Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Video Entry 2009.05.28
May 28, 2009, 11:55 pm
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1st video entry! ^_^

Kyuhyun’s Cyworld Video Entry 2009.05.28 17:49
In the ‘나의 동영상’ folder..


조규현 2009.05.28 17:49

Taking advantage of this short rest period, I went on my computer to search after going home

The past (?)  video I found..


Uhm… From my memory, that was from August 2007?

From what I remember, it was not long after I got discharged from the hospital..


Under Preacher-nim’s request, I was asked to go to the high-class 수련 (Suryeon) group where I made my testimony

and sang songs of praise such as ‘주님의 높고 위대하심을 (Higher Greatness of the Lord)’



As I wasn’t fully recovered, I didn’t sing well

But among all the songs that I have sung before,

This is the truth about the gospel which the Lord likes the most….^-^



Credits; Kyu’s Baidu Bar


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Thank you for translation ^^
His voice is very strong~~

Comment by Everlasting Friends
KYu ! can you sing the song which you chose number 8

Comment by tieu_thu_buong_binh_181

Thank you very much

Comment by tieu_thu_buong_binh_181

Very touching..
I wanna cry when i hear his voice..
Thx for translate it.^^

Comment by Stalker-san

I am so glad that he’s well and healthy now!! Kyuhyun- continue being that strong person you are!!!

Comment by Sunny Ichigo

0ppa Kyuhyun . . . He is very great 😡 he is good at sing a song . When he’s sing ! I fell warm

Comment by Ngoc anh - Hanoi City - Vietnam

me too
he is special person

Comment by tieu_thu_buong_binh_181

huhf nice

Comment by Tika

Kyuhyun:) You are A M A Z I N G!!!
May God bless you always!


Comment by Anonymous


You are A M A Z I N G!! May God bless you always!


Comment by Christine

Kyu twt!

thanks owo

Comment by EveLyn~Su

Oppa your voice is amazing. I love the way you sing 7 years of Love. I’ve listened to it over and over again and I never get tired. Keep doing your best!! Saranghae

Comment by Reina

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