Hankyung’s Cyworld Entry 2009.06.06
June 6, 2009, 11:59 pm
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Han Geng’s Cyworld Entry 2009.06.06 22:56

小窝日记新增装饰功能啦! (My) Cyworld Diary Has Functions Added!

Date: 2009-06-06 Weather: Mood:
Today, although I came to Shanghai for only 1 short day, but seeing you all makes me really very happy! Today there were a lot of people who went to the airport as well as the actual venue, but everyone was orderly, and I am really proud of you all, everyone did really well, thank you all, everyone has worked hard. (Every time during an event, everyone must take care of their safety!

Also, I saw some of the videos of everyone doing charity work together, I have been thoroughly moved by you all, thank you everyone for doing this for me. Previously I said I’d do charity work with everyone, but up till now I haven’t fulfilled my promise, I am really very sorry, but I guarantee I will realize my promise, to do even more charity work with everyone, to help those people who need our help, hope that everyone will carry on, let love’s wings accompany them forever. Let us fight together!!

I love you all~~~!

Original Source; Han Geng ‘s Home

P.S If you go to Geng’s Cyworld, he changed the format and look of his diary^^ And sorry there’s running sentences *-* Geng’s style xD

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awww ❤
he's so cute (:
wow one day back and fourth must have beeen tiring!
you must take care hannie ❤

Comment by lalalala

Yeahhh, all that flying from one place to another is probably pretty exhausting…

Good luck on his plans for charity work; he’s such a great guy. ^^

Comment by Hye-Jo

Annyeonghasseo,Hankyung oppa~~♥..yeah,lets us fight together..nice words!!♥ you tired??..i mean,also all of you have been,busy,busy, and busy..are you feel tired??..i hope you not got sick..take care,ne??..♥God Bless U♥..Gamsahamnnida..Annyeonghasseo!!~

Comment by Tanzmanian SJ~TVXQ

yey for Hangeng! thank you for posting and translating!

Comment by treisha_13

love you verymush
Fihting naja!!!

Comment by mai

can someone gimme the link to hankyung oppa’s homepage?

Comment by karis

i am almost 11 and i like hangeng and sungmin. i think they are really cute!!

Comment by lily

Love Hangsin Very-very

Comment by kim kijang

Love Oppa Hangeng
รักฮันกยองมากมาย อยากให้พี่มาที่เมืองThiaอีกจัง

Comment by kawFang

erm… wow… i’m so touch dat singers really o a lot of things 4 their fans… i mean like translating the pages n wat so ever…

Comment by Anonymous

hi’even the fact that i’m from aplace that no one can guess but i comunicate with world because of hangeng ilike him very much it would be very nice if we cuold meet some day

Comment by shine

happy birthday oppa~
happy always…
wo ai ni…
acha~acha fighting oppa…

Comment by Mira Ervina

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