Eunhyuk’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.18
May 18, 2009, 12:47 pm
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Hyukjae’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.18 02:12
In the ‘1’ folder..


이혁재 2009.05.18 02:12

Oh Oh Only 4 U…♡

Unni’s very pretty *^0^

You are inside here…

……..Please leave if you’re heavier than 45kg…

My chest is feeling uneasy….

Bling Bling Hyuk♥

N.B* Originally 언니이뽀유 (Oennippoyu) sounds like “Only for you”
Credits; OnlySJ13


Hyuk, please don’t be as incomprehensible as Heenim T_T


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I’m lighter than 45kg (I think) ;DD

Comment by KishiFishy

if you’re young and tiny this is ok, but if not.. not too good
I’m 164cm and 48kg and still people tell me to gain more weigh.. xD
so sorry Hyuk, I’m too heavy XD
(omg for the first time in my life I feel fat)

Comment by Pat

LOL awww~ he loves his sister and misses her~
Thats so cute! ^3^
How many KGs would i weigh if i were 110 lbs?

And the necklace is BAD ASS!! ❤
I so want one like that, but with “Hae” on it. XD

Comment by Chelsea

does he wants us to have an anorexia?

Comment by Pat

I want a necklace with “Ming” on it! lol. and so witty, that Hyukjae. ♥ the way he played with words and all… I want to adopt him! ♥ ♥ ♥

Comment by issa

ahhh hyukkie!! don’t make us so self-conscious about our weight!! we have enough pressure as it is =(

Comment by krystal_tearz


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Diromo Team

Comment by Diromo

wth? ok that was confusing! who’s he calling unnie? shouldn’t it be noona?

~ah, the unfathomable thoughts of Super Junior Members…when will we speak the same language?! LOL XD

Comment by candysprinkles

@ candysprinkles:
He’s calling no one Unni.. cos it just sounds like “only for you”.. lol..

Comment by ilovejr

aya.. u made me conscious even more abt my weight. haha!! XDD~~ love you hyukjae..

Comment by chi

To my interpretation, Eunhyuk is making a joke, saying that if you’re over 45kg/99lbs then you’re too heavy to be physically in his heart and thus his chest is feeling uneasy because you weigh too much “being inside him” (physically). Uh, does that make sense? xD;; Anyway, that’s what I got from it.

Comment by Aste/Sen

loool ~ cool ~
he’s being all this too .
its making my head crack . LOL
im loving the necklaaaace ! ❤
i want it with the word Teuk !

Comment by yin

They need to come to North America!! To see all of their north american fans who love them just as much as their asian fans

Comment by jEnN@

im 167 cm and 50 kg :S
I need to lose weight !!
Hyuk is trying to kill ELF that are a bit taller:D

Comment by katie

i’m 173 cm, and 60 kg..i gained to much weight~

Eunhyuk has a nice necklace..*wanna have* ^^

Comment by Kymee

I’m more than 45kg! I’m too heavy!><
You are killing me..TT.TT

Comment by EunHyukness

45 kg only??? damn…

Comment by humaira

love his necklace….

i would like to have one..but with ‘SJ’ on it..


45kg??? i’m 40kg btw…that’s way lighter than 45…

i’m underweight rite??..huhuu

my height??? 151cm only… *hides self*

Comment by Umeko Michelle

haha i’m 160 and 42kg
lighter than 45
love you a~~

Comment by love hyuk

Bling bling hyuk 😀
At first i’m not really understand with the word of 45kg , but now i quite understand it
heeee 😀
thanks for translating ! (:

Comment by hjsrh13

Aw… 45 kg? Wait… Is 45 kg like 99 pounds? I guess I’m too heavy… 😦

Comment by >.

v.v I’m too heavy… BUT I’M NOT GIVING UP! I’LL GO ON A DIET AND LOSE SOME WEIGHT!!!! Hmmm… That means I have to lose 7kg? FINE! EVERYTHING FOR HYUK! xD

Just kidding, I’m too lazy to excercize… -.-
But… If a girl was 45kg, that means that she would have to be 155cm tall to be normal weighted… Not a lot of non-Asian girls are 155cm tall… :/ But I’m 157cm, so it’s healthy for me to lose weight ^^’
But, other non-short girls! Listen to me! Don’t be anorexic because of what Hyuk wrote! You’re not fat, he’s just stupid! xD

Comment by Mia

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