted to show everyone…

The honest side of Hyukjae and not Eunhyuk

Although I wanted so much to keep this space;;

Very regretful~^^

Now, it’s just being the artiste side Eunhyuk

Once again I have to hide myself^^

Can’t we…Be more closer?

Next time, I will consider more when I write something^^

Don’t mind too much~

Let’s take care of each other^^

Don’t change (our attitudes/feelings) towards each other.

I am E.L.F’s Jjang fan!….Chet!!ㅋ

Credits; SJF

I suppose this is in reference to his column update on “terrible misunderstanding”.. :/ Poor Hyukkie, I wonder what’s wrong D:

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Although I don’t really understand what Hyukkie’s talking about, I hope everything’s okay now. ^^

But anyways, congratulations to the boys on winning Mutizen!!!

Comment by Hye-Jo

mmmmm what happen…??
is there smth wrong…?

Comment by raisa

I don’t get it.
But if anything.
I know he’ll be able to get through^-^

Comment by min-ji

I keep thinking he has a GF, but he mentioned ELF.
What’s wrong with our Hyukjae? DX

Comment by Chelsea

what happened…I’m so curious!!!

Comment by kyuhyun04

Aw Hyukie…
I wonder what’s wrong…
Hope it get’s better soon :/

Comment by Fuuyu

what happened is that fans misunderstood his previous post about him being close to IU…i think that’s it coz he mentioned about being careful about what he writes in the future…some elf apologized in his cyworld already

Comment by candysprinkles

aawww.. hope he’s okay.
does this have something to do with his previous entry? I mean, the entry where he said something being close to IU? maybe some fans misinterpreted or misunderstood it…

Comment by piamocha

I think that is talking about his previous post where he said that he is being closer with IU °__°” then there is the “misunderstand” and I think is because some people thought that he was like in love with her… so it’s because he said “Next time, I will consider more when I write something^^”

But I don’t understand if these phrase are about him and her or about him and ELF:
“Don’t mind too much~
Let’s take care of each other^^
Don’t change (our attitudes/feelings) towards each other.”

Comment by Ladd

@ Ladd:
I’m supposing those words are about him and ELF ^^

Comment by ilovejr

he’s talkin about the ELF’s misunderstanding him and i think some thought negative about it…he didnt want the ELFs to think any different just cus he’s closer to a girl

Comment by endless.moment

*sigh* Hyuk Jae i wish you knew that we love you for who you really are as a person.. not just as the star we see on stage.. we realize that there is more to that person on stage than just a pretty face, a great voice and some amazing dance moves.. if you wish to let us get to know the other person that is part of you, we will do so quite happily.. until then, we will go on loving and accepting you, always.

Comment by krystal_tearz

hmm i don’t know , but i think he is talking about the erased diary entry, where he talked about being more closer with UI, but i’m supposing only :X

(sorry my english sucks xD hope u can understand)

Comment by Annie

who’s IU?

Comment by minz

a korean singer she sang boo. She is beautiful and she was mentioned in the previous entry i think.

Comment by treisha_13

i feel soo sorry for the suju boys…”closer” to IU probably just meant..oh as a friend..not to mention she’s a great newcomer singer!… *sigh*….poor eunhyukie…netizens can be so scary sometimes….

Comment by klamchops

Sometime…being an entertainer is not as easy as you think…Fame has its own price…

Comment by izz17

Seriously those fans need to chill out.
Moreover, IU is only 16, I’m sure she’s only like a little sister to him.

For those who wonders who is IU she’s a new singer that debuted a few months ago with “Mia” (check out the song, it’s great) and who came back last month with her first full album. She’s really talented and deserves much love ^__^

Comment by Spikie

So what’s wrong about Hyukjae liking a girl…?
Sometimes I don’t understand what are the “certain” fan thinking about by being a Fan of someone famous…
I feel sorry reading Hyuk’s entry…
Hyuk deserves to be happy…
Hyukjae… fighting!!

Comment by Yoo Mi

hyukieee.. kenapa siii.. ada apa sebenarnya ha?
kamu digosipin ama IU gara-gara tulisan dicyworld wkt itu? ha?
sebenernya IU tu sapa si??? ha?? haduu.. hancur hatiku dah hyukiee..

Comment by HYUKRIE

Awak org indon ye…Sy dari M’sia…Sy rasa Eunhyuk & IU punya hubungan mcm adik beradik…Sy rasalah…Don’t worry…

Comment by izz17

what happened , oppa ??
hyukjae oppa is a melancholist boy .. ^^ just like me ..hehee ..

oppa , we don’t like hyukjae oppa because he’s eunhyuk .. but we like eunhyuk becaue he’s hyukjae … ^^

Comment by hyukness

everything will be allright,oppa..We Know,every single artist always have two side,also one side is an normally human,and another side is you depressed??..♥..God Bless U..♥Gamsahamnida~~

Comment by Tanzmanian SJ~TVXQ

i wonder what happened to our achovy…
well, i love eunhyuk cos he’s hyukjae and love hyukjae because he’s eunhyuk…
both hyukjae and eunhyuk are parts of my heart now..
hope he will get better..
hyuk jjang~!

Comment by hyukvan

awww hyuk :((

i hope he soon just get it to his head that although eunhyuk is amazing, we still love his hyukjae more. korean netizens these days~ why can’t they just let these artists be themselves for once..

Comment by Dilys

“With intimacy or marriage, Oppa can do what he wants ^^ We like our Eunhyukkie but we wish for Lee Hyukjae to be happy. ” [dreamx @]

-UFO message of a Korean fan
so there are the understanding ones too~~ i hope hyuk read this.. since it was yesung who replied, i don’t know if hyuk saw it xD

Comment by Dilys

i love eunhyuk…
but can’t he be hyukjae sometimes???
he is also a person… a man…
and he has the reason for all the world to be a man…
sometimes… some ELFs forget that…
sometimes i pity him… i do pity him for being Eunhyuk!!!

Comment by elstar26

i love eunhyuk…
but can’t he be hyukjae sometimes???
he is also a person… a man…
and he has all the reasons in the world to be a man…
sometimes… some ELFs forget that…
sometimes i pity him… i do pity him for being Eunhyuk!!!

Comment by elstar26

is there something or someone that really make eunhyuk oppa sad?
what’s that mean?
or is that a woman behind this?

Comment by tingtin87

what IU?

Comment by loveseunhyukalot


Comment by loveseunhyukalot

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