Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.06.03
June 3, 2009, 5:46 pm
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Yay, pretty short one ;_;

달 라 진 점 / Places with changes

김희철 2009.06.03 15:09

Now my face has become fatter

My eyebrows are thicker and longer than last time

I hardly look like a girl when I make-up (Heesica is an exception)

My hair colour looks more honest

I don’t wear coloured contact lens

Our ‘mambo’ (member)’s numbers are all saved in my phone

My facial expressions are noticeably more cheerful

My smile is more natural

My character is better

Others etc..


Lose some weight (-┏)

Credits; OnlySJ13


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i like heechul looks better now than before.
it suits him especially because he is already a grown “man”.

But no matter what he is always hot hot hot!
tnx for posting this one!

Comment by treisha_13

He finally got Eunhyukie’s number from intimate note
He doesn’t need to lose weight though,
he’s already stick skinny. Aish~

Comment by Seongah

What is his number….can you please share it…:D

Comment by ReMi

he’s better now than before…

Comment by jorie

Oh my gosh, he even worries about his weight like a girl! Tsk tsk tsk

Comment by KishiFishy

Hahahahaha he’s good now though I miss his previous hairstyles Xp

Comment by yinghui

heechul oppa sure looks better now…
he is already thin…
why does he still wants to lose weight??

Comment by hudsy

Change for good ^^
anyway, I like it either Hee chul in the past or Hee chul in the present, cause Hee chul is still Hee chul. He didn’t lose his personality.

Comment by yourin

I like Hee Chul the way he is now! 😀
but no matter how I will still support whatever he wants to do. ^^

Milky white skin Kim Hee Chul !
Sarangheyo Kim Hee Chul ! ❤

Comment by angeline_heart

he is better now than before
look more manly
finally he has their phone number LOL
hahaha..i can remember his entry for this time
*i always dont understand his entry, its too hard to catch it clearly kekeke XD*


Comment by Stalker-san

he looks cool now~
compare to he first debut..

Comment by sky

Oppaaaaaaaaa, finally…
You update your CY again.
Miss you, oppa. 🙂

Ahh, wae?
Why do you want to lose some weight?
You’re so thin.
Just take care your health. 🙂

Hwaiting oppa.

Thx a lot ilovejr. 🙂

Comment by Caroline

eh…He’s worrying too much about his weight…he is not that fat..I mean he’s actually pretty thin…maybe he thinks that he is fat because he is seriously thin before…but he looks so much better now…not that he’s not before but with his age….he seriously looks fine…though I love the freakishly girly face kim heechul but he’s already in that age….but matter what he do I’ll support him….sorry for this long comment haha..

…heechul shhi…don’t be anorexic…!!!!haha

Comment by kyuhyun04

really milky ~

Comment by yin

lol !
i always love reading heechul’s entries — they’re so amusing xD
but i don’t think he needs to lose any weight … he’s already thin enough >.<

Comment by xitsyou

Wrong, Heechul; First should be “Get more sleep.” :] I’m happy that he is happy.

Comment by Aste/Sen

YAY!! i’m glad he’s feeling better now 😀 i hope he stays happy~^^

thanks for translating~

Comment by redandrosy

Milky Skinny Heechullie…
He’s thin… chubbier chick is better to see… so he looks HEALTHY…
Today must be better than yesterday, Chullie
and tomorrow MUST be better than today…
Heenim ❤ ❤ Fighting!

Comment by Yoo Mi

I dont think he need to loose any weights.. He is skinny enough.. 😛 His personality is definitely better.. 🙂 Still good as long as he is nice, witty and weird Heechul 😉

Comment by trangpear

He already has all the members’ numbers! Yay. XDDD

Ohh, it’s from the Twins period. Seems to me like such a long time ago, hehe. ^^

Comment by Hye-Jo

Wow^-^ goodie goddie Heechul lived his promise…
That’s too sweet,,
Yes, and Eunteuk must GAIN weight

,,thanks for posting

Comment by min-ji

Heenim~ He’s as cute as ever now. He was pretty then and is the Handsome Heenim now!
He doesn’t need to lose any weight. No SJ members do. 😦 I wish they would realize this. But if losing weight will make them feel better about themselves then they should go for it.


Comment by allyssa.

he looks cool whenever style he use!!

Comment by kim

LOL! the last sentence make me ROFL!
your body size its fine with me chulie!

Comment by sallyteukie

still talking about heesica xD haha, heechul you are already skinny! don’t lose weight :O 😛

Comment by Jennie

finally he had all the members numbers, and it’s good to hear that his expressions are more cheerful now

heechul oppa fighting!

Comment by minsshi

he is now a better person
good that he is now more honest
continue to improve…

Comment by gem_amethyst

no matter what look u have
i will always support u
as well as all your fans
so no need to worry

Comment by starstar95

ahaha.. i hope i can see you now!!!

ahm whatever you do just be happy and i will support in every way promise!!!

no matter what you look it doesn’t matter to me coz who you are being a person is what love about you!!!

Comment by jemmie

Wow…I’m really glad that i found this website..
at least i know what’s going on in cy world…
i dunno hangul..but il learn!! hahaha
thanks……a million for translating this for us!!

Comment by mi_mia

hmm i like Hee Chul Oppa hair
i like his style now more than the first debut
he look more mature now and healthy ^^
and now his smile is more warm and happy ^^
Always smile Oppa ^^
hwaiting ^^

Comment by Sherly

Hi, I’m Chi- One of Super Junior’s fan in Vietnam. I know my dream will not become true but… I really want to talk with Ki Bum. It’s the dream in my life. I don’t know why I like him. Maybe because his charater like me.When I was sad, I missed him, I cried and I think I must try to better, because I belived in some day, Ki Bum’ll understand and like me ,too! This is my nick chat yahoo : shmily_kiu_u. Please tell Ki Bum I’m waitting for him!

Comment by Linh Chi

to: kim heechul
you should be proud of yourself, cause without that charming face there wouldn’t be a kim heechul that will make us happy, i hope you’ll reply on this, this is my first message! whatever your style is, you is you, if ever that you have met a people same as your face remember that there is still difference between you two! if you need a word that will help your heart strong! i’ll just be here! i’ll say some word that will make you comfortable! then stay as what you are now! always be proud of yourself and always make our hearts happy!
fr: Word teller
현금자동입출금 말

Comment by joy

Ahh…. Heenim. ^-^ To me, no matter how you change you are always SO in my heart and interesting. You are perfect exactly the way you are and Hankyung TOTALLY agree with me. X3 Right? Right? Kekkee~

Comment by amasakireyoko

Im glad i found this website also. Keep up the good work

Comment by Half Your Weight

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