Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2009.06.04
June 4, 2009, 11:53 am
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Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Entry 2009.06.04 03:41
In the ‘보금자리。 ‘ folder..


조규현 2009.06.04 03:41


Just simply from a personal point of view…..

I like it a lot  ^^

Credits; OnlySJ13


I just changed my mobile wallpaper to the first pic a few days ago ^^ too cute 🙂


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the first pic is too cute ! ❤
&& Kyu's smile

Comment by Seongah

Omg, I want to change my mobile wallpaper to the first pic too! Kyuhyun oppa, na sarangahe yo! ^^

Comment by Ddsy ♥

AAAAAHHH!!! I wanna be hankyung…. (-r)

Comment by risa d e.l.f

we liked it a lot too Kyu oppa ^^

Comment by kiixiah

soooo.. charming~~~~ ^^

Comment by AnimAkerz

kyu hyunnie! so cute!

Comment by darlene

i also love it too…kyu!!!!haha

Comment by kyuhyun04

Me too… ^^

Comment by Hwangbi

Everyone else’s point of view seems to agree with yours Kyu. ^___^

I loved the Cosmo photoshoot ’cause the boys all looked like they were having tons of fun. It’s so nice to see pics like these after a stupid stressful day at school.

Comment by Hye-Jo

i like it too, your smile is killing me hahhaha

Comment by nadh

KYU KYU KYU KYU KYU KYU KYU KYU KYU KYU KYU Kyuhyun oppa! so lovely , handsome, cool,cute i love you so much

Comment by jihyun

Yea,,because it’s so sweet^-^

Comment by min-ji

Ke ke ke~ SO cute. All of them!

I love that Kyu is posting more. I love to learn more about him. ^^

Comment by allyssa.

*muah muah muah*

can i change the Geng oppa’s position ? Hahahaha. XD

Comment by dhachu iz elf

very lovely

Comment by tieu_thu_buong_binh_181

I also love it very much

Comment by tieu_thu_buong_binh_181

you can carry Hangeng
hihi I am happy that.
because you very strong ^^
I like that

Comment by tieu_thu_buong_binh_181

Kyu Hyun is my favorite band member in Suju. He’s so good looking and very talented. I really loved his voice and I love the duet that he had with Charice Pempengco in Star King. How I wish that they will perform here in Toronto Canada in the future.


Comment by lythyll

Kyuhyun you’re so adorable, charming & cute!!!!

love you

Comment by lythyll

they r so gorgeous!!

Comment by kim

kyu so cutee……
I love you kyu

Comment by gHe_kYu

I love Kyu!!!!!

I fall in love with his voice.

I’ll wait their Asia tour concert~~~~~

Comment by Te



Comment by Te

My e-mail is

When u want to talk with me about Super Junior.

Comment by Te

kyuhyun,u are so cute..
ilove whwn u was smile..
muah…love kyuhyun…

Comment by aiza

look handsome on that suit!!!!!!

Comment by prince_kyumine

Anyeong hasaeyo!

Oh my kyu..
i really love your very sweet smile here…

hehehe…though we’re miles apart…i hope we could meet soon…

Comment by chan-mi

Hahha..nice picture,oppa..God Bless U..Always on good job,take care,and..FIGHTING!!♥..Gamsahamnida~~

Comment by Tanzmanian SJ~TVXQ




Comment by Christine

oPPa U are soo cUte in that fOto..

befOre i watched u in intimate note n SGB
i think that oppa is a silent persoN(With a wonderful voice)
bUt U are veRy ….. peoPle
always watched u fOre here Indonesia


Comment by - DeE -

all of u look awesome !`

kyaa >w<

Comment by mini

when is their asia tour??

Comment by Anonymous

oh my sweet maknae…
i love u more than i can say
keep smiling…
love u

Comment by Han Soju

你真的很棒喔 加油喔 照顧自己喔

Comment by jennifer

i wanna be hankyung…i really love those pics..they’re look adorable…
hae and kyu got the funniest expression for meee!!!
wanna scrawl it again and again..!! dorkk suju!!

Comment by gema

I come from Vietnam. I wish you and super junior will come to Vietnam,perform in Hanoi. Ilove u, we love u we love super junior. welcome to Vietnam!!!!

Comment by thanh mai

i just changed too. ^^

your smile’s make me happy.

i saw 5 of suju went to Thailand.

cuz i live in Thailand.

i want to meet you.

i want you to go to here !

Comment by Dabbledoll

i’m forget !

“Happy new year 2010”

wish you have many singing album.

i’m looking forword to your new album. ^^

Comment by Dabbledoll

kyuh yun shi, saranghae.. love you so much.. wish u could be my boyfriend

Comment by zainuranisa

Woa! Now, 3 people ask me about you. I gave them your detail and contact. They’ll be finding you soon. Their names are Happiness, wealth and love. Happy birthday to you! I know u r very busy, so U pass my commemt. But i am very happy when I can send this comment to you.

Comment by Xuka

All of you are just greate!Some friends of mine love you so i’ll send all of you a hug from them,all of you sing and dance awesome,but i’ll send a hug and kiss to kyuhyuhn,hope some day you can come to mexico,And if i could meet you I think i may faint,it would be just greate!!!! ♥
Kyuh you looked so handsome(more…,its even hard to believe)on the video of super girl.
That was the first time I saw you and with your smile a felt hipnotized and…,sorry I think with this i’m going to scare you…



Well kyuh and the others do what you do because you like it not because your suppose or have to (you know what i mean,i hope…),be yourself and we will always love you(at least me) ♥

I’m really glad i could write you…

I don’t think you mind my comment but if u wanna talk i have a channel on youtube with the same name i have here…

Hugs and kisses to all!!


Comment by The Heartleszs

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