Sungmin’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.05.26
May 26, 2009, 9:18 am
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Sungmin’s Cyworld Diary Entry 2009.05.6 03:51
In the ‘ソンミンは。’ folder..

2009.05.26 화 Tuesday 03:51

Had a glass of wine..^^

I opened a bottle of wine with Kyuhyun..^^

Feeling so happy~

Credits; OnlySJ13


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AWWWWW so cute ^^

Comment by stikim

I’d like to open a bottle of wine with kyuhyun ❤

Comment by jEnN@

When Sunny is happy, I am happy too. :3
Don’t get drunk, Kyu~

Comment by Aste/Sen


Comment by nina

julchin note love
Imagine them toss and drink together, so romantic, lol

Comment by yourin

Whua!!!! Kyumin couple…

Comment by Chou


do you like drink wine!!!!!!.,,..

I just want to say take you’re health!!!!

sarang Hae!!!!


Comment by maniez

aigoo….how cute…..kyuhyunie wants all the love from hyung for himself …hahahhaha….kyuhyunie …chinja….

glad to see their love……..

Comment by xuan dinh



Comment by unbelievable_life

gyaaaa… i want it too… drink wine w/ kyu….

Comment by risa d e.l.f

can i have sOme??…khkhkh..jOke

Comment by jorie

mayb they’re celebrating sth….

Comment by haeluv

kyumin love^^ LOL
he opened the bottle with kyuu..
omoooo~~~ i wanna see it XD

Comment by stalker-san

lol u mean drunk sungminnie xD

Comment by ViVi^^,

KyuMin~ ^^

Comment by AnimAkerz


Comment by kyuhyun04

Woha Kyumin!!
*smiles dirty*

Comment by Kati

The KyuMiness.
Reminds me of Jeolchin Note xD

Comment by YeJin

I want join to

Comment by Tika

Lol. that’s so sweet :3

Comment by Haku

is that ‘sunmin’ wa folder?
looks like he’s been practicing his japanese^^

Comment by dybreed

kyaa~ kyumin. ❤

Comment by chi

yee! 🙂
I remember seeing on intimate note that sungmin said his latest interest was wine. maybe he’s stocking up? hehehe ❤

Comment by ~beanrice

Finally…their moments appear,,

,,thanks for posting

Comment by min-ji

Awww… I love kyumin couple.. ^^

Comment by silvia

ahh…envy to kyu..

Comment by mia


I love KyuMin

Comment by KangByul

minieeee.. i am worry bout ur health….. but i hope u enjoy it,, n i hope that wine not make ur health worse..

aja2 fighting.. ganbatte.. banzai 4 ur new album,, in indonesia it’s so popular.

Comment by RiMin_cHan

Awwww~ *—*
KyuMin pawah~~!

thanks n_n

Comment by EveLyn~Su

KyuMin so sweet!!!

Comment by SungRin

I can’t be happier
Kyumin – my biggest love
wish it were real

Comment by vietnamese ELF

you must healthcare yourself.Elf always love you. I am Vietnam ‘s elf so very difficult for me to be able to chat with you
Suju fighting. Sungmin oppa, you is the best man

Comment by hongngoc-elf-vn

you must healthcare yourself, min oppa

Comment by hongngoc-elf-vn


love this kyumin couple.. kheekekekek…
i keep thingking they share their room and minidarama (dangerus friendship) and i can’t stop my self to have thisfantasy..

i wonder if kyu get drunk kekeke

Comment by fastturttle

hmmm sssungminnn love u 4 ever;-]sungmin i want you.I want to meet you;-]

Comment by Zeemah605

hello! lee sungmin oppa.
i like you and your music very much.
nice to meet you.
rabbit love fox.

Comment by jubjang

im very willing to drink with you too! Sungminnieeeee ❤

Comment by DIONNA

hi!lee is your birthday.It’s right?You know or not i wait today for along time because i have some wishes to give you,my wishes are:good luck,good health and have alot of fans that love your group and you too.I know that for along time in your group have alot of problems that make their don’t happy but i hope that you don’t close your group”Super Junior”because me is the one of your fans that wait to see your new album and your new style so i hope that you don’t make my heart break.Sungmin!!!i really like you and especially all of the members in group Super Junior.

Comment by cute piggy

Hi sungmin oppa …

I want to ask you a favor … ok ??

Please Keep the Super junior together forever

It would be very sad if it happened to the Super Junior of what happened 2pm

Comment by han yong hee

I was so happy because from this moment in my heart of the Super Junior members are the ones that I endear voters first century, I hope their good health and are constantly striving, I believe that someday I would meet after the Super Junior Super Junior and sad to hear of the pleasures in life around me

Comment by believeJerryDoan

I’ll be forever an everlasting friend for SuJu! Saranghae Minnie oppa forever ❤

Comment by MissYkk

xin chao !e la nguoi viet nam . em yeu super junior nhat.dac biet la sungmin oppa.!!!

Comment by thu uyen

KYUMIN 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by Alysa KyuMin

KYUMIN 4EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by KyuMinFansFOREVER


Comment by Alysa KyuMin

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