Cho Ahra’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.25
May 25, 2009, 9:48 pm
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*edit* I edited in what Ahra said cos she actually scrapped this from Lagere’s (Ahra’s friend as mentioned here) minihompy!


Cho Ahra’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.25 13:00

[스크랩 Scrap]arary & hyun

조아라 2009.05.25 13:00

Ahra’s comment: Give me back my sunglasses! 지못미* 내눈 (my eyes) 쏘리쏘리 (Sorry, sorry)

*N.B 지못미 is short form for 지켜주지 못해 미안해 which means “I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you”. The whole sentence means something like Ahra is saying sorry to her eyes cos she can’t protect them as her sunglasses are with Kyu xD

Original Source; 조아라 미니홈피
Credits; 내 예쁜 언니 ^-^
Please do not take out!


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LOVELY , need I say more ?
Lol . ^^

Comment by Acha

So cute..
Kyu with his sister ahra onnie..
I think they’re so close^^
ahra onnie is so beautiful
How old is she?

Comment by Stalker-san

That’s so cute^-^
She misses Kyu^-^

Comment by min-ji

hahaha . thats a really cute comment !
and heck, i like the sunnies ~

Comment by yin

This is cute. ^____^
Kyu seems to come from quite a privileged family, doesn’t he? I mean, his father’s in the government, and his sister’s studying in Austria (?)…

Comment by yoomin

I agree with you that Kyu seems to come from quite a privileged family coz I don’t see any videos that Kyu talk about his family. Could it be he is a private person? Or he just want to protect his family members? I did not know his dad work in the government sector & his sis study in Austria. beside Kyu, Siwon also come from a privileged family.

Comment by hikaru

Ah, I see this wittiness runs in the family. xD Sarang~

Comment by Aste/Sen

I really love this sibling XD
thanks for share

Comment by mei an

cUte sibLings…

Comment by jorie

Kyuuuuu sister!
First time seeing her pic, their have the same face-shape!Wna compare the eyes tho..but Kyu wears (steal lolx) Ahra uniee shades!
Cool shades btw!
Love Kyuhyun!!!

Comment by kyushiragiizawa

Kyaa ! Kyu’s sister !!
luv them ! XD

is that true that she is studying in Austria ??

Comment by dhachu iz elf

oh god kyu;s sister is cute..
kyu you must give back your sister sunglasses^^
hehe.. i hope u will be together with your sister^^

Comment by Mrs Kyuhyun

ahra so beautiful hahah now i like ahra and kyuhyun much…..muchh..hahaha

Comment by nadh

well i think he is come from a priviliged family… Never heard of him saying things like Donghae and Yesung said in tv, like how is the condition of their family before debut..
U can tell that as well with his super duper brain in maths..

Comment by carolyn4eva

wow,now i know that it runs in the blood,i mean Ahra-unni is really pretty,i thought she is somewhat kyu’s GF.LOL.silly me.very lovely siblings haha..

Comment by eihnjeil

how i wish i can be a part of the Cho family..

Comment by colorthynails

Haha.. Lovely~ haha.. How i wish i have kyuhyun as my brother.. =)..

Comment by alwayssuju

cute siblings>__<

Comment by prince_kyumine

Oh so cute.

Comment by twistedhalo04

i think he has the same background as siwon. i mean privilleged-educatated-family

cute picture with sis!!

Comment by syima

ahhh, kyuhyun handsome mannn 😉
i really love him. that his sister? woww i thougth his gf, now im happy ;p

Comment by syazni

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