Eunhyuk’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.12
May 12, 2009, 10:59 pm
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Hyukjae’s Cyworld Entry 2009.05.12 15:38
In the ‘1’ folder..
[‘3’ folder are for E.L.Fs ^^]


이혁재 2009.05.12 15:38

It’s you…It’s SJ..^^

Eunhyukie has finally opened his cyworld~

As compared to Eunhyuk, I’ll shine even more than the Hyukjae I was in the past^^

Honestly….It’s not bad right? Euhehehehehe^————^



Finally Hyukkie can have a part in the ‘Cyworld Entries’ category xD YAY~


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yey! at last i could read something from him ^^

do have a link for his cyworld? 🙂

thanks for sharing!!!

Comment by dezaato

can you tell me his cyworld address please

Comment by onelove3

waaaa !! hyukkie enters !
more to read from now on ! ^^

Comment by yin

wah..!! finally i can see my beloved hyukjae oppa..!! oppa finally open his cy world..^^ i waited for so long..^^
that pic is hot..^^
oppa-ya~ saranghae..^^

Comment by Baby Kyu

Cute~ I hope he will continue to post!

Comment by allyssa.

i’m very happy !! finally oppa has cyworld .. i’m very happy !!! i’m very happy !!

*can’t stop jump*

saranghae , oppa …. XDDDDDDD ~

Comment by hyukness

Hahahahaha yes! Feenally™! Hope to see more of his entries like Eeteukie<3 and Kim Heechul 😀

Comment by yinghui

Hyukkie~ Finally >.<

Comment by tangerie61


Comment by min-ji

Hi!!! You’re shine in our heart ^ ^

Comment by The Star

I really shocked when saw this post !
It’s you ! It’s you , Hyuk Jae oppa !
Finally you had updated your cy ,
Very very happy to see this 😀
I cant’s stop smiling start from now
Happy * Happy *
Heeeeee .
Very thanks for translating it 🙂

Comment by hjsrh13

i think this is hyuk’s cyworld link. ^_^

Comment by misshae

hey Hyukkie!
love the way your dance.^^

keep fighting!!

Comment by etha

finally, he is back on cyworld… hehe……..

suju fighting!!!

Comment by miss hae

can i have the link of his cyworld also???please…

Comment by hyukkien

misshae posted the link to his CY.
3 comments above yours.

Comment by onlyforyou

@ onlyforyou:
♥ Thank you!

Comment by ilovejr

i dun understand his cyworld. (the untranslated one). i dun even know how to get in. hahaha!

Comment by chi

He camwhores too? XD

Comment by KishiFishy

I’m so sorry Hyuk Jae!
1 5012124!

Comment by Hyuk Jae's coffee

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