Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.05.22
May 22, 2009, 11:44 am
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Donghae’s Cyworld Column Update 2009.05.22

Original Source; Kim Hyang Suk’s Minihompy

*edited* sorry, did this in a hurry T_T  Thank you Shin!


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Thanks for this update. It’s funny how Donghae always says “GO!” even while they were performing “Sorry sorry.” He’s a cutie pie.

Comment by RC

That is sooo cutee!!
I love Donghae with all my heart!

Comment by Ana

Dong saeng….^ ^ Saranghae….

Comment by Yoo Mi

yes…. dadu saranghae…

Comment by dayla

it seems like lil fish already watch the parody of It’s you ^^

Comment by Boorin

saRangHaeyO OpPa!~

Comment by jorie

Yes of crz oppa…
Youre the one i love hehe..
He doesnt change that pic^^
i think donghae do love that moment ❤
donghae oppa hwaiiting!
Go! Go!
Thx vo update it

Comment by Android21

yessssssss…donghae oppa~~~
neo..ra..GO!!!!! it’s definitely you!!! XDDDD

by the’s been a while since i had a biggggg exams so i couldn’t come to here frequently..
goooooooood to see these cyworlds again!!!
you’re the BEST ilovejr!! muachhhhhhh~~~~~~ XDDDDD

Comment by tarie_cintasuju

i love my monster.. ————->>>

Comment by tarie_cintasuju

I thought it was “The person whom Dong Hae loves is…
It’s you…Go”

maybe I will have to improve my Korean

Anyway, for sure Dong Hae is the one I love xOx

Comment by Shin

@ Shin:
Omgosh I’m so sorry I did it in a hurry and misread it! I’ll edit it now~ Thank you ^^

Comment by ilovejr

thank you oppa… it’s me????

he’s just the best..

Comment by haeluv


Comment by cheyJH

Ahh, cute fishie ^_^
he really like say Go!!
Saranghae oppa ~~

Comment by cheyJH

he is so adorable…..
love you donghae!!^^

Comment by kim

cute^^,congrats on their winning…
thanks for the translation^^

Comment by dybreed

What a pure oppa~
sarange too!

Comment by Haerie

donghae oppa
love u love u~~

Comment by starstar95

donghae: “neorago…”

misz hae: “it’s me??? gumawo, oppa♥♥♥ saranghae…^^”

Comment by misz hae

dong hae’s cyworld acc is in chinese isit?

Comment by yw

the one i’s U..Donghae^^

Comment by waru

“neo..ra..GO!!” oh that dork. lol he’s adorable.

Comment by skye

i ❤ donghae~~

Comment by lieya

donghae oppa. . .
saranghae, . ^^
at mv it’s u. .u’r so cute. .
I’m fallin luv with u. .

Comment by .dongjawu. .haenucun.

I wish I had a Korean Cyworld so I can talk to him!!!

Comment by Zee

i am just wondering? why is the name on donghae’s cyworld kim hyang suk? hmm 🙂

Comment by caramel

its his mother’s name 🙂

Comment by abby

er.. can i know , what did donghae use to his user name in

Comment by hddh9486

Dong hae oppa….

saranghae… ^^

Comment by Rinda

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