너라고 It’s You MV Released!
May 12, 2009, 10:26 pm
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Credits; GemieSJ @ youtube

*clenches chest*

Kibum’s expressions in this.. Mr Die-Smile, you never fail to amaze me *-* Esp. at 1:49.
Imo, the overall feeling was brought out in the mv~ The part where Siwon slammed the phone down at the phone booth, WHOAAAA.

And 1:22 just killed me. There goes my brain. Combusting once again..
I found some parts where Hae and Yesung were clutching their right side of their chest though xD
Opinions? ♥♥♥


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I mean they’re always awesome , as always , as usual .


Comment by Acha

@ Acha:
I actually felt that this MV was the most impactful one yet.. Perhaps imo, I think MVs based on stories leave the more lasting impressions on me xD
But ditto~ ♥

Comment by ilovejr

I heard the song before I saw the MV, and I recognised almost all their voices before I saw them. The song made me cry the first few times, even though I didn’t understand a word at the time, but the MV ultimately cured me of it, deepening my fandom to SuJu
*signed – NOT an E.L.F.*

Comment by Polina

@ Polina:
Hi! You got touched by the song and you’re not an E.L.F yet? Wow.. xD ♥ Shows how influential SJ are! ^-^

Comment by ilovejr

so … totaly … LOVED IT !
the sad smile of Kibum .
the slamming of the phone .
the heartbeat dance . 😡 dubdub . haha !
the GLOW of the boys .
though its … computerised . but oh wow .

Comment by yin

@ yin:
Lol the glow was pretty cool!! xD And Geng’s part when he was talking on the phone, omgosh. T_T

Comment by ilovejr

when teuk bounced the bracelet ..
sparkly ! XDD gosh so random . XD

Comment by yin

I really love the song~ The video is amazing as well! Donghae & SiWon look really good. ^^

Comment by allyssa.

i love love the song….. <33 it fits them especially that they’re trying the concept of turning into men. ;D

yeah, i agree with you. i was like, “hae, you dork, the heart is more on the left side. yesung, too!!” xDD

Comment by haru

OMG my very final exam of my uni life is tomorrow and i have been watching this for the past two days repeatedly..

hankyung has more singing parts.. ♥
sungmin’s head movements which cause his hair to swish sexily.. ♥
adorable donghae and eunhyuk’s awesome dancing.. ♥
kyuhyun’s voice as usual.. ♥♥♥
kibum’s er.. acting.. ♥
heechul appearing out of nowhere for his part.. ♥
shindong sings! ♥
yesung siwon ryeowook kangin as well.. ♥♥♥

crazy fangirling.. sigh.

Comment by mojojojo

i’ve watched the mv a few times already…

they all look so different…so mature…

esp hyukie..i couldnt recognise him at first..

with his cap & leather jacket…


the song is so feels like they’re singing it to you…

to be honest, i’m hooked on this song already…

Comment by Umeko Michelle


the boyzz is very handsome n usual..

hankyung oppa..when he talk on the phone..

very smashing everybody..huhu~

Comment by #ieka_hankyung#

wooh. the mv’s kinda sentimental but so cool. they’re all awesome. keep it up guys!

Comment by sybil

OHH Great post! I’m loving your website;

Comment by broker

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