Shim Jaewon’s Cyworld Entries 2009.05.23
May 23, 2009, 11:50 pm
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Jaewon is the boys’ choreographer, Heechul mentioned him in this entry!

Shim Jaewon’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.23 14:44
In the ‘일상 (Everyday)’ folder..

지구상에서 가장빡신 스케줄을 가진 이들…

심재원 2009.05.23 14:44

Who are these people????

It’s really a pity….

If time was more generous, (we) could have showed a better one

It’s always a feeling of pity but yet (also) of accomplishment

Anyhow, if only there was a little more time, they would have done even better

They have the ability to become even more perfect

A bystander would feel pity

Shim Jaewon’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.22 07:25
In the ‘일상’ folder..


심재원 2009.05.22 07:25

Fishy trying to make King happy

The King who is ignoring him

Original Source; Shim Jaewon’s Minihompy
Please do not take out!


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All I see are legs^-^
Hae is Super cute…
I’m having a hard time debating on the identity of whoever Donghae is staring at…

‘Fishy trying to make King happy

The King who is ignoring him’

This line is cute^-^

Thaaaaaaaanks for posting!!!

Comment by min-ji

@ min-ji:
If I’m not wrong, that’s Jaewon xD

Comment by ilovejr

AWWW. <33333333
cute. king and fishy. HAHA.
and yes, a by stander will feel pity. XD

Comment by iheartmeowing

lol donghae bothering kangin (?)

Comment by aejung

That’s the choreographer, considering it’s from his cyworld. 🙂

Comment by Viv

our Fishy is so cute xD
The color of the pics are so cool

Comment by Shin

LOL ! the king ignoring fishy ! 3:
i like the pic colours !
feels so retro ~ ❤

Comment by yin

Hae is so adorable bothering him like that xD
I wish he didn’t cover his face though, his outfit makes him seem like the stylish type of guy =3
Any other pics of him?

Comment by YeJin

those feet picture are super junior’s feet

they’re practicing…..

donghae is cute….try to make kyuhyunie happy….hahahhahahah

Comment by xuan dinh

i’d be definitely DIE if donghae oppa staring at me like that!!!!!!!!!!!
totally CUUUTTTTEEEEEEEE~~~~~~~~

Comment by tarie_cintasuju

Nice of Hae trying to make him happy…
The choreography is great though. It has potential to be better but I like what I have seen already..

Don’t be sad, King!

Comment by green*opium

LOL Thats so cute..but who is King? Is the choreographer or Kyuhyun?! Its confused >”<

Comment by Green.Apple

@ Green.Apple:
Lol, the choreographer.. Not Kyu ^^

Comment by ilovejr

who is the guy…?!?!their choreographer?!?anyway…donghae is so cute!!!!

Comment by kyuhyun04

Kyaa~ Sooo adorable~~ <33
btw, thankyou very much for the translation, ilovejr~ ^^

Comment by AnimAkerz

Hy…this is 1st time for me to leave comment here.. Im yar new reader.. Kekeke..
Err..Is jaewon suju’s coreo teacher or jz coreographer*i mean,their back dancer*?O_o
lil bit confuse
But donghae was so cute..
He looks like a little boy ❤

Comment by Stalker-san

Jaewonie, one of the two dance teachers, Heenim also called him hyung. He came to monitor their dances during the 1st performance of ‘It’s You’ too, according to Heenim.

Comment by green*opium

hahaha… geng w/ that yellow shoes… the trio feet belong to (from L to R)- Siwon, Heechul, & Geng (yellow shoes)… does anyone think that the choreographer (Jea) looked like Heechul – the nose & lips – but Hee has longer fingers (more feminine too xD)…

Comment by ohno

haha, fishy is just so sweet,
he wanna comfort everyone
cant do anything but love him!!

Comment by Nhi

why king ignore?? FISH so adorable..looks..OOOH my pretty DONGHAE^^

Comment by waru

LoL!!! Fishy so cute!!!-die here!!!-
maybe, he’s trying to ask somethn from Jaewon. LoL

Comment by RadEchiZen

hae definitely so adorable in that pic~if only they could show us the video from their practices^^
>thanks for sharing^^

Comment by dybreed

Hahaha. FISHIE ! XD
and THE LEGS !

Comment by dhachu iz elf

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