Eeteuk’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.21
May 20, 2009, 11:30 pm
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Jungsoo’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.21 16:19
In the ‘…Jung Soo…’ folder..

..인간의 본성../..Human Nature..

박정수 2009.05.20 16:19

click to enlarge!

..Human nature can’t be helped*…

N.B* In the sense that you can’t choose human nature.. P.S, click to enlarge the picture!
Credits; OnlySJ13


Lol, he posted about this before.. Just that I can’t remember when xD


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wow so cute
when you be a baby
is so cute already
now become more adorable
eeteuk i love you so much><

Comment by starstar95

Lol, he’s so cute!!!

Comment by Shina

Lol, he’s so cute!!! he never changed, always look so cute

Comment by LeeHT07

all im able to express now is


Comment by yin

that is SO sute^-^
guess baby traits stick to us forever
I miss his posts…

Comment by min-ji

HAHAHA. so cute! XD

Comment by iheartmeowing

aww! HAhahahaha!!

Comment by Jeehee

Teuk, so cute >w

thanks n__n!

Comment by EveLyn~Su

Teuk, so cute x3
love him!

ne, can I translate this to spanish? please *-*!
to this forum:

thanks n__n!

Comment by EveLyn~Su

@ EveLyn~Su:
Sure~ But please remember to credit & link back! Thank you~ 🙂

Comment by ilovejr


Comment by risa d elf


Comment by KishiFishy

How did baby Teuk get into that position?? xDD

Comment by bibi

That is a very good question. o.o;;

Comment by Aste/Sen

ahahahhaaah lol!! teuk is ADORABLE!!

thanks for translating 😀

Comment by redandrosy

i remember the photo…it’s when the noona came to their dorm…so adorable^^
thanks for the translation^^

Comment by dybreed

Ahahaha…that’s de ja vu…!

Comment by Gilang

wow! i love it so cute!
Thank you so much for posting and translating you really make our life filled with joy. LOL!

Comment by treisha_13

Haha, funny leader.Keep it up and make us laugh like crazy.Luv u !!

Comment by Green.Apple

Even the facial expression is the same! lolll.

Comment by Aste/Sen

he was so adorable cute^^
jungsoo jjang!!

Comment by Android21

how come he is so skinny now?
please take care of your health first teuki oppa!!

Comment by kim

oppa u’r so cute
kyaaa !!

Comment by TiwyHae

haha 😀
Leeteuk oppa is very cute with that pose ,
same with the pose when he was baby
hope he can have more time to rest 🙂

Comment by hjsrh13

He had seen it to us two times. At ‘Super Junior o5’s Diary’ and ‘Onlbam’. Hahahaha.

Teukie sooo cute ! I love the pic ! Kekeke.

Comment by dhachu iz elf


Comment by misshae

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