Eunhyuk’s Cyworld Entry 2009.06.02
June 2, 2009, 6:48 pm
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Hyukjae’s Cyworld Photo Entry 2009.06.02 03:43


이혁재 2009.06.02 03:43


The Dragon Ball that I like.

Focussing hard when trying to teleport at that exact moment.

I practiced hard when I was young

I thought I could shoot out energy.

Mangas are just mangas! Do not follow!

Credits; OnlySJ13


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Haha.. Dragon ball
I love it very very much
Like Eunhyuk, I was always trying to practice Songoku’s Kamejoko 🙂 (but of course I was never successful 🙂 )
OMG.. I want to read this comic again T_T
I almost forget everything about it T_T

Comment by linh

haha… Cute Eun Hyuk!!! ^^

Comment by Peiwen

You can do it if you focus enough, Eunhyuk. :9

Comment by KishiFishy

haha, love this one!^^

Comment by minsshi

eunhyukgie is so cute and innocent and pure……….so so adorable

yuoksshi … super junior…..kyuobta…

Comment by xuan dinh

wow…I didn’t know they read mangas haha…

Comment by kyuhyun04

hahahah now i know where i have seen that pose before!xD
Dragonball is also Jaejoong’s favourite!
It used to be my favourite too!
Hyukie always amused me..
thanks for sharing!xD
Elfy elfy elfy~

Comment by kyushiragiizawa

Hahahaha, Monkey. Do you have a tail as well?
I never liked DBZ. D:

Comment by Aste/Sen

LOOOL. I love this entry. HAHA!
Eunhyuk! <333

Comment by ~beanrice

such a dork eunhyuk…
tq for this… ^^

Comment by hyukvan

Hahaha i used to do the same thing while watching DBZ! TT____TT
I miss DBZ~ Hyuk, idc i WILL follow.
For Goku!!! XD ❤
He's my fav character~

Comment by Chelsea

OOh..khkh..sO cute

Comment by jorie

oppa’s too dorky & adorable..

didnt know he likes dragonball..

sadly, i never like it at all…huhuu..

Comment by Umeko Michelle

he was so aDORKable XD
funny hyukjae


Comment by Stalker-san

hahahahahaha… baaa…..ka.
(Hyuk jae is so undeniable…) 😀

Comment by Yoo Mi

Hyuk sounds like a dorky schoolboy. 😀

My fave character (this was waaay back XD) was Gohan. Haha~

Comment by Hye-Jo

No waayy, I was a total fan of dbz, I focused and practiced so hard that i started to think that I could do a kamehameha 😀 It seems that Im not the only wierdo 😀
yay !! ^-^

Comment by katake

Lee hyuk jae oppa! are so cool

Comment by jihyun


,,thanks for posting

Comment by min-ji

hyuk jae is LOVE!!!!

he too adorkable >.<

Comment by kyusneezes

hyuk jae is LOVE!!!!

he’s too adorkable >.<

Comment by kyusneezes

Dragon Ball? Eunhyuk so cute..! 🙂 since Junsu oppa is your bestfriend, I wonder if he loves DB, too..! lol 😉

Comment by Yichin

annyeonghasseo eunhyuk..

do you have any friendster?

keep on practice ne??


Comment by Tanzmanian SJ~TVXQ

cute oppa !
i like that pose ..
i wonder he taught siwon to do that pose with him ..gyahahaa .. XDD

hyukjae oppa , jjang !! XDD

Comment by hyukness

Hyukjae soo cuute!! >.<
love him more..
He is the same with me, long time ago i like dragon ball as well, i like goku.^^

Comment by Anonymous


Comment by N.T.Y

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