Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.13
May 13, 2009, 11:20 pm
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T___T His entries can be so hard to understand..

Heechul’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.13 17:41
In the ‘上’ folder..

내 조 의 썰 매/Wife’s Sled

김희철 2009.05.13 17:41

(내조)* Wife’s Sorry Sorry

Wife’s 너라고 (It’s you)

Wife’s Queen Bee

Wife’s 토사구땡**

The jjajangmyeon which Wife’s Chief Han was eating looked really delicious, I, who ordered more to eat

Resulting in Wife’s Woon Dal Su video call to ‘동그리동동 donggeuridongdong (Shindong)’

Wife’s Yoona’s ‘Whirlwind Revolving Slap’ shocking skill

Heebum in Wife’s is older, it has the 파트라슈 (Patrasche) ‘s feeling of 태봉이 (Taebongie/Big Peak)

Wife’s Ji Hwa Ja

Wife’s 4 seconds of aesthetics

Wife’s Gaegood

Wife’s “To you, I am not rendering help, even my misfortune..”

I don’t even know where Wife’s club is, but there are rumours of seeing my 태봉이 (Taebongie)

Wife’s comeback

Wife’s Petals

Wife’s Bibim Cold Noodles

Wife’s Chinese cabbage Taoist, Martial Arts Taoist (배추도사 무도사)

Wife’s 은비까비 (EunbiKkaBi)

Wife’s ‘Saturday Mystery’ and ‘(Walking) Into the Story’

Wife’s “Not wanting to love, because parting is inevitable”

Wife’s Teacher Lee Cho In

Wife’s Oh Kang Ho, this dog-brained fella has changed a lot

I heard it’s Wife’s joke, but those who heard it treated it seriously, don’t know don’t know-ing

N.B *내조 was a little hard to translate, but I checked Naver and it says “내조(內助) the wife´s help[assistance, aid]”.. So it’s something along those lines ^^The “Wife’s are referring to the short form of the drama, 내조의여왕 (Wife Queen).
**If I’m not wrong, it’s like an idiom, meaning to eliminate your trusted aids when they have outlived their usefulness.

Translator’s notes..

This entry is about the MBC drama Wife Queen.. Sorry if they’re not in order.. +_+

  • Patrasche is a dog in the 1992 Japanese anime, “A Dog of Flanders
  • 태봉이 is the name of a dog in the drama
  • Chief Han, Woon Dal Su and Ji Hwa Ja are characters in the drama
  • “Whirlwind Revolving Slap”: Yoona’s slapping skill in ‘Cinderella Man’
  • “4 seconds of aesthetics” referring to Heenim’s 4 seconds worth of lines in Sorry, Sorry, in which he labeled them as such in ‘Happy Together’
  • The line of “To you, I am not rendering help, even my misfortune..” is lyrics from r.ef’s 찬란한 사랑
  • 배추도사 무도사 is a character in 은비까비 (EunbiKkabi)
  • 은비까비 (EunbiKkabi) is an animation by KBS
  • ‘Saturday Mystery’ is a show about mysterious stuff and ‘이야기속으로 (Walking Into the Story)’ is a documentary
  • The line of “Not wanting to love, because parting is inevitable” is lyrics from F.T Island’s Don’t Love
  • Teacher Lee Cho In is a character from another drama, ‘카인과 아벨 (Cain and Abel)’ (thanks Charleen, Sharlene & Li!)

Credits; OnlyHeechul, LoveChul, OnlySJ13
Please please please do not take out!
One of the hardest I’ve ever done.. It’s just so hard to get into Heechul’s mind to understand what he’s thinking, lol.


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I totally didn’t understand a thing haha…..tnx for translating anyway..I’m a silent reader…sorry for not saying thank you earlier…!

Comment by kyuhuyn04

His entry is really hard to understand. T.T
Who is wife?
He used so many times the word “wife’s”
In short, I can’t understand T.T

But anyway, thanks for translating!

Comment by thu_hong

what is this about?? who’s wife???

Comment by ezarc

@ ezarc:
If I’m not wrong, he’s talking about the drama, Wife Queen.. So everything is sort of related to the drama, I guess those who have watched it will get a better idea of what he’s linking to the drama.. xD

Comment by ilovejr

Hahaha, I don’t understand.
What is this, oppa? LOLS.
I don’t get it at all. XD.

