Random: Yesung’s Message on Hyuk’s CY

Just found this chancing upon Hyuk’s CY.. I suppose it wasn’t too long ago xD


But it’s so cute.. Popping dancer?! HAHAHAH XD Dorky boys. =D
I love it how Yesung teases his dongsaeng ^-^


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Yesung’s cute

Comment by min-ji

yesung is so aDORKable!!

Comment by misshae

I just notice hyuk had his cyworld again? what his addres, can u tell me?

Comment by LeeHT07

Comment by cinnamon

loves it

Comment by cinnamon

that’s way too cute~~

Comment by Umeko Michelle

..hello! !can i also ask what is the cyworld address of leeteuk oppa???plzzzZZ>ZZZ…tnx

Comment by angelteuki

Comment by seapOt

dorky yesung
love it ❤
thx for update it~

Comment by Stalker-san

yesung so cute~~~

Comment by starstar95

monkey oppa!!!!love U!!!!:XXXX….hwatingggg

Comment by Rocky

thx. very much kkk~

Comment by LEGENDARY:)

dorky yesungie…
poppin dancer?? puahahaha…
he definitely knows how to make us laughing to dead… XDD

Comment by hyukvan

yeuw yesung dorky freak
but i love his voice
hahaha love suju so much

Comment by hanyippoh

naww love these boys!

Comment by kimSJjewel


thanks xDDD

Comment by EveLyn~Su

Hellos , does anyone know the link to yesung`s cyworld ? will be very thankful for it! >_<

Comment by `Yewook !

ye sung uppa!what are you doing there were waking up? have breakfast? but you still care? house keeping health in mind! not drink again .. .. must be fed formula do not remember you’re late … are next to other members? offline .. please … do not cheer for me to see the sadness on the faces of angels … you never asked: why fans do not like me .. do not tell like that because I always loved you … even if you do not particularly like the other members but in my heart you are the most special … .. I always love you forever and always love you … believe in you…i’m in Viet Nam…

Comment by kimsumin

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