Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.19 (III)
May 19, 2009, 8:54 pm
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Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.19 18:23
In the ‘希’ folder..

우 리 주 인 이 달 라 졌 어 요/ Our Owner Has Changed

김희철 2009.05.19 18:23

Our owner has changed

Before, he fed me cat food everyday, then he suddenly gave me tuna, fresh fish and everything delicious

After bathing, he wouldn’t throw me into the water anymore

He wouldn’t scold me for sleeping in the rice bin because it was too cold

He also wouldn’t treat me as the pillow because he had none himself

He also wouldn’t let me dance to Sorry Sorry on my 2 legs

He also wouldn’t scold me this cat, “Moron XX” for dancing Gee bad

And also caring about me more than loving himself


Credits; OnlySJ13, LoveChul


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awww~ heebum! thats a really nice picture of both of them! XD

Comment by Jeehee

adorable pic~~!!^__^

Comment by hyoin

your cat is so screaaaam!!!!!!!!!!!!!
What it’s name????

Comment by leesyihae

the cats name is HEEBUM. XD

Comment by chi

Woah~ His cat is cute righte?
His cat is Heebum, well first i thought Heebum is a girl xD
No Heebum is actually a boy~

I love his cat ♥ CUTE HEECHUL -OPPA <33

Comment by Kymee


Comment by mizztaznchick

Jaa~ Heebum. 🙂

What happened? I’m confused.

But I like Heechul oppa’s expression there. 🙂

Thx ilovejr. 🙂

Comment by Caroline

nice photo….
hehehhehe… ^-^

Comment by hudsy

😮 Why the sudden spoiling of Heebum?
lol Dancing to Gee. Cat pillows are fun too.

Comment by Aste/Sen

Heenim babo!!!

Comment by Chou

Is Heebum talking about Heechul or someone else? xD Because Heechul will definitely make Heebum dance to Sorry Sorry!

Comment by KishiFishy

Hee really handsome there
and Heebum.. so cute!!!!

Comment by mei an

awww! yay for Heebum!! ❤

Comment by redandrosy

Why’s Heenim’s cat called Heebum? Does it have anything to do with Kibum? Just curious. ^^

Anyway, that’s a really adorable cat. xD I suddenly want one. And oh, that naughty Heechul! hahaha. Making his cat dance Sorry Sorry in 2 feet. But then again, that’s so Heechul!

Comment by honiey

Heechul’s cat is called HanJayHeeBum but Heebum for short. Some fans gave it to him and he didn’t know what to name him. When Kibum saw it, he wanted his name to be in it. So they called it “heebum” Then Hankyung heard about the cats name, and he said, “Why isn’t my name in it?” So it became “Han HeeBum” (Han is its last name)Then Jay from the TRAX also wanted his name in it, so it finally became “HanJayHeeBum” ^-^*

hope that answers your question!! ^^”

Comment by Cinderella^^

That explains about everything. Thank you sa much. :)It took me ages to see this message. Sorry, sorry.

Comment by honiey

that cat is really beautiful! love you guys both!

Comment by humaira

Heebum… ❤

Comment by Sonia

Ahahahaha…! See…heebum…I’ve told Heenim to stop bugging you…and know what…?
^ ^

Comment by Yoo Mi

what a adorable cat
oh my god
juz like heechul oppa u
bcoz cute like you

Comment by malaysia's fans

aww ! i like the pic !
hahaha . whats will all the …
gee dancing and sorry sorry ~ XD

Comment by yin

Hehehe. Heenim & HeeBum~
Such a nice picture!

Comment by allyssa.

heenim never change^^,but if he does he wouldn’t be heenim…
thanks for translation^^

Comment by dybreed

I’ve been a big fan of HEechul because of these types of entries. he is really witty!

Comment by treisha_13

Heechul oppa like cat?
aih .
i hate cat because when i go near them i am sneezing..
But Still Love heechul oppa who love animal so much.

Comment by renluvsuju

poor HeeBum u_u…nah, i love Chul and HeeBum together *-*

thanks n_n!

Comment by EveLyn~Su

heechul oppa…u aren’t m upa ^^ but i don’t know the other way to call u…(~.~*)(‘^_^)…the color of cat is very beautiful…what’s name’s cat? this cat’s very lucky…

Comment by huyen-huyen

“He also wouldn’t let me dance to Sorry Sorry on my 2 legs”

LOLL Hee Chul’s so silly~

Comment by 13in

LOL heechul so funny

oppa saranghaeyo

Comment by tiwy

hahaha pretty cat heebum for pretty boy heenim
that is a very cute pic of ’em together
they even have the same face shape
very sharp feature
like owner like pet…

Comment by gem_amethyst

really good together!!! hi am back!!!
love you both and also champagne!!!
heechul oppa!!!saranghae!!!

Comment by jemmie

HEenim & HEebum are the cutest pairing of owner & pet………^^!! they look so good together..
i can’t think of anything else beside cuteness when i saw that pic above…HEenim is LOOOVVEEE..!!! dont change too much HEenim because i love you witty & unique personality…
once HEenim always HEenim Milky white skin KIM HEE CHUL.. SARANG HAE YO KIM HEE CHUL..!!!

Comment by putri aka puma / yaoiraburu

haahahahahhahaa im dying

Comment by jhugug

ya, HeeBum ah! I’m so jelous. Please can I replace U?

Comment by trym

Heebum is so cute so as it’s owner…super cute and lovable Heenim!

Comment by midnightmimosa30

hee bum is a very cute cat!!
i have a kitten look like HeeBum too!!:X:X:X
i’ll name it HeeBum !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment by pupu1029

Is he really gey!!!!!!!!!

Comment by sibi

wew. he really cute when his hair short. I realy like it. :))

Comment by Fasya

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