Thx for share ilovejr. 🙂

Comment by Caroline

내조 = wife; 내 조 = my group

i’m thinking it’s 내 조 koreans are sometimes too lazy to separate words and just shortens them but i’m not that sure as well since it’s heenim who wrote it T_T

he’s to hard to fathom like what u said T_T

Comment by ferusa

@ ferusa:
Hmmm.. I’m supposing he’s referring to the drama cos most of the links he created in his entry are to the drama.. ^^;;;

Comment by ilovejr

…What? xD

Comment by bibi

@ bibi:
LOL I had the exact same reaction as you when I first read it!

Comment by ilovejr

Yeah this post very cheem sia Xp

Comment by yinghui

hahaha…i have no clue on what i just read xD
yeah it’s sometimes hard to understand heechul xD
but i still love him^^

Comment by mizztaznchick

I have no idea what he is trying to say or mean… but that gif of him from Good Daddy… love it! Totally random, totally Heechul…

Comment by Porcelain

thanks for the translatio…though i don’t understand a bit on what does Hee really want to say…hahaha…

He really makes us Petals/Undead/ELF think to death what he means…*sigh*

but it was fun reading his Cy. entry though it was confusing…


Comment by jay em

@ jay em:
I understand your feeling.. Neither do I get what he means D:
Lol.. It was harder trying to interpret what he was conveying and trying to get it right in English.. I hope I didn’t make mistakes u_u

Comment by ilovejr

heechul oppa always make me laugh ;D
love you..

Comment by tayou


Thanks a million for your hard work !

PS: Lee Cho In is SO JI SUB’s character in “Cain & Abel”.

Comment by charleen

@ charleen:
Hey~~~~~~ Thanks for telling! <3

Comment by ilovejr

Why Must You Write Entries No One Can Understand Except For You =____=

Comment by YeJin

I think Lee Cho In/Oh Kang ho comes from the show Cain and abel 🙂 ha ha though i rly don’t get this post at allllllll.

Wife? hehe.

Comment by Sharlene

@ Sharlene:
Hey there~ Thanks for your info ^^

Comment by ilovejr

wll…it’s cool he knows FT Island lyrics? hahaha! influence of Hongki? xD

Comment by asdfghjkl

the moving pic is cute…. hahhaha….
n the entry is hard to understand…
but still, thanks for the translation!! ^-^

Comment by hudsy

heechul has gone crazy with this post. ^_^ XD

Comment by misshae

Totally agree , Hee is such a cpmplicated kind of guy , but lovely.

Thanks for update.

Thanks for the hard work.

Comment by Peach

lee chong in and oh gang ho are characters from the show “CAIN AND ABEL” 🙂

Comment by li

@ li:
Ah thank you so much for your info ^^

Comment by ilovejr

anyway, he seems to know and watch lots of dramas.

Comment by li

its just like utter blabbers to me . LOL !
needing so much understanding -_-||
Heenim . are u trying to kill my tired brain ?

Comment by yin

after reading his entries, as always my mind went lost now, hahaha!!
But I still love reading Heenim entries the most, and thanks so much for translating this for us fan!!

Comment by superfrankie

He’s making references to the drama “Queen of Wives” and the characters on it. You have to watch it in order to understand what he’s talking about. So funny that Heechul is watching that drama! It’s very funny! Thank you!

Comment by kjkfan7

i dun understand what heechul trying to say…
thanks for translating anyway…
heechul is really hard to understand!

Comment by nawal

anyway looks like heechul is the person who have many ideas in his mind..SMART HEECHULshhi!!!

Comment by kim

^ ^ Heenim watched sumthing and again wrote sumthing connected to it…
I’m lost coz I don’t know the drama… ^ ^

Comment by Yoo Mi

thanks alot =)

Comment by slamduckstar

hahaha heechul is always being dorky as always, love him!

Comment by maudy i didnt understand!!!

but always!! saranghaeyo!!!

Comment by jemmie

woa hee chul so cute.
I drew all members of superjunior, i really want to show these pictures. Can I?

Comment by zim54

I think he’s just being silly. Just ignore “wife’s” and it’ll prob make more sense. ^_^v

Comment by Trang

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