Eeteuk’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.05.25
May 25, 2009, 7:21 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.05.25


Original Source; Park Jungsoo’s Minihompy


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Aww.. my poor baby is suffering from stress.
And he’s stressing about his hair. Eeteuk-ah, your hair is perfect as it always have been. ^^, thanks for translating~!

Comment by NJ

& oh , why he’s stress ??
Please don’t be angel . (:

Comment by Acha

Ituk oppa suffering from stress?
And its becuz his hair?
Calm down oppa.. Take it easy^^
dont be stress..
We luv yar new hair*even it better to see u with the old one* hehe…
Thx vo translate it..

Comment by Stalker-san

I understand the stress…
But please make the most of your break to eat and rest so both Hair ya…and dimple ah…would come back to you Soo^-^

,,Thanks for posting^-^!!

Comment by min-ji

he misses his longer hair ? xD
aaaahh ~ he looks just as good now too ~
if not, better . ^^

poor boy having stress over it ! XD
nipaaaaaa ~ so cute ! ❤

Comment by yin

Awww,the pic, so cute x3!
yeee~ long hair long hair~!
ok no x3
Teukie, your hair is fine~ I know everybody loves it n_n
please, don’t be stressed twt

thanks for translating *-*!

Comment by EveLyn~Su

Wha? I see no hair thinning/hairline residing. ;o I hope you’re not hiding something from us, Leader.
Seriously, don’t worry about it.

Comment by Aste/Sen


why you stress!!!!

you haven’t good mood!!!!

take care!!!!

Sarang Hae!!!!!!

Comment by maniez

So worry about him…
He should get some leisure to release the stress..
Saranghae… ^ ^

Comment by Yoo Mi

gyahaha… all suju members are having trouble w/ their hair… heechul, eeteuk, sungmin, kangin,,

Comment by risa d e.l.f

ahaha, eeteuk hair so cute. ahahah i like it. saranghae eeteuk 😀

Comment by heesica

dun be stressed out~ saranghaeyo oppa

Comment by chi

Hahaha. Oppa, dun get stressed.
I like your old ones, but the new hair will refreshing your day. ^^

whatever, elf love you ! Hwaiting oppa !

Comment by dhachu iz elf

teuki oppa hahaha …..

Comment by Indri

no matter what hair
u are always look handsome and cute
so don’t worry

Comment by starstar95

Eetuek- oppa!!! Dont worry hair is something that will grow back. Even so… I will still be your fan forever!!!! Leetuek Hwaiting!!!!

Comment by ReMi

Eeteuk oppa, don’t be stress, we’re all here to cheer you up. ♥
We’ll always be your fan.

Comment by lalapor

Hahahaha! It’s his own fault for cutting it so short! XD

Him and Sungmin both! T^T

Comment by amasakireyoko

does anyone know leeteuk’s cyworld name?

Comment by heartz119

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