Kim Heejin’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.30
May 31, 2009, 5:44 pm
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Kim Heejin’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.30 12:48

슈주 – 희철&이특/Suju – Heechul&Eeteuk

김희진 2009.05.30 12:48

From the comments:

Kim Hee Jin : Really really cute^^ (2009.05.30 12:48)

Park In Yeong (Teuk’s noona) : Let’s take one like this too?ㅋ (2009.05.30 20:02)

Which she scrapped to her CY as well:

Park In Yeong : 83s among themselves~ㅋㅋ (2009.05.30 20:02)

Credits; OnlySJ13


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The 83ers and their noonas!!
All so cute. ♥♥♥

And the pic is just… LOL.

Wonder how it’d feel to have Heechul or Leeteuk as your younger brother?? XD

Comment by hyejo

maybe its like….being a sisters in law? hahaha….while heechul and eeteuk become the mate…hahahha….

Comment by morinchan

OoOoo.. now that’s a thought. XD
I like..

Comment by NJ

Heejin sshi… 🙂
It’s been a week and more since Heenim updated his cyworld…. ~.~
I miss his entries…. ~.~
I saw Heenim all in black, shed tears, and gloomy 😦
I heard that his co-star in Bad Family died (feel so deep sympathy for this…)
Miss you Heenim… ❤

Comment by Yoo Mi

really cute
and glad see their sibling also being friend^^

Comment by mei an

haha. soooo cute. <3333

Comment by iheartmeowing

..hello! !can i also ask what is the cyworld address of leeteuk oppa???plzzzZZZZ…tnx

Comment by angelteuki

AWW!! thats so cute! ^^

Comment by Jeehee

Awww. Their sisters!

Comment by Lara

wow. so cute. love noonas. 🙂 ^^

Comment by lalapor

they’re so cute ❤
Their sister like them
also so close
what a cool siblings nee~
thx for update it..

Comment by Stalker-san

Hahahaha yeah even their noonas are so cute too xD

Comment by yinghui

If Heechul was my brother, I’d probably be influenced badly LOL

Comment by Sunny Ichigo

so happiness for having such cute two younger bro
omg so jealous

Comment by starstar95

watta cute entry…khkkh~

Comment by jorie

love this two HYUNG!! <333

Comment by chellie

GAHHH!!! Damn cute! XD Heenim and Teukie never stops making me smile when I see them. It’s like an automatic gravitationa upwards pull whenever I see their faces. ESPECIALLY Heechul! ^0^ Damn, I like his hair like that!

Comment by amasakireyoko

They are TOTALLY funny. Hahahaha XD
even their sister !!
TeukChul couple. ^0^

Comment by dhachu iz elf


Haha, let me have my fangirl attack here.
I totally love these two and it’s so hard to find cute pictures of them together like this… xD

Thank you Heejin unnie ❤

Comment by nie

adorable nunaa~~
love to see their nuna also have a good friendship… ^^

Comment by hyukvan

lol ! nunas on the go ~

Comment by yin

TeukChul *-*!
so cute!
awww, love their sisters too


Comment by EveLyn~Su

you\’re soooo cute!!

Comment by Sabrina

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